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  • How do I keep mice out of my storage?

    First off I keep a very clean house so it’s not a cleanliness issue. I live in a rural area in an old house so getting a mouse here and there is inevitable. I have bags of winter clothes I have put up in garbage bags to keep in storage (guest bedroom) until winter. How do I keep mice out of the bags until then? Are there any particular scents they don’t like that I can put in the bag? And how? Moth balls are out of the question because I am allergic.

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  • Will a possum hurt a small dog?

    I have a dachshund. She is 11 lbs. My husband has just had a transplant and his doc advised him to stay away from fleas and ticks but we can keep our dog in the house as long as she doesn’t have any. Today we took her to pee outside and saw some fleas on her. Possibly from an outside cat. I went And bought a baby gate (18 sq ft) to keep her on our porch until I go To the vet tomorrow and get her flea and tick pills. The porch is screened in but almost every night a possum makes its way onto the porch to eat the cat’s food. Will the possum harm my dog? I dont Feel comfortable letting her loose in the yard and I cant Bring her in the house until I get rid of her fleas completely. The gate is tall enough to make sure she can’t get out, but the cat is able to get in. So I’m scared of the possum getting in

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  • Why is my dog yelping when I go to pick her up?

    My dachshund is 4 years old. She went to the vet 2 days ago and got all her vaccinations (I got her from someone else who wouldn’t give me her vaccination records)

    Her fecal exam showed hookworms, for which she is now being treated for

    Her heartworm test came back negative

    Then yesterday, I took her back to the vet for crying when I would go to pick her up:

    Blood work showed ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that was out of the ordinary. Every lab value was perfect!

    This morning she is extra sensitive. She has not been up walking around and she has bit me at least 5 times for trying to pick her up. This all seems to come out of nowhere in the past few days. Anybody else have this problem? Any ideas what it could be?

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  • Is microbiology lab crucial to nurses?

    I know it's part of the curriculum and I understand that having basic microbiology knowledge is absolutely crucial for infection control in the healthcare field. My question is, will we really need to know everything we learned in lab class? Will nurses need to remember how to do a gram stain? How to do a streak plate? How to do a simple stain? How to use oil immersion? When I say a nurse, I'm referring to regular hospital nurses with an associate's degree.

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  • Why does Rh factor not matter when donating organs?

    If Rh factor matters when donating blood, why doesn't it matter when donating organs?

    2 AnswersMedicine4 years ago
  • Could my house be haunted?

    I recently moved in with my fiance. He told me that strange stuff happens in his house at night. I blew it off at first, but about 2 weeks ago we were lying on the couch (the couch is in front of the stairs, and you can see one of the upstairs bedrooms from it) and the light suddenly turned on in the upstairs bedroom by itself. We were home alone. Then, the night after that, I was awoke had a dream that was so realistic. My dream didn't have a scene to it..all I could see was darkness and hear loud screams of what sounded like a woman. I woke up and something fell off of my night stand. It woke my fiance up too but we blew it off and went back to sleep. Last week, we were awoke when our bedroom door slammed. The door was shut when we went to bed so we don't see how it could have opened and closes on its on. And then this morning, after he left for work, I went back to sleep and woke up thinking I heard someone in our driveway repeatedly honking. I looked outside, nothing. What could be going on? Are these just coincidences or what?

    4 AnswersDream Interpretation5 years ago
  • Under what circumstances would your muscles use glycolysis instead of ATP?

    ATP is an immediate source of energy for muscle contraction.

    When immediate sources are depleted, muscle fibers go through glycolysis.

    I'm having trouble figuring out exactly why the immediate source would be depleted in the first place?

    1 AnswerBiology5 years ago
  • Would this be considered slang?

    I m writing a memoir for my college English class and I was going to include the sentence "I was a shell of my former self." Would the phrase "shell of my former self" be considered slang? A colloqialism? Vernacular? I m trying to avoid those 3 things in my memoir but I can t decide if the phrase I m wanting to use is one of the 3

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