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  • how do i change my netflix to american on my xbox 360?

    i am not computer techy so keep it simple please

    1 AnswerXbox7 years ago
  • Is it still cheating?

    Ok my boyfriend and me had a threesome with one of my friends so he has had sex with her but I want to have sex with just her does that count as cheating still

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating7 years ago
  • What do I do about this feeling?

    Me and my boyfriend have been fighting a lot lately and I know I have some blame but he doesn't own up to having any blame he thinks it is all my fault and makes me feel horrible sometime

    I recently left for a week ( we live together) to visit my sick grandpa and I honestly loved not fighting and finally feeling happy again

    What do I do??

    3 AnswersPsychology7 years ago
  • Any travel recommendations for traveling in/to Barcelona?

    I want to travel to Barcelona next summer (2014) and I was wondering if anyone has any insight and/or advice for me as to what to expect. And what to bring/

    2 AnswersCatalunya7 years ago
  • What do you do when you know your starting to get depressed?

    I am starting to get depressed (I have a history of depression) and no matter what anyone tells me I cant stop the feeling i Have. I am starting to feel very fat and I know most of you will laugh at this but a couple years ago I battled with anxiety and now no matter what anyone tells me I cannot change what I see in the mirror.

    I know im not fat but thats just how i feel

    Any suggestion

    4 AnswersFriends8 years ago
  • NuvaRing??Birth Control?

    I am on the pill right now but lately i have found that I am getting forgetful with taking it. I was thinking about the Nuva Ring and was wondering if anyine has tried it and what they think

    1 AnswerWomen's Health8 years ago
  • what is a good baby boy name to go with this middle name?

    My brother passed away 3 years ago and we were very close to i would like to name my first son after him

    I took my brothers middle name Blaine but I cannot think of a good first name

    5 AnswersBaby Names8 years ago
  • could my body be faking pregnancy symptoms?

    i have wanted a baby for as long as i can remember but i have been smart and i am waiting till after i graduate from college and my fiance agrees with me

    anyways i am constantly nauseaded and feel like i am going to be sick, i have terrible mood swins and i have very weird cravings

    i have not missed any periods and i have gone to the doctor about my stomach

    could my body be displaying signs of pregnancy becuase of my disire to have kids??

    sorry for the spelling

    3 AnswersPregnancy8 years ago
  • Adoption of my nephew?

    I live in alberta Canada

    my nephew is going up for adoption soon and my mother is first choice for guardian, however she does not want to raise another child at her age and i am willing

    is there any way she could get custody of him and give him to me legally??

    5 AnswersAdoption8 years ago
  • Legal rights for an aunty?? in alberta asap!!?

    my nephew was just taking away by social services and my sister gets visitation 4 days a week and i am not allowed to see him

    do i have any rights as an aunty

    i know my parents can apply for grandparent rights but what can i do

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics8 years ago
  • pregnant or not?????

    ok i just finished my period but it was unusually light for me

    in addition i have been have majorly weird food cravings and my fiance is scared to talk to me because i explode over the smallest things

    and i have been feeling nauseas for weeks

    so we have weird craving

    abnormal period

    major mood swings

    and i seeem to pee alot more

    can someone please help who isnt going to yell at me

    i am old enough to start a family and i do want to start one but after i finish college

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!1

    4 AnswersPregnancy8 years ago
  • What could this mean?? am i over thinking this?

    ok i just finished my period and it was very light for me which is unusal

    i have been have insanly weird craving for very unhealthy stuff (i try to eat very healthy)

    and i am extremely moody

    my fiance is scared to start a conversation

    could these be signs of a pregancy??

    2 AnswersPregnancy8 years ago
  • Hair question?? Products?? what best?

    i was my hair very second day because it gets really greasy i know that's gross sorry

    because of this i only use shampoo and conditioner

    i straighten my hair almost every day should i use i heat protection and if so will it make my hair feel greasy and what is the best kind??

    what other products do you recommend i use and how often

    i have shoulder length brown thin hair???


    1 AnswerHair9 years ago
  • Moving out????????????????????????????

    me and my boyfriend are moving out this summer into our first apartment we have a couple things that our parents are giving us but could someone please tell me what to expect

    i have a bed set kitchen table and chairs couch coffee table

    he has a computer computer desk tv clothes

    what else do we really need other than dishes and stuff

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate9 years ago
  • what is the most famous street in the world?

    and why is it famous?

    28 AnswersPolls & Surveys9 years ago
  • scholarships? dont qualify? why?\?

    i dont qualify for scholarships because im only a part time student this year

    but i have been a full time student for so many years why does it matter now

    and if someone could give me a few good sites for scholarships or awards

    2 AnswersFinancial Aid9 years ago
  • College? Letter? what does it mean?\?

    i applied to my local college and i got a letter from them saying congradulations you have gained addmission into ( the course i applied for)

    does this mean im accepted and into the collge

    they sent me the regestration date too and housing forms

    do they still need my final transcript to be fully admitted?

    if it helps im in canada

  • how can you make your hair grow faster?

    other than the required trims

    7 AnswersHair9 years ago
  • why is he getting so mad? all the time?

    me and my boyfriend have been going our for 9 months

    its a long distance relationship but it workds with us

    well i recently got a job so im working more now

    and he is constantly getting mad because i cant wait by my phone waiting for his messages

    i need the money for college

    my question is why doe she constantly make me feel like im doing something wrong

    seriously i cry almost everyday because he makes me feel like ****

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating9 years ago