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  • Am I weird for thinking like this?

    So I have this friend (well I don't even know if you could call us friends anymore) who I've known since 6th grade so like 3 years. (I'm almost 15 in 9th grade) So she's a girl and so am I and we've been through a lot because we've been friends since 6th grade and I told her I liked her near the end of 7th grade which kind of ruined things cause she didn't talk to me until the beginning of 8th grade. I was basically in love with her by then. Some bad things happened that year with me and her and she was avoiding me like I mean she wouldn't even look at me, stand next to me, sit next to me, be put in a group with me to work or anything like that. It was the worst time of my life and nothing I could do could get her to talk to me. I literally wanted to die, all summer I thought about her but still didn't talk to her. A few days after school started so like a week ago, I texted her because I thought she was telling people to block me because I was asking people who went to school with her about her and they wouldn't tell me nothing. I called her a ***** and I was mad at first, but she agreed to talk to me occasionally. Of course I was really happy. But it's just that whenever I think of her all I do us cry. I cry because I love her more than anything and I guess I just miss the way things were before. I also am constantly scared that something will happen to her, like someone will be mean to her, or hurt her or just anything and that bothers me. What are your thoughts?

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  • Do you think it's wrong for someone to "change their gender"?

    You can't just do that Jesus made you the way you were for a reason. And if you want to change, you are still the gender you were born, because your gender is how you were born not how you see yourself.

  • What are your thoughts on the book/movie Lolita?

    I'm talking about the 1997 movie, and I've never read the book, only watched the movie, do you recommend I read it?

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  • I like someone who likes someone else?

    So, I'm 14 and a girl and I started high school a few days ago on August 10th, and I made this new group of friends H, J, and O (along with another friend from my school) which I never thought I would do, and I always sit with them at lunch everyday and one day me and the group were trying to get O to sit next to this boy that she has a crush on and stuff like that. And one day in study hall O was sitting in front of me and then she turned around to ask me something and I just realized that I liked her then. So I told J and she reminded me that O liked that boy. And now I just don't know what to do because every time I'm around O now I just get really nervous and I feel bad for some reason.

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