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  • How to Make a Dirty Martini?

    Okay, so I know how it's made. 2 1/2 parts dry gin 1/2 part dry vermouth and olive brine, but my question is about the brine in particular. Most bartenders to my knowledge have a separate bottle of olive brine they use for the cocktail but would it be the same if I simply used the juice from an average jar of olives? It there a difference between the two?

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  • Anyone Know Good Sound (Voice) Editing Software?

    Okay, so I'm a huge Creepypasta geek. For those who don't know, they're online horror forums, stories either fictional or detailing past events that have no clear explanations. Popular in the Creepypasta realm are Slenderman (You'd have heard of him), Mr. Widemouth, Wendigos, Skinwalkers, etc. So ya it's online horror.

     A common form of it is YouTube narration. There are a lot of successful YouTubers who provide ASMR type narrations, gathering popular or fan uploaded stories from the Creepypasta forums available across the web. You may have heard of the really big ones like, Mr. Creepypasta, CreepsMcPasta, Lazy Masquerade, Mr. Creep, CreepyPastaJr, ClancyPasta, there's this one I really like that uses a few big narrators in the community such as Otis Jiry and Jesse Cornett. This channel is called Chilling Tales for Dark Nights. They'll host the simply scary podcast, the no sleep podcast, and so on. Now onto my question.

    I wanna get into this myself, but I don't know how to begin in recording and editing. I'd need user friendly software. I'm not overly tech savvy. If it were anything beyond that, I'd need to be taught. I don't have any nice desktop mics, but I was planning on recording them with my computer, or the voice memos on my phone granted there's a way to export them to the program.

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  • Should I Fight This Guy?

    So there's this guy I work with who a few people including myself hate. He gets up in everyone's faces and basically starts trouble for fun. I wanna scrap him but don't wanna lose my job. There's a lot more details to what he has done that has made me so angry. If you look at the other question also titled "should I fight this guy" on my profile (2 questions down) you can see all the details. Just it's long and didn't get any answers. But yeah should I just scrap him and be done with this?

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  • Name of this Movie?

    Saw it a while back. I remember where this guys wife died. I don't remember much but he was a gangster and for some reason she died because of him (Don't remember exactly). In one scene he's arguing with this dude who is calling him on s*it and the guy says his wife's name. I think her name was Francis (weird name for a girl, but I remember that being her name). He puts a gun to his head and tells him to say her name again. The guy says "Francis" and he pulls the trigger but the gun is empty, so he grabs a knife and stabs the guy to death. Anyone know the movie I'm talking about??

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  • Should I Fight This Guy?

    Okay so I know someone at work I VERY BADLY wanna scrap for multiple reasons. He's one of those dudes everybody hates. Like when he's not around, anyone will tell you that.

    Thing is, with me he's crossed the line on more than one occasion. Once I caught him pushing this dude (smaller guy, not a fighter) like a bully and I told him to stop. He turned to me and got all up in my face like "or what?" Now I walked away because we were at work, and a) I like my job and b) the place is swarmed with cameras and witnesses. Also throwing my pride aside I was also a little afraid (not enough to completely puss out, but the idea of getting in a scrap AND losing my job just made me walk away. On the street I'd have reluctantly stepped up). I've been in fights before I just hate them. Since then we've kinda been "friends". I mean I think he knows I hate him but we don't really get at each other. But he constantly disrespects not only me but others. The other day I was talking to these girls I work with and well he's the kinda guy who will completely bogart any conversation and get all attention on him, and basically ya he just took away my own convo. Just the other day. Just the other day I sorta tried to get him back. He was talking to this one chick and I went over and got in the conversation. He shot me this mad stink eye and pretty much as loud and cocky as he could to make me go away. The chick even told him he was being mean. Again, I walked away. My job, cameras, etc. Now this girl

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  • Is an Un notarized Contract Legally Binding in Court?

    Okay, so I have a friend who wants to borrow $200, cuz she's short on rent. She's a good friend and so am I so I want to help. But I'm in no place financially to just be giving money away and I've been screwed by friends before, and am all the wiser now. So the deal I want to make is I'll loan her the $200 on the condition that she pay it back, as well as sign a document I'll type up myself, that states that I must be reimbursed in that amount.

    Now I know about notary public's but I'm not 100 percent sure everything they do. I know you sign important documents in front of them and have the document stamped for verification, but is that a MUST to make a homemade contract legally binding? I mean I'm just lending a friend money here and don't wanna go to the trouble. Can I just type the thing up, have her sign it, and that be fine. Like if she didn't pay me back, would that un notarized contract hold up in court?

    Also if just the homemade contract is fine, how do you write one? Like I have an idea. I know you're supposed to state the names of both parties, what's being given and received, and in detail, what the agreement is. But is there a particular layout I need to be aware of? Does is need to be in a section A, section B format like a lot of legal paperwork is?

    Little help would be great. Will award 10 points. Thanks.

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  • Felony Conviction/Prosecution Statistics for Rape in the Past decade?

    Does anyone know the rise and fall of conviction statistics for rapists in the US?

    4 AnswersGender & Women's Studies11 months ago
  • Would you Trust a Can of Beans That's been Expired for 5 Months?

    I mean it's a canned good so like...

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  • How Can I See How Many Likes My YouTube Comment Over 1K Has?

    So on YouTube, when your comment gets past 999 likes, it displays the count by every 100, i.e. 1K, 1.1K 1.2K etc. I have one comment that just hit 1K (highest I've ever gotten), but I wanna know exactly how many it's at before it reaches 1.1K. Is there a way to find out?

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  • Theoretical Sci-Fi Time Displacement Paradox?

    I've never been much of a Sci-Fi nerd, but this hypothesis just sorta popped into my head that sort of revolves around a paradox involving seeing into the future. It's sort of like if Pinocchio were to say "My nose will grow now", it would cause a paradox.

    Now here's the hypothetical..

    A man, whom has recently discovered he has the ability to see the future, but only a couple seconds in (i.e. Nicholas Cage in Next), goes to a doctor, telling him that what he's about to say may sound crazy, but since nobody would ever believe his word, he would disclose his secret. He tells the doctor what he can do, and naturally the doctor is concerned for his state of mind, because what he is saying is impossible. But to prove it, the man gives the doctor a demonstration.

    He tells the doctor to think of a number between 1 and 1000 making it extremely unlikely for him to guess at random, and to say it out loud in 10 seconds. He explains that before 10 seconds is up, he will verbalize the number the doctor was thinking, but even so, the doctor must still announce the number himself when 10 seconds is up, whether the man got the number right or not. The doctor reluctantly agrees and thinks of a number at random. For the sake of this narrative, let's say 619. The number 619 now in the doctors head, and 2 seconds having passed, the man mouths 619, and the doctor is baffled. So baffled in fact, he forgets to say 619 out loud well passed the 10 second mark, and out reaches the mans psychic...

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  • Deep frying tater tots follow up question (see previous question on my profile below this one)?

    So in my previous question I asked if you could deep fry tater tots. The bag only has oven directions, but people were telling me it is very common to deep fry tater tots. My follow up question comes from one remark in the thread where someone mentioned you should not deep fry oven ready taters, because they have once supposedly already been deep fried. I don't know that for sure. I know they have been previously cooked to some degree but that's the case also with fries which I always deep fry. But assuming they have already been oil cooked, can I deep fry them again?

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  • Can you deep fry Tater Tots?

    I know you're usually supposed to oven cook them, but would they turn out if I boiled them in oil? Will award best answer :)

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  • Can someone fluent in Japanese please translate this phrase. "Shōbu wa mada tsuicha i na yo". or "勝負はまだ着いちゃいなよ"?

    I repeat, someone FLUENT in Japanese please. Don't run this through Google Translate, I guarantee you, the correct translation is not "the match is still arriving".

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  • Am I Crazy, or do Joey and Chandler from Friends Look Exactly the Same?

    I've told this to a few people. Some think they look similar, but are still able to tell them apart. Others see no similarities at all. It should be noted I'm only on season 3, and from what I'm told, their appearances change further on. I LITERALLY can't tell which one is which and I have no idea why. I have a bad case of face blindness, and faces usually mesh together in public pretty good unless I know the people. But, I've never had it this bad. Like when they stand next to eachother on the show, it's like I'm seeing double. Does anyone else get this, or am I just a madman??

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  • Download Music from YouTube onto iPhone?

    Okay, so you know those YouTube to MP3 converters, where the program can take the audio from YouTube URL's and convert them into files you can upload to your MP3? Well are there programs similar to that, except instead of an MP3 player, it'd be added to the Music folder on my iPhone?? I've tried but with Apple music, it's complicated. You can't just add a file, it's all things you have to download from iTunes. Is there a way to import MP3 files into iTunes, so they go into my music?? I'm no Tony Stark here so pleeease help!! Will award best answer! Thanks.

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  • What Looks Good on an Average Looking Guys Tinder Profile?

    So I'm not getting many matches, and when I do, the girls I match with are usually dumpster fires. I'm not an unattractive guy, but I'm no prize either. I'm fairly average in every way. I don't have a fancy car, or Gucci clothes to show off in my pics. I don't go to college, nor is my job very impressive. What can I do to get more matches? What kind of pics can I add? What can I write in my bio?

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  • I'm an Extremely Slow Eater (Let me explain)?

    Okay, so I'm not just your average slow eater. I'm probably as slow as it gets. Slowest in the world for all I know. I've talked to my parents about it, and apparently I choked on something once when I was a kid which kinda scarred me some how and now for most of my life, I've been very slow to swallow anything what so ever. Just so you understand how bad it is, picture it taking 10 minutes to eat a banana. Steak? Forget about it. One small bite takes me as long as 10 minutes WITH a drink. Like I cannot swallow anything without it being completely mashed in my mouth. I don't even enjoy food because of this. I'm embarrassed to eat in public, or around people. I don't know what's wrong with me. Does this disorder even have a name? I've never met a person like me. Eating is just such a chore, and I already live on a tight schedule. Anyone ever heard of this? What can I do???

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  • My Hearted YouTube Comment is Gone?

    Okay, so I might be paranoid, but usually my comments on YouTube don't get above even 5 likes. But, I commented on a quite popular video, and the uploader gave it a heart react. In fact, it was the only comment in the thread to receive one. And I got over 500 likes. But, all of the sudden the likes ceased, and when I logged out of my account to see if my comment was still near the top, it wasn't even visible. This has happened before too. I'll comment something which will get a ton of attention, but then it just goes dark. Is some a-hole who wants more attention reporting and having it removed or something? Anyone have similar experiences? Will award best answer. Thanks.

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  • Would Messaging my Ex after 6 Months No Contact be out of Bounds?

    Like would it be needy or..? I just miss her. Would a simple "Hey, how've you been?", be too terrible?

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