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  • Can I eat chicken, hotdogs, etc. that have been unfrozen then refrozen?

    My mom's friend cooked some chicken, hotdogs, and hamburgers and froze them for a picnic we are having at our church. Only on the way home, they all became unthawed so we just put them in the fridge. Can we refreeze them without getting food poinson or seriously sick even though they're already been frozen and thawed twice?

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  • Does anyone know of, or have you ever work for the mystery shopping team called LRC or another company.?

    The other company charges 19.95 as a monthly fee. Also how do you get paid and how long does it take to get paid? How many hours did you work? Or was it all a scam.

    2 AnswersYahoo Shopping1 decade ago
  • I am in constant pain, can I sleep on my stomach?

    I was recently in a car accident where I broke my hip and pelvis in 3 places. They went in and put in a metal plate and 6 screws. I am at ome now, but I am in pain every second on every day and if I lean forward, my leg hurts, but if i lay back, my back hurts. Do you think I would mess up my hip again in I lied on my stomach? The only time I get any relief at all is when I am sleeping, and the pain in my back does not allow me to sleep past like 5 in the morning. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

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  • Worst cramps IMAGINABLE...Any advice?

    Whenever I start my period, my heart just drops because the first 2 days of my period are the most painful thing ever. I just lie in bed with my eyes closed trying not to mave at all because they hurt so bad. I can barely walk and I don't even bother talking. I know I sound like a complete baby, and I feel like one! As of now, I'm on painkillers for them (600 mg ibuprofen) and I find myself taking one every 2 to 3 hours when I'm only supposed to take them 3 or 4 times a day. Even when I take them every 2 hours the pain STILL comes back to quickley. I know that CANNOT be healthy for my body in the long run. I'm not about to mess up my liver and stuff by taking all these pills. That's why I'm asking has anyone ever had REALLY REALLY bad cramps and nothing seemed to help until they tried a new, natural substance or something? I know exercise helps, but sometimes I'm in too much pain to get up and just start working out. I need something that helps FAST. Any advice is welcome! Easy 10 points.

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  • There's a guy that says he's interested in me...?

    Well, there's this guy at my job that I've considered a friend for like a month. Well, today he told me that he's interested in me and I am TERRIFIED. Really. I'm 17 years old, and have never really dated because I've always been focusing on school an sports and such. I'd really like to go for it, but I just don't find myself attractive. At all. I've been told that I'm pretty, but I just don't see it. Plus, I'm kind of chubby. How can I expect someone else to love me when I don't even love myself. The guy is shorter than me too, but I'm not really worried about that. He treats me really well, but I'm having doubts about myself.

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  • Does anyone know what this young adult book is called?

    This girl is like a redhead or something and she finds out she has superpowers. She's in class and she feels like she has cramps or something and all the windows in her classroom burst? I know that there's a sequal to the book. Whenever I think of it, I think of Supergirl, but I know it's not her. It's not a comic. I will be back tomorrow to give the answer 10 points. I promise. I've searched and searched for this book, and I'm getting desperate.

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  • Romance books with a pregnant heroine?

    Well, the question pretty much says it all. Preferably the baby is NOT another man's, and it not be only in the epolgue(or whatever). I don't care if it was a one night stand or a long lasting relationship. Best answer gets 10 points. I'll pick the best answer tomorrow :) I promise.

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  • How do I get nacho cheese off of my sweatshirt?!?

    I was eating nachos at the movies and of course, I spilled the cheese all over my brand new, light pink sweatshirt. I tried washing it and putting stain remover on it, but it isn't helping. Help?! I wanted to wear it tomorrow... 10 points to the best answer tomorrow :)

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  • Should I go see a doctor or just take some tylenol?

    The day before yesterday I asked the same question, but it's gotten worse. I have a slightly stuffy/runny nose. Before, my throat didn't hurt during the day, now it hurts all the time. It hurts to talk. I still have a dry cough, but the chest pain that came everytime I coughed is gone for the most part. I have a RAGING headache that just won't go away. It feels like someone is ripping my head off. My glands are swollen. I also have a low grade fever of 99.1. I'm also experiencing fatigue. And the strangest thing happened to me last night. When I lied down to sleep last night, I couldn't sleep on my stomach because if I did, It felt like my throat went numb and started closing up and it got pretty hard to breathe. No, I'm not obese or anything. Do these symptoms sound serious or just a common cold? Is it the flu?

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  • Has anyone read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon (10 points!)?

    I read the first one, and I LOVED it. Only I went to order the 2nd one, and it says it takes place 20 years after the first! Aren't they going to be like 50? I'm 16, so that's like reading a romance about my parents. WTF? Is the second book (Dragonfly in Amber) even any good? (I WILL come back and give the best answer 10 points)

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  • Can I work at a pet daycare?

    I'm 16 years old and have no experience with watching animals. But, I'm a fast learner. Maybe I could clean up poop or something? Yes, I'm that desperate for a job. I have to pay 4 Muay Thai in like 2 weeks and don't have a job :(

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  • Chemistry is killing me!?

    My teacher is the worst teacher ever! I have like all dual enrollment classes, and I've never had a problem until now. What should I do? Are there any online classes or anything or a private tutor I could get? Anything to get an "A" out of this class. Dropping out of the class is totally out of the question.

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  • I need help on trig/precalculus problem?


    aSinx + bCosx = the square root of a^2 + b^2 Sin(x + Tan^-1(b/a)

    Sorry I didn't know how to put squared lol.

    Oh, and both a^2 and b^2 are in the square root.

    It's not just "a" if that's what you were thinking. The Sin(x... is NOT in the square root. Thankx for the help!

    1 AnswerMathematics1 decade ago
  • Why does everyone feel the need to tell everyone they're an atheist or criticize christianty?

    It just doesn't make any sense to me. Why do you never hear anyone complaining about hinduism or buddhism or wicca? I know so many atheists that are so angry that they think that by saying "there is no God" they're hurting God(I know it sounds confusing lol). I mean, okay, you don't believe in christianity. But why sit there and completely disrespect someone else's religion? Do they really think that that's going to convince us to stop believing in God?

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  • Not well-know topics to write about?

    I'm supposed to be writing a paper for my history class, and I wanted to write about something that was very interesting, but isn't well know by a lot of people. I don't want to write about something everyone else is gonna choose(like the civil or revolutionary war). It can't be after 1850, and it has to be north american history. Any suggestions?

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  • how can i convince my mum to let me get a divacup?

    somehow, my mum has gotten it into her brain that if I get a divacup, I'll start having sex. WTF?Plus, she thinks that I'm going to get a yeast infection or something. I need help really bad. I'm sick of wearing pads. Doing kicks and stuff in them in muay thai doesn't help much either. Help!!!

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  • Is there any program that would allow me to travel to 2 countries?

    I couldn't decide between the Netherlands and Italy. Maybe spend 5 weeks of the summer in one, and 6 in the other... :)

    2 AnswersStudying Abroad1 decade ago
  • Pole Dancing or Lyrical/Modern Dancing?

    I wanted to try either one(can't do both). I want to get more in shape(I play soccer and do Muay Thai). Looking for a good way to tighten up even more. Which do you think I would like more? I'm 16... I really can't decide lol. Have you tried either one?

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  • I hate my stepdad more than anything in the world...?

    I really don't want to feel this way, but I do. It's gotten so bad that I just want him to die or something so that I never have to see him agian. I feel like such a horrible person because normally, I like EVERYONE. He's verbally abusive. He's told me he hates me and has called me a b****, and he even told me he hoped I died while I was on my field trip. WTF? Whenever he gets pissed at me, he'll be like "You can never come to church with me on sunday agian." He's crazy. He has 2 kids, and they don't ever call him because they hate him too. I can't take it anymore. I love my mom more than anything, and my mum always goes off on him when he does it, but he always does it agian. I love my mom, but Im going crazy here. Plus, my stepdad calls me and my mom all the time and gets mad when we dont answer the phone. I go days, or even weeks without saying a word to him. Ive never hated anyone more in my entire life. Should I just go live with my dad or go to boarding school or something?

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  • Can you get a yeast infection from a Divacup?

    I ordered one this morning, and I was just curious. Like, my mum said she couldn't use tampons because of yeast infections, so I was wondering if the Divacup causes the same thing. And, are there occasions when the Divacup will leak? Do I need to wear a panty-liner underneath? I"m 16... Thanks for the help.

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