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  • What is this song?!?

    Does anyone know the name of this song? I heard it at the gym and the only thing I can remember about it is that it goes on about all the different days of the week and says it just can't wait to get to Saturday. It's driving me crazy! Helppp!

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  • Could anyone recommend any songs?

    I am doing the Race for Life tomorrow and I want to put together a playlist of great songs to keep me going! Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you! (For those of you that don't know, Race for Life is a 5k walk/run for Cancer Research.)

    2 AnswersRunning6 years ago
  • Would you class this as a date?

    We went on our first date together on Friday night to the cinema and we both had a really great time. As soon as he got back home from dropping me back off at my house, he texted me. We were texting all night. Only an hour and half after I got in, he told me he really enjoyed it. I told him I did too and he asked if I'd like to do it again sometime. I obviously said yes! The day after, we were just texting and I jokingly asked him when our next date was going to be. He suggested next week and I told him to think of somewhere good for us to go. Straight away, he suggested us going to a shopping mall about 30 minutes from where we live. I said yes and I'm really looking forward to it! He told me he is too. But what I want to know is do you see going shopping together as a date?

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  • Should I let my parents know about him or not?

    I'm going to the cinemas with a guy I work with next Friday night. I'm not sure whether he asked me out just as friends or as a real date but I do like him a lot. We text every single day and night and we do flirt with each other quite a lot. I'm really looking forward to going out with him but my only worry is my parents. When he picks me up on Friday, I just know they will ask where I'm going and who I'm going with. They would be more than fine with it if I told them, I just don't know to tell them. And I also don't wanna go telling them about him before anything has even happened between us so that I don't kind of curse us if that makes sense? So what do I do? Help!

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  • Why hasn't he got back to me?

    We've worked together for almost 4 months. 3 weeks ago, we swapped numbers and we have been texting all day and night. In these 3 weeks, we haven't gone a day without talking. sometimes, it can take him a couple of hours to text me back and that does annoy me a little, but i dont get angry about it. But I texted him today and 9 hours later, he still hasn't text me back. I've seen that he has been on Facebook on his phone so why hasn't he replied to me? He's asked me out on a date, he's said he looks forward to seeing what could happen between us, we always have good conversations and never run out of anything to talk about and he has told me a few times that he enjoys talking to me. So why wouldn't he text me back? Its so frustrating because I really like him!

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  • What is the deal with him?

    I've known a guy for 3 months now and on Monday we swapped numbers and we have been texting all day and night everyday since that. I love talking to him but I'm just confused about one little thing. He takes so long to text back. Sometimes it can be like an hour or more. He told me last night that he is enjoying talking to me so I don't get why he takes so long? Any ideas?

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  • Have I messed up? Does he hate me now?

    There is a guy I work with and we get on so well. We work with kids and they all ask are we boyfriend and girlfriend and tease us. We just take it on the chin and laugh because we both find it funny. Last night we were texting and we were flirting pretty bad, there is definitely a spark there between us. It ended on a bit of a sour note because he got confused, thinking I was being serious when I was just messing around. Today at work we didn't really talk much and I didn't like it. We always chat lots and laugh but today was just the opposite. I do like him but nothing could ever happen because although we are both young adults, I'm 3 years older than him. Why do you think he's upset with me? I care about him so much and I just don't want our friendship to be ruined! Thanks for all your opinions

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  • Is it wrong for us to text as friends?

    There is a boy who I work with and we get on really well. We have each others numbers and we text and talk on Facebook quite often. He usually always texts me first and I really enjoy talking to him. The only problem is, he is 3 years younger than me. In your opinion, is it wrong for us to text as friends?

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  • 2013 movie about a boy liking an older girl?

    I have no idea what it is called or who stars in it. All I know is that there was a boy and he had a crush on a girl and he worked at a water park and the older guys he worked with asked why he didn't make a move on the girl and he said because she is older than him. It is quite recent, i saw it on a trailer whilst watching kick *** 2. What is it!?!?

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  • What would be his reason for posting this picture on Instagram?

    Basically there is this guy. We had a picture together during a night out on Friday night. It was taken on his phone and I asked him to show it to me when it had been taken. I told him to delete it and he jokingly said he was gonna put it on Facebook and Instagram. I have him on Facebook but he did not post it. However I don't have him on Instagram but on Saturday morning I searched for him and he had posted the picture and it did get quite a few likes. I'm thinking maybe he didn't put it on Facebook because he knew I would have seen it but he put it on Instagram because he thought I wouldn't see it. What do you think? I should probably add that he has a bit of a crush on me and thinks I'm hot. I would be lying if I said I wasn't attracted to him too.

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  • Why does he ignore me at work!?

    There's a guy who just started working at the school I work at. I kind of already know him because he knows my dad and my brother. So, I introduced myself to him on the first day. He didn't stop to talk to me, he just said hello then went off. Later that night, he added me on Facebook and sent me a random message asking me what time lunch is and we got chatting. However, at work, he always looks at me so I smile and say hello but he just nods and walks off! Why does he do this?! He likes my Facebook statuses and stuff but completely ignores me in work! But what baffles me, is that my family say that he is a very talkative and outgoing person. Does he dislike me for some reason? Does he think that I'm being the ignorant one? Does he not want me to talk to him? Your opinions would be appreciated :)

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  • Which countries/ places do you most wish to visit?

    Personally, I would love to go to Australia, travel America, visit a few places in Europe and go on a Caribbean beach holiday.

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  • What music would be good with this slideshow?

    Hi, I'm putting together a compilation of various photos and video clips of the best moments of a rugby league team I am involved in. I want some background music but have no ideas of what song I could use. Whatever song it is, I will be using the instrumental version. I want something that is passionate and uplifting. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  • Girls, have you ever worn your insulin pump in a thigh pouch?

    I have an insulin pump and I get so sick and tired of seeing dresses I like and not being able to wear them because of my insulin pump! Don't get me wrong, I do still wear nice dresses, I just want to be able to wear a tighter fitting one. A few years ago when it was my prom, I bought a thigh pouch especially for my pump to go in because my dress was fitted at the top then puffy at the bottom and it was great because you couldn't see the pump. I lost it but if I bought a new one, would you be able to see it if I put it round my leg and wore a bodycon dress?

    4 AnswersDiabetes7 years ago
  • What would you call this type of video?

    What would you call a video which is a collection of photos and video clips of a certain event/ occasion? Eg a sports team's best moments. I don't know if this question is in the correct section so if it isn't, please tell me so that I can change it :)

    1 AnswerHome Theatre7 years ago
  • Should I have gone to his house?

    Basically this boy I knew a bit from years ago has tried talking to me a few times on Facebook for the past 11 months. I have chatted along because I don't like ignoring people. When we have spoken he has told me I am gorgeous, said he wants to get know me even more and has said he wants us to go on a date. He also asks me to go to his house every time we speak but I have always said no because I know what that leads to and I'm not like that. The last time he spoke to me was a week today. During the week he has been away for work and he came back home last night. I went on his profile today to see a post some girl tagged him in talking about how he is taking her out tomorrow. I feel so stupid! She looks like such a s**t and it annoys me so much to think that he was talking to her whilst he was talking to me! It's not that I like him, I just want to know am I ever gonna get a boyfriend without being a s**t? I'd rather be alone than be like that.

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  • Do I have the right attitude towards relationships and stuff?

    I am single and I would like to have a boyfriend but I am not one of those desperate people who would get with anyone. I have morals and am very self-respectable. But the whole point of this question, is whenever a guy tries to talk to me/text me I put my barriers up so high straight away. I understand that in order to get close to someone, I need to put these barriers down but I am just scared to. I even do this if I really like the guy. I think these are the reasons I do it...

    a) I'm scared I'm gonna get hurt.

    b) I assume they are making fun of me when they talk to me/tell me I am pretty or whatever.

    c) I always tell myself in the back of my mind that they are talking to other girls, not just me.

    d) they want me for only one thing and they aren't interested in anything else about me.

    I hate myself for always being like this, but I know from past experience that by doing this I won't get hurt. How do I change my attitude and let people in?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating7 years ago
  • Help! I don't know what to do about this boy!?

    So basically there's this boy. We are the same age and we used to play together when we were younger (about 11 or 12) we never spoke or anything for a good few years. In July, he popped up to me on Facebook talking to me so I just went with it and chatted back. We spoke for only about a week. I think he only vaguely remembers me from when we used to hang out so there was no reminiscing or anything like that. Just now, nearly a year later, he has popped up to me on Facebook again saying hey. I said hello back and he sent a message back asking how I am. I don't know what to do about it all! Do I chat along with him? do I ignore him? How do I speak to him? Help, I'm getting really nervous about it! I'm not the kind of person who meets people online, so I don't know whether that is what my problem is. Quick answers please!

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  • How to get over jet lag?

    I got off a long haul flight this morning and slept through most of the day. It is now past 2 am where I am and so I really should be asleep. Are there any things I can do in order to make myself fall asleep?

    2 AnswersAir Travel7 years ago
  • How much are Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirts in usa?

    How much are A&F t-shirts in usa? I'm talking about the graphic tees with say just a logo or A&F written on it.

    3 AnswersFashion & Accessories7 years ago