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  • when you see a Psychiatrist what should you expect?

    I have been on a waiting list to see a psychiatrist which my hospital refered me to. My appointment came for this thursday, and I'm so nervous. I just don't know what to expect or why I am actually going there.

    Could anyone tell me what I should expect and when you go are you aloud parents in with you?

    Thanks in advance

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  • What to do for a 16th birthday help?

    I am going to be 16 in a few weeks and I haven't got a clue what to do.

    I don't really want a party as people cause to much hassle.

    Anyone got any ideas please?

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  • 16th birthday ideas for a girl?

    It's going to be my 16th birthday soon and I'm clueless on what to do. I don't want a party but I want to have a good day. Any ideas?

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  • would I have to take my tongue piercings out for an endoscopy?

    I'm 15 and going into hospital for an endoscopy next week. I have 2 tongue piercings will I have to take them out??

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  • New piercing idea? Please help?

    I want a new piercing I am 14 and soon 15.

    I have 9piercings so far:

    Ear twice at bottom

    Helix twice

    Forward helix

    My belly

    My tongue

    Any ideas for a new one :)

    I don't want my nose done though

    Also don't judge because of how many piercings I have got it is my choice

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  • Why do I feel sick all the time?

    I feel sick constantly , I'm not pregnant and it is unbearable.

    I've been hospital about it they put me on a high dose tablets. I have been on these for a year and they don't seem to be helping.

    Has anyone got an idea what it could be?

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  • really need help asap best answer 10pts!?

    basicaly in english we are making a magazine and i have to do new celebrity couples

    could you please leave below new celebritys that have got together this year!

    2 AnswersYahoo Answers9 years ago
  • i am worried about my friend help ?

    well i have this friend cal paige and she has a step dad and he is a police man and he abuses her like punches her and that he has nearlly broke her arm be4 and she always rings me up crying and that. i am really worried about her what do you think i shold tell her to do as her mum will just sit there and watch him do it to her . i am really worried about her. HELP ME SO I CAN HELP HER PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1 AnswerFriends10 years ago
  • english homework please help?

    in english we are writting a news article and i am the information writter. for the homework we have to research our role. who can tell me what my role does.

    best answer gets the points :)

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  • how do i loose weight ?

    any ideas how to loose weight !!!!!!!!

    39 AnswersDiet & Fitness10 years ago
  • what do you know on elizabeth I ?

    well for my history homework i have to produce a leaflet on elizabeth I .

    has anyone got any information on her or interesting facts i could add in.

    there person who gives me the most facts or information gets to have the best answer

    1 AnswerHistory10 years ago
  • who is going in please tell me?

    hi right do you know the tv show im a celebrity get me out of here , yeah well do you know jennt e claie and dom joly went in last night . well someone else is ment to be going in tonight who is it as i am going to miss it p-lease tell me when i find the rigt answer i will give the right person 10 points

    2 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • this is for ethics please help me !?

    well for ethics i have to find out what a protestant and catholic is and what they believe please help .

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • what names do you like?

    Girls names

    Ruby - Anne May

    Lily- May Eve

    Salisha Jane

    And for a boy

    Stephen Edwards

    Mckenzie Dean

    Choose a girls and a boys name that you like please

    11 AnswersBaby Names1 decade ago
  • really need help for homework?

    well in drama we have to write about 10 things for dramatic devices

    so what are they and what types are there

    please please help i havnt got no clue of what types there are

    2 AnswersHomework Help1 decade ago
  • boys only question sorry girls !!!!?

    i have this friend at school he is a boy and i like him but more than a friend he dont really notise me how can i get him to notise me

    8 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • i want to ask this boy out but i need your advise !!?

    well i was going to ask this bot out today but i think he likes my best mate and my best mate was really flirting with him

    what should i do 10 point for best advise

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  • i need your help please help me ?

    i like these boys but i dont know what 1 to ask out they are both really nice and are both my age and i am best mates with both of them

    the 1 st 1 has blonde hair blue eyes and is really funny and really cute and i havnt been out with him before

    the 2nd 1 has brown eyes and hair and like to floor me for a joke and is cute and funny and i have been out with him before

    please what 1 to choose 1 or 2 the best advice i get you will get 10 points

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • please can you help ??????????

    how do i ask a boy out to there face

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  • what do boys first notice in a girl?

    what do boys first notice in a girl ?

    11 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago