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  • Can you use Front Flip app in Mc Donalds Drive Through?

    I have a coupon for a 'free large sandwich with purchase of one" but only the drive through is open.

    Will they accept it through the drive through?

    1 AnswerOther - Food & Drink7 years ago
  • Can you purchase Nutrimed diet foods?

    I'm trying to find a diet plan that works well, I was on Nutrimed and it worked really really well. However it seems the only way to even purchase it is to own a business.

    So is there anything like Nutrimed that works well? It's a high protein, low carb diet. I know people say it's a risk of bouncing back, but I didn't have any bounce back problems. I just got tired of the 5 selections available at the diet center I went to.

    Just trying to find something similar or find a way to purchase their full menu.

    7 AnswersDiet & Fitness7 years ago
  • Legal advice on cyber bullying?

    So there is this autistic kid, literally autistic, that I've known for quite some time simply over the internet. His irrational thought process and anger problems have caused my anger problems to arise and now he's threatening to report me for Cyber Bullying. If he is provoking me, and or, arguing back with me, what grounds does he even have to stand on? In fact, he messaged me saying "Better change your IP address" (Why?) "You'll find out if you don't" which I'm assuming he reported my IP address to help find me for "Cyber Bullying".

    Anyone have any legal advice on this?

    2 AnswersLaw & Legal8 years ago
  • Can you shroud Elvish Piper in MTG?

    I'm thinking of getting Lightning Greaves for Elvish Piper. If I equip them when I put her out, does she gain the ability to use her tap summon creature right away since she's granted haste?

    Also, can she activate that ability while shrouded?

    3 AnswersCard Games8 years ago
  • Use cable internet on Galaxy S4?

    Is it possible to use my cable internet on my Galaxy S4, I don't have Wi-fi, I just have a cable modem for my Desktop PC. Was wondering if I could use that somehow when connected to the PC to download apps on my phone.

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans8 years ago
  • Why does my internet drop connection to other programs?

    Whenever I do something that requires large use of my connection, EVERYTHING ELSE IS DISCONNECTED. 1080p videos on YouTube... bam all my chat programs and everything is disconnected. Downloading a game, bam all my crap is disconnected. I don't know why.

    1 AnswerOther - Internet8 years ago
  • Straight Talk in my area, but not availabe for Nexus 4?

    I want to get the Nexus 4 off the google play store then put straight talk on it. However when I put in my zip code all there is is the iphones mainly. The rest aren't really something I'd buy.

    I'm trying to get an unlimited data, texting plan. Minutes dont' have to be unlimited, but it's nice. T-Mobile wants $70 for unlimited data and text but 100 minutes... they don't do the $30 plan anymore so that kind of ruined that for me.

    Anyone got any ideas on why Straight Talk might not do it here.. or is there a way around it? Any other services worth getting that would cover Nexus 4?

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans8 years ago
  • Which smartphone to get without breaking the bank?

    I'm having a huge hard time deciding what phone I want.

    I want to get straight talk cause I don't want to be locked into contracts of high payments per month. Straight talk offers that unlimited thing which is nice...

    I really want the iphone 4 but that's $450

    I really want the Galaxy S3 more but that's... I'm not even sure how much or if straight talk goes with it.

    I pretty much use the phone for apps, internet, and every other basic use. Pictures, videos etc.

    So anyone have any ideas?

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans8 years ago
  • Anti-biotic, Blood Pressure and Advil. Safe to mix?

    I took Amoxicillin, Amlodipine Besylate and Advil pretty much in the same hour.

    One for my throat infection, one for blood pressure and one or head ache.

    I feel fine, but is there anything I should be worried about?

    2 AnswersMedicine8 years ago
  • What is that item that is like an animated painting in a TV?

    I think I faintly remember seeing these like monitors with animated beach sunset on them that you can hang on your wall.. I'm not too sure... I'm just looking for something cool and nice to look at that has a nice light to it for my wall.

    Anywho, if you have any idea in hell what I'm talking about, let me know.

    1 AnswerPainting8 years ago
  • Which Anime has the blue haired girl and ninjas...?

    So there's an anime I forgot I never finished and it's about some girl with blue hair (if I remember correctly) and she uses some kind of rare power... So anyway, she ran away from her village that got attacked and found a rogue ninja guy who's supposed to be really strong and there's a bunch of other strong ninjas etc... In the first few episodes there's like a fight scene with a lady who summons snakes and some other ninja guy... I dunno I suck at detail, maybe someone knows? The girl and the ninja guy meet up with some leader to discuss what happened and what not...

    1 AnswerComics & Animation8 years ago
  • What is that asian movie that came out in 2012 theaters?

    Some movie came out in Theaters in 2012 where asians with like special abilities or something with just a crazy *** plot were fighting. I think one guy had like either armored skin or like armored fists or something I dunno, I can't think of enough detail to help me google it.

    3 AnswersMovies8 years ago
  • Why do I cry when I watch something cool?

    I tend to cry, or well.. have the urge to cry often. I hold it in most of the time though. Like... if I read sad symptoms, or sad stories.. you know sad things...

    However... Often when I watch things that are really cool I start to cry too. I don't get it.

    7 AnswersPsychology8 years ago
  • Columbine Shooting, who was Greg?

    I was recently reading the quotes of Columbine and one said "Hey it's Greg."

    So I looked up the victims list and there is no one named Greg. Who was it and why is it not possible to find him?

    1 AnswerMedia & Journalism8 years ago
  • Team Fortress 2 Festive Stickybomb, worthless?

    I have a Festive Stickybomb Launcher, and some person keeps asking me for it. Is this worth anything? It's not a 'strange' or whatever, just a white light christmas regular Festive Stickybomb Launcher.

    P.S. I don't know what "Keys" or "Refs" are worth. So try to explain it to me otherwise lol.

    2 AnswersPC8 years ago
  • Why do tedious and repetitive stupid things make me feel sick?

    Whenever I'm playing a game or doing something that takes forever and is stupid and repetitive I start to feel sick to my stomach and my head tightens like it's gonna get a migraine and I have to stop doing it and relax.

    Example: Say you kill a hundred monsters and die, then you have to kill all 100 again. Eventually I'll start to feel sick from how stupid and boring it is.

    Example 2: If something doesn't make sense to me and I can't figure it out. Like if it says "Place water on this rock and the gate will open" and I do that a million times but the gate doesn't open. I can't comprehend why the hell it isn't working and I get really freaking sick.

    1 AnswerMental Health8 years ago
  • How much weight can a motorcycle hold?

    Father bought a Harley Davidson Fatboy and I'm wondering how much weight the bike can hold in total because we're both big guys.

    2 AnswersMotorcycles8 years ago
  • Possible to buy better internet speed?

    I'm currently living in internet hell, and almost no major company wants to supply us with really good internet speeds (30Mbps and up at least) is there anything I can do or just hope one day someone sets up here.

    1 AnswerOther - Internet8 years ago
  • Not losing weight so I don't want to eat?

    I was losing weight every week, this week I've eaten 1000 calories or less every day and I haven't lost a single pound. I'm so pissed off and discouraged I don't even want to eat anything at all. I don't care how hungry I am.

    5 AnswersDiet & Fitness8 years ago
  • Do I have to eat something?

    I'm on a diet cause I need to lose weight, but I'm not sure what the symptoms over under eating are. I've eaten only 400 calories today and it's already the end of the day. Whenever I exercise as soon as I'm done I pass out and I've never felt that kind of tiredness before and I often stay completely asleep for about 2-3 hours. I want to lose weight but I'm afraid to eat most things in the house cause almost everything is loaded with calories.

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness8 years ago