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  • I can't find a hair style for prom, i know sort of what i want...?

    my hair is shoulder length and has layers all over the place. but its too short for all the hair styles i see on the web. i want it half way up and curly.. but i can't find anything that suites me. anyone have any ideas? maybe with pics?

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  • okay... so this is gross but a big problem?

    Okay, so im a 17 year old girl and i have this gross sweating problem. I'm not even exercising, I'm not even hot, but for some reason i sweat a lot in the under arm area. it's so gross and unattractive. I can't stretch in front of people at school or anything because you can see the sweat spots on my shirt. It doesn't show when i wear tshirts but when i dress up and wear shirts that actually fit my body its noticeable. what do i do to minimize it. i have tried many different deodrants and none work. please help!?

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  • What should i do.. my mom doesn't like him for no reason....?

    I've been hanging out with this one guy for the past few weeks. we have a lot in common and he's very sweet. The other day my sister was talking to my mom about him and my mom said she doesn't like him. I don't know why either. He is very nice, he doesn't smoke, drink, or do drugs. He doesn't smother me in any way. He rarely curses. but never in front of parents. He gets good grades in school (he's a junior, I'm a senior both in high school). he's actually smarter then me... in harder classes then me too. I don't know why she doesn't like him. she has only met him twice and they didn't really talk. just a hi how are you kind of thing. He's kinda nerdy but i like that about him. what should i do?

    No offence to the ones younger but i'm looking for some adult advice, people whom are older then me and have experienced more. thanks.

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  • only one out of 4 that actually helps?

    I have 3 other siblings 12, 14, and 19 that won't do chores correctly. I'm the only one that when it is my turn (we rotate chores) that does them correctly. When i have the kitchen i do the dishes, clean off the table, sweep the floor, and wash the stove off like we are all supposed to. When i have the living room i clean off all 3 tables in there, make sure the room is spotless and vacuum, and when i have trash/Kitty litter, i take out the trash from ALL the rooms and i clean the kitty litter every time.

    When my siblings have chores like the kitchen.. all they do is the dishes, when they have the trash all they do is the kitchen trash when their asked, and when they have the living room, they pick up the floor and thats it. they're all the same.

    I've talked to my parents about this and they agree with me but they don't do anything about it. I'm stressed out, tired of being the only one doings things right around here and i can't take it anymore. I don't know what to do, please help

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  • I have a gift card for Walmart can i use my gift card for the smartstyle hair salon?

    I want to get my hair cut but i don't know if i can use the walmart gift card at the hair place. anyone know?

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