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  • My laptop trackpad doesn t work when I power it on?

    I have an HP laptop 8gb/1Tb and when I turn the computer on when it s been shut down, the trackpad doesn t work. If then restart it, it works fine. It s a nuisance though to have to either leave the computer running all the time or to start it and after it s loaded to restart it and wait for it to load. Any ideas why it is doing it and how to fix it?

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks4 years ago
  • I am flying from Canada to Adelaide with a connection in Sydney. transferring from international to domestic question?

    The connection layover in Sydney is only 2:10 so I have to get from terminal 1 to terminal 3 in time. I've never flown outside of Canada before so I am a bit worried. the Sydney airport website just says to take the bus or train to terminal 3 but would anybody have experience and be willing to tell me what steps I need to do when I get off my international flight in Sydney to head to my domestic flight. It would take away my worry, thanks in advance

    3 AnswersSydney4 years ago
  • What could I use as a substitute for kina lillet when I don't have access to lillet blanc, or cocchi Americano?

    I'm throwing a James Bond party in celebration of the upcoming movie "Specter". I wish to make a vesper martini but I don't have access to lillet blanc or cocchi Americano so I need to find a reasonable substitute. Any suggestions?

    2 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits5 years ago
  • Attachment image

    can anyone helo identify the aquarium plants in the picture?

    The attached photo is a new aquarium set up. The pet store didn't know the plant names. I know the Java fern, tiger lotus and marimo balls. I just don't know the three on the right....any ideas?

    1 AnswerFish6 years ago
  • Can people who are familiar with and believe in the gift of psychic empathy be able to offer me any guidance?

    I'm looking for some guidance in nurturing and understanding the gift of psychic empathy. In my online searching I have found lots of general information on who psychic empaths are and what psychic empathy is. What I'd like to find guidance in is how someone can prevent being overwhelmed and learn to control such a spiritual gift.

    Please be courteous in your answers and offer positive advise not a challenging of belief systems.

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  • im looking for help in finding information about psychic empathy.?

    I'm finding lots of information on what psychic empathy are. I know what they are as I have that gift. Im looking for ways to mature that gift so I'm not so overwhelmed sometimes and can essentially protect myself from taking too much in (focus etc.) the vast amount of general information is tiring and I would love to find a site that touches on "so you are a psychic empath here's what you need to do to not drive yourself crazy and develope your abilities"

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  • If I have great eyeglass lenses do I still need sunglasses or transitions lenses?

    I have two sets of glasses, both are essilor 1.6 single vision 360 eyecode. One has prevencia coating and one has sapphire coating (both crizal)

    Since the lens material and coatings block all uv, what benefit would having sunglasses be if I don't find my eyes sensitive to summer light.

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  • Will Freeform lens technology solve the distortions I have with mid-index material?

    Any optical people have any thoughts. My prescription isn't super strong but mid-index has been recommended to me. The problem is that the thinner the lens, the flatter it seems to be so I find I get distortions from the way the light is refracting in my peripheral vision. When I turn my head and am not looking straight on as my head is turning, the distortions make me feel weird. Would free form lenses be likely to correct that problem?

    Here is my prescription

    Prescription TypeSingle Vision


    OD - Right-1.5-1.5 105.0

    OS - Left-1.25-2.0 82.0


    1 AnswerOptical6 years ago
  • Any low light, low growing plants for fluval chi 6.6 gallon?

    I just bought a fluval 6.6 gallon tank and fluval stratum. Any live plants that can handle the stock lighting and are low growing? The tank is only 10"x10" footprint. Thanks.

    1 AnswerFish6 years ago
  • What's this little annoying light in my car?

    In our car between the map lights, there is this little white led light that is on at night that never goes out. It slightly illuminates the interior and my roommate doesn't mind it. I find it distracting for night driving and would love to turn it off. I've scowered the manual and it doesn't even mention it. What is it for? And any thoughts on how to turn it off?

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs6 years ago
  • Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 too heavy?

    I'm upgrading from a nikon d300 to a d610 and I'm torn about buying it with the kit lens or buying body only and buying the 24-70 2.8. Obviously the 24-70 is the better performing lens, but I'll be travelling to the uk for the first time and I'm just worried the lens would be too heavy to cart around all day. Also, my hands aren't the steadiest and the 24-85 does have vr (for static subjects)

    My only fx lens at the moment is the 50mm 1.8 and that isn't a good travel lens as it's not wide enough

    Any thoughts?

    4 AnswersPhotography6 years ago
  • Tried printing an 8.5x11 photo on 8.5x11 fine art paper and it said my picture was too big..why?

    I have a canon pro-100 and for software use Lightroom and Photoshop. I did up a picture to try out the printer and the ilford gold fiber silk paper. My photo size was 8.5x11 and so was the paper. When I go to print it tells me I'm printing outside the printable area and clipping will occur. If I check the fit to page box it shrinks the picture by almost 25%. The printer offers borderless printing so I don't understand why it's misbehaving. I wasted 3 sheets of paper till I came out with an image approximately 7x9 with white border all around it. There seems to be a lot to print workflow.....people are right when they say print making is an art. Any ideas why the printer seems to have a mind of its own as far as size goes? I tell the printer settings that I'm using fine art 8.5x11 paper yet my 8.5x11 image was too large to print...

    5 AnswersPhotography7 years ago
  • Help in understanding colour space?

    I understand the general gist of colour spaces and that Adobe RGB is larger than sRGB and pro photo is larger still. After reading online I've gotten myself confused over my workflow. I'm getting my first photo printer (epson 2880 or 3000) and so will be printing some photos at home. I tend to also post my work for my friends to see on Facebook etc. my camera is a nikon d300 and I shoot raw so I know colour space is neither here nor their at this point. I do my initial developing in Lightroom 3.3 and fine further editing in cs2. I just don't know what I should export my raw to when I go into photoshop and then when I go to save the final image do I need to save the image twice, once for print and then a different colour space for Internet. Many spaces say the bigger the space the better and to work in 16bit but to save as jpg you have to save as 8bit. So assuming my printer would handle 16 bit output, I would save as an uncompressed TIFF for printing and then for the web 8bit jpg. My monitor is calibrated but I always wonder if the people on the Internet see a beautiful picture or washed out colours. I haven't taken a class so I'm learning colour space and the nuances of photoshop on my own. Thanks for any input to help my brain wrap around this.

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  • Are there any really decent photo printers for black and white?

    I want to get a photo printer and I won't be printing larger than 11x14 and my budget is no more than $500. Any recommendation. I want to print mostly black and white so looking for a printer with multiple blacks/ greys that won't break the bank to replace.

    1 AnswerPhotography7 years ago
  • Anybody know of a natural way to jump start GnRH?

    I'm trying to find a natural supplement that's relatively easy to find that is a secretagogue for GnRH or Gonadotropin-releasing hormone. Tribulus terrestis helps to increase testosterone, but I'm looking for a natural approach to jump start GnRH which would then trickle down to testosterone.

    2 AnswersMen's Health7 years ago
  • Do you know of a natural secretagogue for Gonadotropin-releasing hormone?

    I'm trying to find a natural supplement that's relatively easy to find that is a secretagogue for GnRH or Gonadotropin-releasing hormone. Tribulus terrestis helps to increase testosterone, but I'm looking for a natural approach to jump start GnRH which would then trickle down to testosterone.

    3 AnswersAlternative Medicine7 years ago
  • Travelling to London for the first time. Is this location suitable for seeing most things?

    In September 2015 I'm embarking on a trip of a lifetime (never flown outside Canada) I am doing lots of research on places to stay for cheap that are also in a convenient location because I may be travelling by myself and would probably want the ability to just stroll to the sights without having to worry about cabs etc. one place I saw was on strand st. Just down the street from Waterloo bridge. Places of priority interest for me to see in London is Trafalgar Square, the eye, the shard, Big Ben and just soak in what makes London London. Do you guys think Waterloo bridge area would be an okay area to just casually go around the important bits of London. I want a relaxing trip not one where I have to be so regimented on my daily journeys. If you have any other ideas on an inexpensive stay in London that would be awesome

    4 AnswersLondon7 years ago
  • Which day is cheapest to fly to England?

    I've never flown outside of Canada before. In 2015 I'm flying to heathrow as part of a midlife adventure. I'm trying to keep my costs down as best I can. Have any of you had experience with which days tend to be cheapest to fly when travelling internationally. Probably will be a 7-10 day trip.

    5 AnswersAir Travel7 years ago
  • is it really worth thw extra $50 for polar scope?

    I'm going to be buying the iOptron zeq25 and for $50 extra you get the illuminated polar scope factory installed. With a multi star alignment procedure, would the polar scope be worth paying the extra anyway.

    5 AnswersAstronomy & Space7 years ago