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  • Is this a healthy way to eat?


    -Oatmeal - 1/2 cup quaker oats plain oatmeal and 1 package of quaker oats cinnamon & spice * I do this so I can get some flavor*

    -1/2 cup milk


    (-1 slice of whole wheat bread

    -1 slice of chicken meat in a package from trader joe's

    - A little bit of cheese

    -Lettuce) All that is a sandwich

    -1/2 cup all natural soybeans


    -2 eggs (the whites only, NO YOLK)

    -1/2 of a chicken sausage link from trader joe's

    -3/4 cup of brown rice



    -Veggie Burger


    -A little bit of cheese

    Throughout all that, I drink 1.5L of water and all I drink is water

    also I jump rope every morning HIIT for 15 minutes

    Is this good?

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  • Fooodd............................?

    Is it healthy too eat only fruits and vegatables and beans and brown rice everyday or no?

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  • Weight Help Please..?

    Okay , I am a teen and 13 year old and I have been trying to lose weight for over 2 months. And nothing is working at all. I feel fatter ,and look fatter, no joke . Something isnt right , i exercise and eat right but nothing. i went on a low calorie diet thing and still nothing everything is the same.And everytime i eat i feel like im getting fatter even salads and vegatables.

    So my question is what is an efficient way to lose weight , please answer in detail.

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  • Weight Loss/Workout, Help?

    Hi there :]

    I was wondering if this is a good workout too replace with just running.

    Okay here it goes,(10 min jumping jacks,10min Fake Jump Rope,10 Min Interval Training Running up and down stairs,10-15 Rep/3 Sets of Bench Pressing).

    Also i will be doing the stomach vacuum throughout the day and,I will be only drinking water, tons of water and be on a healthy diet.I will be performing these exercises in the morning only due to busyness.

    I'm trying to lose weight and keep it off so is that a good workout?

    If this is a good routine when will i see results?

    Approximately how many pounds will I lose a week?

    Thanks in Advance :D

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