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  • EXTREMA PAIN in my lower back after flying.?

    yesterday was my first time flying. i flew from Boston to Chicago. than from Chicago to Huston. a total of 6 hours in a plane. The trip from Boston to Chicago is the time by back starting hurting. as we were taking off i felt the feeling of being pushed down and back. after a minute of feeling that i kind of turned my back to look out the window and i felt a sharp POP in my lower back on the right side. it hurt all the way to Huston but not like it does today. today i cant get out of bed, walk or barely move. all the pain is focused on my right lower back almost behind my hip. when i walk i can stand on my right leg but when i lift it up it goes numb and hurts so bad! laying on my back is the only way it doesn't hurt. i have been bed bound for 5 hours now. my bf just got a heating pad and that's going on as i write.

    What happened?

    Did i blow a disk?

    Did i tare a muscle?

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    My friend brought over his laptop, A dell windows xp. says its connected to the internet but i can go to any web site. a security warning keeps poping up saying "Application cannoit be executed. The file ***.exe is infected. Do you want to activate your antiviruse software now?" I dont want to buy the antiviruse software, but i cant get onto the internet to download AVG. HELP!

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  • Other scary movies like Paranormal Activity?

    I LOVED the movies paranormal activity. What other movies besides Blare Witch Project are like paranormal activity. Like other independent films based on true events (i dont care if its real or not lol) I've already seen Quarantine. But any other independent films about ghost or demons or stuff like that?

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  • Massachusetts Job search?!?!? HELP!!!!!?

    I'm moving to Attleboro Mass this Saturday and was wondering if any one knows any good web sites i can go on and search for some jobs. I've tried so please don't suggest that.

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  • Why wont my microphone work on skype?

    I have a Windows Vista Laptop. Inspiron. ( i have no idea what im talking about, hoping some of this info will help)

    i downloaded skype and cant use my microphone. i now i have one its built in. help

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