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  • I got injected with dexamethasone?

    I got injected with dexamethasone because my lungs are full of mucus I have been blowing yellow snot up sneezing an now have a dry throat an a slight head ache it is day 3 I am feeling beter from yesterday but still feeling down is this normal

    1 AnswerRespiratory Diseases17 hours ago
  • Where can you buy speardiving gear in mexico?

    Where can u buy speardiving gear looking for 1200 gun fins mask bouy etc

    Atm I'm in puerto Escondido 

    But going cancun in a month 

    Cancun1 day ago
  • I got injection dexametasona?

    So yesterday morning I got dexametasona injection into my bum  cause my lungs are full of mucus now I have been sneezing an alot of bright yellow snot is coming out of my nose does that mean the mucus is leaving my lungs??

    Or is my body just getting sick from it 

    2 AnswersRespiratory Diseases2 days ago
  • Tounge health?

    So I get this werid gunk on my tounge when drinking achol I have tested 3 times for yeast infection an all come up negative

    1 AnswerWomen's Health2 weeks ago
  • Canadian work visa?

    I am a new zealander I just got a b1 b2 visa to United States an just flew to mexico for a holiday was wanting to apply for a work visa Canada 

    7 AnswersImmigration2 weeks ago
  • I can't delete tinder on my Huawei p30?

    can't delete tinder on my Huawei p30

    3 AnswersPolitics3 weeks ago
  • What time does the elections start?

    What time does the elections start give me aus time. Please 

    Elections3 weeks ago
  • What's the best thing to take out of mexico?

    I'm going Mexico was wondering if there anything I could bring back home I make money on 

    2 AnswersOther - Mexico3 weeks ago
  • Werid dream?

    Had a dream of a ghost in my kitchen looking out the window to the Bush then My dad was asking me why there was a white car park here so I went out side to fly up an do a property check I found nothing an woke up in fear. I was wondering what the ghost wanted didn't say anything an how the car got there etc 

    3 AnswersDream Interpretation4 weeks ago
  • How to apply for a transit visa though usa to mexico?

    How to apply for a transit visa though usa to mexico

    I am coming from New Zealand 

    4 AnswersImmigration1 month ago
  • Fly to England ?

    So I am in New Zealand also a new zealander with a European passport am I able to go to England right now

    8 AnswersImmigration1 month ago
  • Dream meaning?

    Please explain so Last night I had a dream

    I was with 3 mates I remember we were all drinking in the city having fun etc then we all woke up back at our hotel not remembering where most the night went I look down an i had stitches on my right arm an lifted my shirt an i had a cut with stitches in it 2 as well so did them I remember doing other stuff I felt sweet etc but the odd case I'd cough blood but my body didn't feel weak etc.My dream wasn't that long but this weekend me an couple mates are going to a stag do in the city where we all got a hotel toghter an where not from the city

    2 AnswersDream Interpretation1 month ago
  • Apply for work visa Canada ?

    What a the easiest way to apply for a work vis I'm from New Zealand have no criminal state have enough money to back me etc

    6 AnswersImmigration2 months ago
  • Finance mentor ?

    Where can I find a finance mentor 

    Yahoo Finance2 months ago
  • Can you get zoom mentors? ?

    Can you get zoom mentors if so where can I find a site of ones to follow


  • How can I apply for a tourist visa Canada ?

    I'm from New Zealand an wanting to apply for a tourist visa into Canada I auctaly wanna get a work visa but this will take a sponsorship from a company I am a builder an have been in the trade for 15years now was wondering if any one could recommend it thank u 

    4 AnswersImmigration2 months ago
  • Can I travel from New Zealand to mexico via usa?

    Hey I'm wanting to leave new zealand to be with my love one but have to transit usa to mexico does any one know visas etc I'll need

    An if I can do so who can they recommend 

    2 AnswersOther - Mexico2 months ago
  • Bank loan to another person?

    I lent my freind to payments an on the refence I said loan is there anyway I can Inforce it or ask my. Bank to ask for the money back or can I do any type of legal aid agist it

    6 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 months ago
  • How to get work in Antarctica ?

    I'm a builder that work in multiple country's I been applying for building jobs that I know of in Antarctica but keep getting told I'm to young still atm even though I'm 30 does any one know of like science teams an etc that go that may just need a extra hand or any other organisations 

    2 AnswersOther - Destinations3 months ago