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  • Menstrual irregularity, hpv, clots and mucous?

    Okay before anyone insults me for having hpv and to those who are quick to tell me to go to a doctor I already have been to an ARNP. I am 24 years old and have been a virgin up until March of this year. I started having inflamed pubic lymph nodes and discharge a month after i lost my virginity to my one and only partner bc i wanted to wait until i found the 'right person' but anyway.....So i Got one sore on my labia and found out i also had herpes. The sore went away after about three weeks and i haven't had any Outbreaks since. I've already gotten over the 'live is over' 'i can't believe this is happening' 'i've only had one partner in my whole life how could this happen to me' 'i want to die' phase. I've accepted it. Im living with it. NOW. please do not insult me. So i had swollen lymph nodes, yellow vaginal discharge, and i found out i had a uti because it would burn me when i would urinate and if any urine hit the open sore it would burn horribly. Went to the ARNP bc i didn't know what was going on with me and she did a culture and a pap. Told me i had herpes, and hpv. I don't have insurance so i also got a huge bill from not only her but quest diagnostics one of the most expensive people she could have sent the culture too. Anyway...I haven't had any OB's since March. I take 1000mg of Vitamin C a day and the zinc and lysine like i did research on. Boosted up on Vit. A and E by taking wheat germ oil and cod liver oil. Also eating fresh garlic preferably in homemade vegan quacamole (im adding this part in here in case anyone is suffering from herpes as this helped me...BTW I am not a doctor just stating what helped me) Back to my problem. THIS IS MY PROBLEM: My periods lately have been abnormal, in clots (they've been in clots before) but this time there is mucous in them. Clear slimy mucous, like when a woman is sexually excited, mixed with the red clots. Sometimes i dont even need to wear a pad but if i use my kegal muscles and push out then it will come out. If i use a tampon it is a waste because hardly anything is on the tampon. Im worried it is the hpv. Im sorry i ever even had sex. I should have just waited until i was married. Im worried i may never be able to have children. Im worried if i do it won't be a healthy child. Im in desperate need of advice. WHAT DOES IT MEAN IF YOU HAVE CLOTS IN YOUR PERIOD AND CLEAR MUCOUS ALONG WITH IT??? I'm sorry for the long question i had to give a brief history. If there is anyone suffering from the same symptoms as me and they put it into a google search. Hopefully this question can help them and/or give them some peace of mind. Can anyone please help me. I will eventually have to go back to the ARNP but i want to have at least an idea of what is going on with my body. I'm trying to go to school for Nursing. I know that the increased mucous means that the white blood cells either in my cervix or vagina is producing histamine due to the basophils and are fighting some sort of infection...which would be the hpv and/or herpes so to fight the infection im increasing my Vit. C intake but i haven't had any OB's of herpes in four months no sores no nothing . Proper diet and lifestyle and celibacy has the hsv2 under control. Im just worried about the period and hpv. Can someone help me?

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  • Who sings this Rap song?

    I heard this song in a video and im itiching to know who it is. The music is awesome. i only heard a part of the lyrics and then another song started to play. Anyway the only lyrics that are said after the music plays is 'A new day was born, and yes one more mornin, just..."

    if anyone can help i would greatly appreciate it. I believe it is old school. Here is the link to the clip of the song:

    Youtube thumbnail

    the clip starts at 4:40-5:28. And no im not talking about the isley brothers song that comes on after it...whos that lady. The clip before it. Thanks ALL help is greatly appreciated. Please don't say stuff like google the lyrics. i already have, that's why i lost five points and posted this question. Thanks.

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  • jails in Canada close to Brompton, Quebec?

    I am looking for the name of any jails near the brompton area of quebec canada. I am trying to get in touch with a relative. However i have never been to canada All i know is that he was living in brompton. Now he is in jail. So if there were any jails in that area or closest to it so that i may get their name and look up their numbers to see if he is there please. thanks for all help.

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  • To be continued.....or to be Terminated?

    Imma try to make this as short as possible. I realize im kinda putting my biz out here. Which i don't EVER do but i really do need some help. And some intelligent, wise help. AND answers so here goes:

    Summed up pretty well. I met this guy we've been "talking" for about a year, (june of last year) getting to know each other. Shared our first kiss Valentined day. he was my first kiss. He likes me i like him. Things are cool. (keep in mind im just skimming real quick to the specifics here) then a few days ago i drove to see him ( he lives an hour away) and we hung out at his apt. and we were play fighting and hitting each other with pillows. things got TOO steamy and we did some naughty stuff (not sex tho) just like.....grinding but a little more then grinding? anyway. Keep in mind we're religious so this stuff is bad for us. I was upset cuz i wasn't expecting that from him. And vice versa for him. he said he was "testing my boundaries" and i got really upset cuz i took it for a game to see "how far i can go with her" but he didn't know i was upset. i like him. I really do. But i haven't spoken to him since that day which has been 2-4 days now. I don't wanna call. Don't know if he does. Don't know what he's thinking. if he thinks im fast? or whatnot. help. Will i be continued or will he terminate me and no longer wanna talk to me.

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  • Facebook pictures on profile?

    I just made a facebook and my main page when i hit profile. ya know for my profile seems to have my album cover's on there and show a little bit of each pic that is in each album. I don't want the pics on there at all. If they want to see my albums I just want ppl to go to my pics not see it all over my profile. How do i get rid or this?

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  • I need help. Does he like me or no?

    I met this guy online. We talked since July. Everything was great. We shared pics and he looked really nice and attractive. Sweet and we talked on the phone and we really connected. Kinda had a crush on each other. (just by talking) we're both religious. And we shared our biblical views for an hour over the phone. Which i thought was very good. Anyway we planned to meet this month. And we did. I met him. And he was the same. And so was I. Everything went great. We met at his church. That day i was very shy because it was my first time meeting him, but i really was enjoying the day. The day came towards its end. And he walked me to my car. We both agreed we didn't get to spend that much time with each other *his fam was talking to me and whatnot* but we talked in my car for at least 50 min. And in that 50 min we got closer *well we got to know each other better* in that sense. We talked and ya know, really connected. I had to go. He said bye. We hugged. And then i left. We looked at each other one last time before we left and then i drove out the parking lot. He called me that night. and then he called me four days later *he works full time, and goes to school full time* so he is really busy. Anyway i haven't heard from him in 11 days, and i don't get it because now he know's how i look and he know's how i sound. He's actually met me now. So after meeting me, was i not up to par? He hasn't even made an effort to call. Its like he never existed. And its driving me nuts. Im normally not into guys like this. I have this wall i have up and i shoot them down, when they even try to come at me in sheep's clothing. But i fell for him. *not hard* but i kinda fell and scraped my knee. I still think about him. Is he just really busy and hasn't called? or is that it for me and him. Did he just drop me like a hot potato? Oh, and before i went down there he didn't call for like 2 and a half weeks. And thought i was going to come anymore. He said he's just been so busy with work and college. *this was before i met him, before he saw me* but i still went and saw him. p.s. his cell is off. I cannot call him. and he doesn't get off work until like 11 pm. and i can't call his house that late. So he always calls me. When we met he thought i was pretty. What's the matter? Gosh, why do guys have this effect on girls, i am NEVER like this. Normally i make the fellas like this but now the tables are turned and i don't know how to handle it. So i sent him an email that said i enjoyed my time and i hope he's doing okay. I hadn't heard from him in a week, but if he doesnt want to talk to me anymore then that's okay, im just grateful i got the opportunity to meet him. which is the truth. I am glad i got the opportunity to meet him. But it just urkes me that im just kinda stuck like this. i don't know what to do. Maybe im sweating it too much. Yes there are other guys that like me. But im interested in getting to know him. Anyone have any advice?

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  • Which day is the sabbath?

    which day is the 7th day the 4th commandment speaks of Saturday or Sunday. I know it is Saturday, But many don't believe me and oppose to this.

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  • What is the name of the woman in Batman the cartoon series(the older series, but not too old)?

    The older batman series that used to come on warner brother. You know when poison ivy wore a green suit. The girl with joker wore the red suit with black and white in it. The older batman was so good. But i remember a character. I think she was with two face sometimes. She was a woman with long dark hair that always covered over one eye. Does anyone know her name? I've tried googling it and can't find it. Thanks a bunches. Oh and its not red claw. That's not who im talking about. This woman had her hair over one of her eyes. Thanks again.

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  • Genetically Modified food, genetic engineering, how to stop it?

    I've heard they've fed rats gm tomatoes and they wouldn't eat it. When forced some had internal bleeding. They've fed it to cows and pigs and when presented the choice of Genetically modified corn or natural corn, the cows AND pigs ONLY ate the regular corn. They stayed away from the Genetic one. I don't think it's fair that they are not even labeling foods that are GMO. (genetically modified) In Europe they do as well as England. The people boycotted. A lot of people don't know the dangers of it.

    I want to learn to plant my own food, and work in a greenhouse. Learn about the different kinds of herbs, seeds, grains etc. Know any kind of jobs where you can get experience from things like that? Or what those kind of people are called? I don't really know how to word my question but if you understand please help me. I want to grow my own foods, work in a greenhouse, learn how to plant things. Does anyone know a job or what those kind of people that do those things are called? thanks

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