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  • i'm looking for a pan/casserole dish that goes on the hob and in the oven. Nothing too heavy but something tha?

    nothing too heavy, but something that will last. Any suggestions.. price not so much of an issue, but if anyone has any cheaper alternatives, that would be great x

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  • who are all the characters on peppa pig?

    i'm reading it with my daughter and she keeps asking "who's that" and to be honest i haven't a clue, so i'd appreciate any names from other moms, cheers.

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  • has anyone used a cotbed duvet in a cot?

    my little one has outgrown her grobag, so i need to progress to a duvet (she is 2 so i think it will get her used to it for her big bed). i find the cot duvet looks as if it won't last her long, so i wondered if i could use a cotbed duvet and then take it to her bed when she switches.. i just wanted to know if it would fit, or be too big ,thanks for any advice

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  • Best booster feeding seat?

    my daughter is 21 months and i'm looking for a booster seat so she can sit at the table with the rest of the family, and wondered what you all thought the best ones were. I love the look of the mamas and papas advance booster seat but again would love your thoughts.

    thanks in advance

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  • what age did your toddler drop their daytime nap?

    my daughter is just over 17 months and is refusing to nap during the day. She has always slept 11 hours at night and 1 to 2 hours after lunch, but lately is screaming when i try to put her down. we have tried to let her go without one, but by 5 o clock she is shattered . Just wondered if this WAS about dropping naps as she is quite young, or just another way of exerting control.. thanks in advance

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  • how much nursery time would you consider ok?

    my daughter is 16 months old,, and so far she goes to nursery two mornings,, but due to the fact both sets of grandparents live hundreds of miles away,, and we need to work more hours in order to eventually move house,,, she will start to go 2 mornings and 1 full day

    i know that millions of people put their children in full time cos they have to work,, but 4 sessions seem a lot to me

    what does everyone else think is ok??

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  • weaning from breast to cup?

    i've decided to wean my 14 month old daughter off the breast. She has a cup of cows milk for her afternoon feed already, although she doesn't take much, maybe 3 oz. I am only feeding her first thing and last thing. I'm not too concerned about dropping the morning feed, it's the bedtime one i'm worried about.

    I think she would take a bottle, but i was wondering if it would be best to go straight to cup.. and if thats the case,, any tips . I'm not in any rush,, i just want to start the process soon.

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