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imma tell u like it is YA MEAN...TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT BUT IMMA TELL U LIKE IT IS.......(o n by the way me n my lil sis share this so alot of the questions r her doing so please watch what you say b4 i have 2 snap on every body) I MEAN I KNOW THERE IS ALWAYS GONNA B HAT3RZ ~3V3RY ~WH3R3...... SO HI HAT3ER

  • EW the girl was dirty;;;;((((yuhh a jerk'''''I KNO?

    Ok"" so mi and mi boyfriend have been togther for 3 weaks now'' and i jux found out 2day from one of his friendz that he had s.e.x with diz gurl"" i mean nd diz gurl gets around (if yu kno what i mean) """so i asked him about it and at 1st he said no and asked mi y i asked"" i told him how it happened and he said: o yea i did but it was like 2 months ago wayy b4 ,mi nd yu was togther"" """"""wow now im extremly pissed b kuz he lied"" but should i b mad ?!?!?"" i kinda feel like mi nd him rushed n to a relationship and therez not much i kno about him'''IDK WHAT TO DO"""

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  • odd dream..need help...?

    ok so last night i had a dream that it was a sleep over at my house and was me and my friends on one floor. and then my whole family on another. one of my friends got sick and wanted to go home so when we looked out the window every thing was pitch black except for our house. so i opened the font door and this big animal came at me. but i closed it just in time. so no body went out side. then while we were sleeping i looked over and 3 of my friends were having a 3 some (all girls). And i was getting mad so i went down stairs were my family was, and all of them had there faces painted blue.(i hate the color blue and every body knows that). And that was making me mad even more. so i looked out the window and saw that the big animal was hungry and i just wrote my family a letter and let the animal eat me. And inside the animal was a crying clown and a dead bird and me and the clown were just looking at each other and i reached out to touch the clown to wipe away the tears and as i was wiping the paint was coming off and when i got all the paint off i found out it was just my reflection....

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  • what kind of ice cream would you be?

    i would be cookies and cream because im down to earth and normal(Vanilla). but i have something extra(cookies nd cream) that you just love and cant get enough pretty much what makes things good!!!

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    ok you guys i found this vid on youtube and just had to share is PLZ PLZ watch da whole thing you might have to fast forward the 1st 2 min but plz watch and let me know what yall think...i promise you this is so funny......

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  • If you have time....3 questions ...plz?

    ok 1st question when people talk **** about you n call you all types of names should you a.confront them b.i4 get about them c.move on...2nd question i said something this Girl went bak n told my friend somthing completely different from what i said now ma friend is mad @ me should i just let her get better on her own or try n talk it out...n 3rd question last but not least...ok imma gurl but somtimes i think i have feelings for other gurls how do i kno if these feelings r real of just a faze...i been asked out by gurls but ive been like hell no but should i try n c how it is or 4 get my feelings???

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  • PhOnY fRiEnDs ??? or Is It JuSt Me ???

    ok well to start off I'm n the 9th grade. ok so 1st my best friend over the summer we were cool but ever since we got back to school she been acting different. like for example she talk to me if no body she don't know in our class but when somebody she do know in the class she act like she don't know me. ant dat a b itch. n then she told my that she gave my boyfriend a fake phone number and i looked on his phone and she been calling him (fake friend?). i mean i wanna call her n b like our friend ship is officially over on da real tip. but i don't know if i should what should i do????

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  • ok on a serious tip....

    ok im only 14 n ive tried every thing i can i can really sing i want 2b famous does any body know how they could help me or what i could do..i mean i just don't know i sing every where i can but nothing really ever happens ive sang on tv but that was for like the lower channel like you know how you see the little talent shows...but yea i just need help plz...

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  • club music???

    ok can any body name some baltmore club music and who its bye cuz im tryin 2 download it 2my phone...underground club music is fine 2...i allready got sum like rod lee but i need more plz help me out...thank u also it dont just got 2 b baltmore it can b ne thing ne body know who this is bye: slide 2 da left slide 2da right hold up shawty wait a min can i hit 2 night???

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  • MYSPACE!!!help?

    yea ok my lil sis wants a myspace she is only 12. She thinks she is on her grown woman right now so only god knows what she would do if she had 1. do you people out there think that it would be ok for her to have on e as long as i check up on it and her messages and things like that??? or should i just let her do what she wants. i know its not up to me but my mom asked do i think she should get one and im not sure...o n by the way i camehere for help so please dont disespect me and give m3 a stupid anwser......thank you

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    Why do boys have to always treat ladies like crap. For example my friends boyfriend today just hit her right in front of me and that was so i relize that hes not the only one most boys are like that.....really

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  • what should i do ????

    at school all my friends say aww man you scared you should loose your v card all your other friends have....i keep saying no but its like every day sombody asked me can they hit(have sex) can i tell them to leave me alone beacuse its really annoying and im to the point now when boys are touching all on me and holdong me down till i say stop will they ever stop????

    im 13 btw

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  • Who like this song????

    So I met dis shawty da other day,

    I got her number called her up,

    Like what you doning, she said nuttin,

    I said what's good, she said not much,

    I said guess what, she say what's up,

    I say I think we shoudd hook up

    She said ughh, I said what,

    She said but, I said but, why you stuck

    She said ****, I said who,

    She said not u, I said then who

    She said u no, I no what

    U no who, I said I do

    She said u do, I said I do but I really don't,

    Because it's u dat I really want,

    N we can do what u really want,

    Girl we grown,

    N if he ain't gon' treat u rite,

    Then I ain't gon' treat u wrong, dats my word,

    N she herd so many lies she don't no what's true or not,

    Shawty like a vallet service I said she been threw alot,

    But I put her car on park n never let her cry alone,

    I listen 2 her heart beat because it plays my favorite song

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  • as a 13 year old how would u tell your parents u were pregent?????

    my best friend(hint hint) is pregent or thinks she is and she (hint hint) does not know how 2 tell her parents

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