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  • imma need everyone to read this...thanks?

    in my last question i asked about a proxy for blocked sites at work...the community agreed that i shouldnt be tryin to do those things at work...but to straighten my face...i was tryin to send my grandmother in chicago some flowers because shes in the hospital and im all the way in i wouldnt do anything wrong to lose my job...make WAY to much money!!!!

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  • need assistance please...?

    ok.. im in the army stationed in germany..the woman i love lives in the states and everytime im supposed to go and c her something mandatory comes up so i cant..she thinks that im just lying about coming to c her...something has happened 5 straight times so after a while a person understandably would question ur love for them...keep in mind im not ugly at all and there are A LOT of girls over here that really wanna get at do i get her to not feel the way she does or do i just move on??? (detailed answers please)

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