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  • explorer becomes unresponsive only on one web page?

    A news website I go to has become unresponsive, I try the recover button and still unresponsive? any ideas whats wrong or how to fix it?

    1 AnswerGoogle6 years ago
  • what is a cheap spy cam. i can install in the grill of my car? must be motion activated.?

    just moved into a new apt. and someone keeps hitting my door around 6 in the mourning, I only have 2 possible neighbors who could be doing it, but i dont want to confront without proof. I park about 4 feet from my door. there are a lot of options out there, but i just dont know anything about that stuff.

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs6 years ago
  • how to turn off netgear firewall?

    So where I have been staying provides Wi-Fi. I went and bought a wireless adapter for my desktop, so I can get a signal. Well some of the sites I go to say blocked by netgear firewall, and I cant find any such thing on my computer anywhere. I called customer support, and the guy tries for 10 minutes to tell me, there is no firewall on the adapter. So after I get to the point of telling him I am going to send him a screen shot of it being blocked. He comes back and says lets register your product and I can clear it up for you. Since he had no idea what he was doing I declined. anyone ever face this problem? can you help?

    3 AnswersSecurity7 years ago
  • why does yahoo have comments turned off?

    I can comment on yahoo canada but for the past several days is seems yahoo US has not been open for comments, anyone else?

    1 AnswerOther - Yahoo Products7 years ago
  • a free website to locate birth parent, or marriage info.?

    trying to locate birth father, or my mom marriage info. to find his exact name, or old address, anything. any suggestions?

    2 AnswersGenealogy8 years ago
  • how can i find a chat room or forum for people who live on boats?

    I want to move on a boat, but have a few questions as most people would. where can i find people who live on boats to get more info.?

    2 AnswersBoats & Boating8 years ago
  • how to buy abandoned property,in an abandoned town?

    I want to move to an abandoned town,or how would i find out how to buy land on an abandoned road or hi way.

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate8 years ago
  • what is occupy wall street all about?

    I know its about corruption and the banking system,but I've heard a lot of other people have attached their own agenda to it.We have our first meeting in Chattanooga tonight and was wondering what all they stand for.before I attend or support it. thanks.

    4 AnswersCurrent Events9 years ago
  • is anyone else having trouble with Yahoo?

    on yahoo news when I post a comment it posts like next to the ones posted 2 or 3 hours ago? and not letting me give a thumbs up or down? any Ideas. or similar issues?

    1 AnswerOther - Yahoo Products9 years ago
  • Can you tell me if this dream has a meaning?

    last night I had a dream about 3 women. I will do my best to describe the dream it seems to at least have some symbolism behind it.OK. the first part goes like this.I was at a party and me and this young blonde hooked up.We were alone in a room naked lying next to each other.I was rubbing her,and running my fingers up and down her back.She stops me and tells me she cant let me make her feel like that while I'm paying her.She tells me her name,kisses me and say's she will be back for a real date. Part two I'm looking at house a rapper used to own I decide to buy it and I'm watching myself having sex with a brunette I never see her face,and I start noticing that the house is in disrepair. that's about it. Part three Im with an older redhead who is stand offish about getting involved with me she's a teacher and we go to her school for some event.Her daughter is one of her students.We get in her class room that she is sharing with another teacher and she has her students spread out in the room so we start moving the other students back to their side of the room.The other teacher takes the on that I like out to talk to her.She comes back in the room grabs her daughter and runs out the school.I get her notice she leaves her purse that is very small.I grab it and go after her.The purse gets heavier and heavier.I catch up to her out side give it to her and she smiles,starts crying and kisses me like I had confirmed something to her.then I start crying and she comforts me. FYI I have never paid for company,I don't listen to Rap. and I have no idea who any of these women are. interested in your thoughts

    3 AnswersDream Interpretation9 years ago
  • how to find out if my book is valuable?

    I have an illustration of Holy Bible by John Kitto printed in 1871 entreated according to act of congress 1870 Henry Bill

    1 AnswerBooks & Authors9 years ago
  • whats the diffrence between norco and hydrocodone?

    I know I there is a diffrence between hydro. and vicoden.I have a herd time with vicoden.I was switched to narco from hydro and get headaches now. whats the difference.

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management9 years ago
  • where is it in the bible? Dont feel bad if you dont know.?

    It goes something like this.( not word for word ) god tells someone hes going to give them some land,but he says he's gonna let who's there stay"lest the beast of the field multiply and become too many? or something like that.Overwhelm you? I know its got to be the first few books.but where? Anyone know?

    4 AnswersReligion & Spirituality10 years ago
  • good juice recipes.Whats your favorite.?

    just got a late Christmas present,A juicer Yahhyy.what are your fav. recipes?

    2 AnswersCooking & Recipes10 years ago
  • what states haves the cheapest rent?cost of living?

    i want to move and instead of spending hours on craigslist state by state city by city.i thought i would ask you intelligent people.

    2 AnswersEconomics1 decade ago
  • what is the easiest way to find my birth father or any siblings?

    im 38 and would like to find my birth father or any sibblings that i may have what is the cheapest,and easiest way to do this?

    3 AnswersFamily1 decade ago
  • a reliable source for a few words translated to Hebrew?

    where would be a good place to go to get a few words translated into Hebrew,and are there different symbols for one word?Older spellings?more meaningful?

    4 AnswersLanguages1 decade ago
  • has anyone ever ate at picadilly for thanksgiving?

    is it any good? where else is there to eat other than waffle house?

    2 AnswersThanksgiving1 decade ago
  • women or professionals I need some advise please?

    I have been going to this clinic for about 6 mo.and I see a nurse practitioner.our first few visits where more like mini dates than an actual medical visit.We keep eye contact,she touches me a lot just like my leg or shoulder, sometimes a partial hug a few months ago i was signing in and she came out propped her elbows on the counter and put her chin in her hands,when i finished my paperwork she raised up looked at me with this big blushing smile and just said hi and walked question is can i ask her out.Would I be disrespecting her position as my care giver?would she loose the respect of her colleagues?or would I loose a good physician?I do like her very much.any help would be appreciated. thanks

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago