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  • So what would be some good career options for me?

    I’m currently a 21 year old male serving in the military. I signed up for four years and I’m almost %100 certain I want to get out my first enlistement. The thing is I’ve been pretty lost on what I want to do as a long term career my whole life. Throughout high school I was taught the only way I can make decent money is go to some college or university get a degree and get a job. We’ve all been fed this notion. The thing is though college isn’t for everyone especially for me. I personally can’t stand school. I only had like a 2.6 gpa in high school because I just personally didn’t care too much and in college I did like 2 years and decided to give up because I just knew sitting in a classroom learning about Shakespeare and polynomials were getting me no where in life. So I decided to join the Air Force as an alternative. I know I don’t want to stay in. My goal is to get myself a job the pays me a decent living wage that’s it. I don’t need nothing super glamorous. So I’ve just been asking for ideas because I’m extremely ignorant when it comes to the job market and how to make money because I was taught very little about this stuff when I was younger. Some things that have been popping up in my mind was a trade like HVAC or be an Electrician. That sounds a little more appealing to me because the money is good from what I hear and it’s on the job training rather than just sitting in some boring classroom listening to lectures for hours. What are some suggestions to succeed?

  • So what’s the big deal about wearing a hat on indoors?

    It seems like a pretty arbitrary societal standard to me. Like what harm is someone doing to someone else if they choose to wear a hat on indoors. Whom or what am I disrespecting by wearing a hat? Is wearing a sweater indoors disrespectful? Is wearing gloves etc? What’s the big deal?

    Every argument online says a “Sign of respect” but how does wearing a hat determin respect? What is hiding your hair disrespectful? Is that it and how?

    Also many people point to history and tradition but we live in the 21st century not the 1800s....

    So please what are some legit arguments and reasons why I’m offending someone for wearing a hat.

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  • Can I still get the post 9/11 G.I. bill if I denied it at BMT?

    I didn’t sign up for it at basic. Is it too late to still get it or can I still do something. I’ve only been in for a few months

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  • I freaking got security forces. I’m pissed. Is it as bad as people say it is?

    So my original job was fire protection in the Air Force. But because I washed out of that tech school they reclassify me into security forces which is the job I DID NOT WANT. I have no choice but to take it or I get discharched so anybody in the comments is it really that bad? I’m afraid I’m gonna be miserable for the next 4 years now since I’m stuck with a crap job.

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  • Will jumping rope improve my mile time?

    My mile time is around 6:40 but I wanted to get it down to 6 minutes. I’m sick and tired of running and lately I’m been switching to jumping rope for like 15 mins a day. I was thinking since it’s a cardiovascular exercise could it improve my mile time?

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  • Can I bring my gaming console to bmt?

    No sh*t Sherlock I won’t be able to use it while over there but. Once I get out can I use it or am I just going to have to buy another one when at tech school?

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  • How does my cutting plan sound?

    So currently I’m about 188 pounds when I weigh myself in the morning and I would like to share what my diet/workout plan is and get your opinions. So I wake up in the morning go to the gym for a weight training sessions followed by 20-30 minutes of cardio either jogging on a treadmill or jump roping. My diet consists of

    Breakfast: 2 tbs of liquid eggs on 2 whole wear toast breads with 1/2 avocado spread. And this consists of a scoop or two of vegan protein shake and almond milk

    Snack: about 2 hours later I’ll have a snack that consists of toasted whole wheat bread with one table spoon scoop of peanut butter, 1/2 a slice of banana, some cinnamon to give it some flavor with honey, and a table spoon scoop of Greek yogurt on top

    Lunch: I eat ground turkey, brown rice and pinto beans all in one plate

    Snack: A bowl of oatmeal with one Tbs of Greek yogurt 1/2 of banana, cinnoman and I sweeten it with stevia

    Then after that I’ll just maybe throw in a protein shake here in there but my goal is to reduce fat and retain muscle or build if possible. My goal weight is to be 180

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  • So how’s fire protection in the Air Force?

    So I just got a notice that my AFSC will be fire protection and I will be shipping out in October. So with that being said how is this job and will it carry over to the civilian life for when I get out?

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  • Does muscle soreness cause temporary weight gain?

    When I weighed myself a few days ago I was 194 to be exact. A day or to later I worked out my legs and they a crazy sore following another day I decided to run and now I’m super sore lmao. Now for some reason I’m 200lbs!!! I’m like wtf man! Is it because I’m sore that my muscles temporary weigh more or what’s the deal!

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  • Why do people say money can’t buy hapiness?

    I’m not talking about being rich but you’re really saying being financially stable can’t bring hapiness to someone? Tell me who’s more likely to be happy. A person with no debt, stable income, enough to support himself and others, lives in a good area following the nice material possessions that they can afford to have and can even have a vacation occasionally if they want. As opposed to someone who has to work beyond overtime, has a lot of debt, can’t pay their rent on time, can barely afford food, clothes and insurance which is a complete necessity to their lives and on top of that giving them poor living conditions as a result which leads to crime, violence, depression and worse case scenario suicide. So win all of that mentioned why do people always bring up that B.S of money can’t buy hapiness or money isn’t everything when in fact in today’s world it pretty much is. If you believe money can’t buy hapiness please empty your bank account and tell me how happy your life is....

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  • Air Force open general question?

    Hello I just completed the physical and sworn in at meps. When I was picking my jobs one of the ladies told me to go open general because that would give me a higher chance of getting a medical related job. I either want to do that or fire profection of some sort. Now I’ve been hearing that if I go open general I’ll receive some crappy job like security forces which I certainly do not want. My general score was a 57 if that’s imprortant at all and my afqt was 70. So with that being said is going open general a bad thing how will it go?

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  • How do you feel my top 10 nba all time list?

    1.Michael Jordan

    2.LeBron James

    3.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

    4.Wilt Chamberlain

    5.Magic Johnson

    6.Larry Bird

    7.Kobe Bryant


    9.Tim Duncan

    10. Oscar Robertson


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  • I’m thinking about joining the Air Force? Based on my reasons should I join?

    Hello. I’m a 20 year guy strongly considering enlisting in the U.S Air Force. But I want to get your guys opinion on whether or not it’s a good idea for me to enlist based on the reasons I’m about to mention. So pretty much in high school I was a 2.6 gpa student not horrible but not impressive either. I’ve been spending the last 2 years of my life working minimum wage jobs and taking classes at a community college that I’m straight up not interested in. I still have absolute interest in any major at the moment and pretty much lost all my motivation school wise. Not because it’s too hard but it’s just not taking me anywhere and I don’t think it’s for me. I think joining the military can really help me establish me for my future. I’m not joining for money or to get rich because I know enlisted soldier make crap haha but use it as a stepping stone on what I want to do for the rest of my life. Plus you can’t beat the benefits. Also it allows me to move out of my parents home, have a stable job and live on my own. I think it can teach me to be a responsible adult and hopefully help me get a better job when I get out. I just took the ASVAB and scored a 70. So based on what I’ve mentioned above do you think it’s a good idea to enlist? Please HONEST ANSWERS!

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  • Is joining the military because you have nothing going for you a good or bad reason to join?

    Still working at a local fast food place, school is getting me nowhere and I’m sick and tired of living with my parents. I honk that joining can help me make my own way for myself and set me up for the future. I’m 20 btw

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  • I’m starting to get depressed about being single?

    So I’m a 20 year old male and never even come close to dating anyone. I never dated anyone in high school because I thought all the relationships were fake, stupid and just puppy love. But now that I’m getting older being alone is just really starting to get to me I don’t know why. It’s like I want to not care but I just can’t seem to help it. The thing is I have a extremely strong attraction to women as (as in I have a very high sex drive) which I know is normal at this point of my life. But I just get terrified to approach any woman that’s even somewhat good looking because it seems like for women they always have at least dozens of guys on their waiting list as for men like me we have to just get what we get haha. I’m not a bad looking guy for any stretch(at least I don’t think so) I exercise frequently and stay in shape. The point is I just want to experience this whole dating thing just once in my life and maybe I will stop caring about it so much because that’s all I’ve seen to think about lately.

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  • Since community college isn’t for me. Should I consider the military or trade school?

    My goal is to pretty much be independent and support myself. But nowadays it’s so damn tough.