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Hi my name is Nicole(: I'm 13 and i've been on Yahoo Answer for... about three years now! I REALLY want to become a Top Contributor for the "Friends" category. Some things about me? You can throw a cake in my face on November 20th I play soccer I play fastpitch softball as a catcher(: I am involved in DestinationImagination Reading is a hobby Music is my life :) I love meeting new people and i'm always open for chatting(: Message me, e-mail me, whatever floats your boat :D

  • Mailing a letter to Canada?

    I'm from America and I want to mail my friend a letter. She lives on Vancouver Island. Since my parents buy First Class Stamps, would that cover it? Or would I need to go through some complicated process at the post office like getting "international" stamps?

    All i need to mail is just a normal sized envelope, not heavy or anything with a single letter inside.


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  • How to get into shape for softball?

    So I'm a 14 year old, 4'11", muscular build, 90 pounds, and a catcher for fast pitch softball. I was just wondering how I could go about getting into shape. Softball doesn't require a lot of running, but I'd just like to become fit in general. I have many different things to work with at my house including

    -Sets of dumbbells


    -21 speed bike (many hills in the neighborhood to ride)

    -Bowflex Machine

    -Places to run

    People say "Just go outside and play." Play what? You can't exactly play softball by yourself. I don't have kids in my neighborhood. I can go on bike rides, but mile after mile gets kind of boring.. Even if i'm listening to my iPod.

    I'm one of those kids who can't get motivated enough to go run just for fun. I want to be active this summer, i spend far too much time on the internet. I have Summer PE this summer, so it shouldn't be too hard to stay fit during that. But after that, what can i do to stay conditioned and fit?

    I'd just like to be conditioned for softball this year and then become more fit overall. Is there a certain combination of any of the things i listed above or running exercises in general i could try just on my own? I like being fit and everything, I just don't know what would be an effective combination. Maybe some tactic to get into shape? How many reps, etc.

    Thanks for reading :D

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  • Xbox Optional Media Update Help?

    So i'm trying to download the Optional Media Update on my Xbox 360 so i can use my iPod and play music.

    But the thing is, when i go into the marketplace, I can find the Optional Media Update. From there, i try to select it and it says "There's a problem with Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Please try again later. Status code: 8C230002"

    But when i click on any other game, I go into the screen that has where you can purchase the game, get the trial, or rate it.

    Xbox Marketplace is obviously online, I checked the status page also. My xbox is working fine when i play games, my internet is fine also. I ran a test and everything showed up clean. Why wont it let me download the Optional Media Update?


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  • Does anyone else feel the same way I do?

    So, this might be a little lengthy.. but i'll sum it all up after the long line at the end. If you don't want to read, just go down to the bottom line.


    I'm 14, and i feel like i'm thinking like i'm 70 or something.

    Today's society makes me sad. I mean, people are racist, people want to do is piss the rest of the world off, and they want attention. People live for sex, alcohol, and popularity. Its really depressing to me.. There's SO much more than that.


    Football players get paid so much for people enjoyment, soldiers get paid so little yet protect our country. Without soldiers, there would be no football. Football players risk getting concussions, pulling muscles, or breaking bone and get million dollar salaries. Soldiers risk their lives and family, and get paid nothing compared to that.

    Nothing adds up anymore. People are so ignorant.


    Writing my 8th grade Biography has really opened my eyes this year. I mean, Its not like i hate being different,

    I've grown to accept it, Its just that its really not fun to talk to people about being adopted... I always try and avoid it. I don't tell my friends a lot either, unless they're really curious and flat out ask me..

    I don't know the reason why i was put up for adoption. My mom and dad told me the one child rule, but they don't know that. It could have been that my birth mom was too young, or they didn't want me or something. They just don't know, they act like they do and act like i won't think deeper than that. I mean, I know my parents love me. And I know they're trying to protect me. But I'm really getting depressed with all these other lies about other things, not just about adoption or what not.

    But when people make me write about it, it makes me mad.


    Drinking makes me lose faith.

    Teens my age, in my grade, in my CATHOLIC school, Kids are drinking.

    People i thought i knew are drinking and getting wasted on the weekends.

    Me? I've never touched alcohol, I never will.

    But why? Why do people drink? Can't you just wait a little longer? It ruins peoples lives.

    And kids do it anyway.


    Just to clarify some things,

    -I'm a strong Catholic

    -I'm perfectly healthy (mentally and physically)

    -I've never been truly depressed

    The bottom line is, I'd rather be dead than live here. But there's no way on earth I'd EVER commit suicide. I mean, I'd really want to live by myself and not have to put up with anyone else's crap.

    Its really making me sad, you know? I myself have lost all faith in humanity.

    Even at 14, I don't want to really live here anymore ._.

    Its just like, society ruins people. And its REALLY confusing me. I hate the world.

    I'd rather be dead. And i really hate the world.

    But my question is, does anyone else feel this way?

    Thanks for taking the time to read my question, or not.

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  • Does texting from Canada to US cost money with MSN?

    So with MSN, you can have your messages forwarded to your phone and then reply back..

    I want to text my friend in Canada through her phone using MSN forwarding. She has unlimited texting. Her provider is Telus and she lives in BC.

    Does this cost money?

    Thanks :D

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  • What headphones should i get?

    So last night, i was walking around with my earbuds in my ipod. They got caught on the banister and they got pulled hard. Now only one side of my earbuds work -.-

    I've had 2 pairs of apple earbuds break on me, and 5 in total bust. I'm really gentle with them, I always have accidents :|

    Now i'm looking for a different pair. Ones that don't break that easy, good sound, and under $130 please! In ear too.

    I've heard mixed reviews on Beats. Some people i know said they're amazing, some people have said theirs broke, when they take perfect care of them and that they're cheaply made. The ones i've tried were amazing. They were on display at best buy though..

    Skullcandy sounds good, isn't it a lifetime warranty? I'd LOVE to have one of those.. I mean, I do break them sometimes, always on accident.

    One apple pair, my first one, had awful earphones and the cap came off as i wore them frequently.

    Second apple pair, i think i messed up the cord last night. I can't fix it..

    I've had 3 other ten dollar pairs from iFrogz. They did good, nice noise blocking out, good sound, but they broke way to easily.

    So do any of you have in ear earbuds that are under $130, good sound, good quality, and somewhat durable?

    Thanks :D

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  • What is this hat called?

    Hi, I love this hat that Vic Fuentes is wearing, does anyone know what its called or where i can get it?

    It looks amazing, and i can wear beanies and look good, is he wearing a normal beanie or a floppy beanie?'

    Thanks(: Happy Holidays!

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  • Should I wait for iPod 5g or buy a PSP?

    Alright, so I have an iPod 2nd generation and i'd love to upgrade to 4th gen but as soon as i do that, apple will probably release a 5th gen -.-

    I heard it'll come out around Sept-Dec 2012, and i don't know if i should wait that long

    I was thinking about buying the 4th gen for Christmas, but i don't know.

    I was also thinking of buying a PSP or a PSP Go. I wanted to get back into a sense of gaming and i feel like those two very portable devices are what i'm looking for. They can play music, have a longer battery life than my ipod, have good games, etc.

    SO what do you think? Wait for ipod touch 5g, buy ipod touch 4th gen, or buy a PSP/PSP Go.

    If you chose PSP/PSP Go, please specify which one and why :D


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  • Could I have the flu?

    Hi, so I'm not feeling well at all and i stayed home from school today. i was wondering if i had the flu or something.

    Started with a sore throat and slight headache on Sunday

    Sore throat and headache got worse during the day on Monday, had a 99.3 fever before i went to school.

    At night on Monday, fever spiked to 100.5, i had a pounding headache, my throat killed and it hurts to cough.

    Early this morning (5 AM) i woke up with a 100.7 fever, very dizzy- it was hard to walk/stand up, throbbing headache, awful throat.

    All day today i felt bad, had a steady 99 temperature until one or two, then it went up to 100. The medicine i had taken at 5 had wore off. My head was spinning and my head hurt. Only if i cough hard enough, i have green mucus come up. My throat was very sensitive, I couldn't finish my soup at dinner because i felt like i could just taste the oil going down my throat. My head pounds when i move my eyes at all

    I took medicine today 2 hours ago at 8PM, it still hurts to move my eyes, i'm not dizzy, and i have 99.3 temp.

    What could i have? My stomach hasn't hurt at all, it just kind of gurgles sometimes.

    I'm taking aleve for my medicine. My dad said this is how his co worker started out and then she fought it for a while, but then she threw up D:

    Thanks for taking the time to read!

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  • Heavy period question.. help?

    Hi so I'm 13 and I got my first period back in July. I got it again in august, skipped September. And it started yesterday.

    My periods were SUPER light. But this one is really heavy, the blood is dark, there's lots of clots, and I'm super self conscious about it. I feel okay, I get bad cramps randomly in the middle of class. the fact I can feel blood dripping down is really grossing me out.

    Lots of tissue. Is there any way to lighten it up? I'm thinking about seriously asking my mom if I can stay home because my head and stomach hurt.

    I don't want to change for p.e today. I don't care that every girl goes through it, the girls in my class are bitches who'd never let anything go, especially if I did it.

    Please help ): thanks.

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  • What is this cube puzzle game called?

    Hey so my boyfriend has the game that he brought to school and i REALLY want to know the game. There are 4-5 dice (die) and they are 6 sided. It's in this rectangular box type thing, with open circles on the sides where you can see the colored parts of the die. The objective of the game is to get the cubes into the box with all the open sides with all matching colors, example- All Red sides must face down etc.

    There is no specific order you have to put them in, it's just to have all colors on one side.

    His dad got it from Taiwan or something... Some country in Asia. It takes HOURS to solve!

    I really really want this game, I can't find any pictures or anything probably because i don't know the correct name, If anyone knows, PLEASE tell me! :D


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  • Any good FPS Games for Wii or PS2 rated T?

    SO i really don't want to go out and buy an xbox 360 because

    1) it'd probably consume my life more than is it already

    and 2) Most of those games are rated M (parents don't let me play)

    Yeah i was wondering if any of you know any decent first person shooters for either the Wii or the PlayStation 2

    Those are the only consoles that i have/want.

    Rated teen only pleasee.

    Also, if anyone knows of good sandbox games (Examples: Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row) that are rated T that you blow stuff up in/shoot people/do whatever you want--that'd be good too.

    Thanks (:

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  • Who do you side with in the Lupe Fiasco and Bill O'Reilley Obama arguement?

    Alright-If you didn't see the video click here-

    Youtube thumbnail

    Who do you side with? My family and i are big Factor watchers for the news and i usually agree with O'Reilly-i've read his books but honestly, on some issues in this video, i believe that Lupe is correct. I do like his music, and i do believe that the United States, Mr Obama, and others are METAPHORICALLY a/are terrorists. Don't get me wrong-i love my country but Lupe does make it clear that politics are confusing-and he just sums it up. I don't know-What do you think?

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  • Can anyone give me some good topics to write about?

    Okay-well i'm a young writer and i need some inspiration for a story to write..

    Some of the things i enjoy writing about are more topics that an older person would write about-not kiddish things like sports. You can check out some of my stories in some of my other questions on my profile. I'll post the links;_ylt=AjEb8...

    part two-

    But heres the TRUE ending to the story after revising it-

    The doctor handed him his phone and the Frisbee they were just throwing hours before. Jason looked at his phone and immediately threw it on the ground, smashing it to pieces. This might have been the last time he ever had to take off work for his little girl, and all he did was use his phone. He didn’t even have the chance to say sorry. He didn’t even have the chance to tell her he loved her one last time.

    Jason took one last painful look at his little ten year old girl. “Abigail..Abigail,” He whispered silently. He couldn’t continue-too badly for words to explain the pain. Jason buried his face into his hands as he sobbed silently in a hospital bed, on the night of his daughter’s birthday.

    Thanks for reading(:

    I'm looking for some morals to base my story around.

    Such as "All that glitters is not gold" or, "Be careful what you wish for"

    Things like that-check out some of my other stories- you won't regret it!!

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  • What are some good cheap earbuds that wont break?

    Hi, so i have a problem..

    All the earbuds i buy for my ipod and laptop BREAK!!!

    I've gone through 4 in the past three months!

    The jack you plug into the computer/ ipod broke on one of them

    On two of them, one of the ear buds stopped working, then shortly after, the other stopped working too.

    And on the last one, the earbud part totally fell off and it still plays, but they WERE cheap..

    The earbuds i have purchased are 2 iFrogz, one from my old 1st generation ipod nano (came with it), and the last pair were cheapo that i got from ebay (they had a mic)

    I'm looking for some earbuds that have good sound quality, don't break easy/for no reason, and MAYBE some that have a mircrophone.

    I had some in mind when i went to this store at a dorm i stayed in, they were Skullcandy ink'd with a mic or something like that, they were ink'd though.

    Are those good? I don't mistreat my headphones at all, honest. I just need a nice pair.

    Also, would it be a good deal to get in-ear Beats by Dr. Dre?

    My friend has them and he likes them a lot, Just looking for some good earbuds.

    I go running with my earbuds, so i don't like it when they fall out easy.

    Those stupid little ear covers come off ALL THE TIME! I"ve lost numerous ear cover things! I like them, but i hate how they come off constantly!

    Cheap as in 50 dollars and down, unless they're beats- i'll purchase them myself.

    Thanks a lot(:

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  • IPod touch screen scrolling white?!?

    Okay so tonight we were taking pictures and my friend told me to grab her new iPod 5th generation iPod she got just two days ago fo her birthday. I pic it up, the unlock screen is kind of fading and scrolling white. I'm really scared I broke it.. Anybody know what happened?!?!?

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  • Can i go to school now? (Recovering from Flu)?

    So on Saturday i woke up with this terrible sore throat

    Later that day, i got a bad headache

    At night, i got a fever of 99.3

    I went to the doctor last night and discovered I had the flu;

    My doctor gave me a z-pack, i've been taking my medicine

    My fever hasn't been any higher than 99.3 since i've been sick.

    I stayed home yesterday.

    My head hurt today and my neck was sore.

    I didn't have anything higher than a 99.3 today.

    I coughed up lots of green stuff (ewhh)

    So can i go back to school?

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  • Am i allergic to apples..?

    Now, this i know you can't determine over the internet without the skin test things but I'm just wondering if i am allergic to them by describing to you what im feeling.

    I ate an apple that i pealed with a core thing.

    My lower lip is itchy on the inside and its really hot so now i've been like, pouting to avoid it touching my gums and teeth.

    My lower lip looks like i put deep, red lipstick on it, BUT I DIDN'T!

    When i peal my lower lip to look in a 10x magnifying mirror, theres lots of small little dots.

    I'm not sure if they're red because my lip is red too soo..

    My stomach feels a little weird... Kind of like it has a bubble in it? Just wanting it to bubble or something because it's uncomfortable.

    So am i allergic to apples maybe?

    No skin reactions.

    Any home remedies? Does the spoonful of honey thing work at all..?

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  • How do you convert a Windows Movie Maker file into a Windows Media Player file?

    So me and my friends had this project for my LA class that had a commercial on it.

    We filmed the commercial with my friends camera and edited it onto my laptop with Windows Live Movie Maker.

    So i saved it as a windows movie maker file because there were no other options to "save the file as" a different kind of file i.e.- Windows Media Player

    I downloaded the commercial as a Windows Movie Maker file onto a flash drive and took it to school.

    It didn't play.

    The computers at school are so old they don't have Windows Movie Maker.

    I knew why it wasn't playing.

    Because they DON'T have windows movie maker!

    So my question here is: How do i change a Windows movie Maker file into a Windows Media Player file that WILL play on the computer at school?

    If i download the commercial onto CD will it still play?

    Please help?!? The commercial is DUE tomorrow?!?


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  • Chest pain? I don't know what happened?!?

    I'm 13 and I was climbing trees with my Friends and there's this branch with a V then a branch before that. I tried to lift myself up with my hands by putting my two hands on the V branch and the middle of my chest had this intense pain and my arms started quakin.

    3 hours later the middle of my chest is painful! When I press on it. when I breathe deeply. when I laugh. when I lay down


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