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  • 2nd Marriage + Stepson = Big Problem!!! Help Parents out There!!!?

    I am 49 and Holding My 2nd wife is 42 Her Son is almost 20 years old. The Problem is he still lives at home but doesnt do anything to help out the Household and this is causing Major Problems for Me and my wife as we argue over this. My stepson works and makes as much money as I do and as much money as the wife does individually. He does no Household Chores at all--His room is a Pig Pen-He doesnt contribute financially to the Home. Mom buys his food even his work lunches-Does his Laundry and Cleans his Bathroom that he uses, Himself only. He has no curfew and comes and goes as he wants with who he wants. I raised my 2 sons ages 30 and 25 very differently. We are on the verge of splitting up I have been married to her for almost 14 Years. It has been a on going problem with her over protective actions. In the Past is was hes only 8 years old-hes only 12 years Old and so on. Now its Hes only young once he needs to live a little!! Any Help Greatly appreciated as Im about at the end !!!!

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  • 2ND Marriage + Stepson= 2ND divorce Help!!!?

    I am in my 14th year of my second marriage and My wife and I argue about her son constantly to the Point of separation and POSSIBLE DIVORCE!! My Step son is almost 20 years old and still lives at home. His Mom thinks he can do No wrong. I raised my 3 kids much differently. My step son Works and makes as much money as My Wife and Myself individually. He will Not do any Chores around the House. She Lets him come and go without Curfew or Answering for Himself as to his wear abouts. He doesnt contribute to the Family Financially. He has his MOM do his Laundry. He Has his Mom buy his Food even for his Work Lunches. His Room is always the Pits. Mom Cleans his Bathroom also. I try to make him be more responsible for his self and his Actions and My Wife Jumps to his defense Saying Hes Still Young and Needs to live a little!! Or she will say Im not goping to make him do Chores or even pick Up after Himself HE MIGHT MOVE OUT!!! Any Suggestions??? Im 49 Years old My wife is 42 Years old!!!!

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