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  • How can people Obtain A PS3 Ip, And Use It To Hack You?

    So I have had various people threaten me on Little Big Planet2 that they are going to hack me and one guy told me that 'he was going to obtain my IP address, find out where I live and hack me'... I don't think that made a lot of sense but that is what he told me.

    Soo, I know that this is possible, so I want to know how he is going to do it.

    This is not a hacking attempt, I wanna educate myself on this so I know what is happening, if one day he decides to hack me.

    So my basic question is, How is he gunna hack me? How is he going to have the ability to obtain my IP address from the PS3, and when he has it, what is he gunna do next?...

    So basically i am asking for the process. I know most of you, might not know but simple answers can help me get a better understanding of this ..

    Thanks<3 :D

    -p.s- any support to my couple questions would be great. I will pick the best answer within 4 days. )


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  • What are the required skills for: Level 4 USA Boys Gymnastics?

    I need to train for level 4 USA gymnastic skills, anyone know all of them that I can practice at home?

    Thanks! I will be sure to give the most detailed question a nice 10 points!


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