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  • Name of a children's TV programme?

    I think it was called something like Take 5, but could be take 6 or 7.It was basically a selection of five/six/seven short cartoons like Paddington, Tales of The Riverbank, etc.

    I think the programme must be either late eighties or in the nineties- I saw it on TV in the nineties.

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  • Looking for cheap classic musical soundtracks as driving music?

    I find that soundtracks of musicals are good to drive to, and I'd like some ideas! I already have Show Boat, Annie Get Your Gun, My Fair Lady, Kiss me Kate, Carousel, South Pacific, West Side Story, Moulin Rouge and Chicago. I like musicals with a strong story and big numbers.

    Thanks :)

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  • How much storage does a 32gb ipod touch really have?

    Now I know that the 160GB ipod only has 147GB of usable space, what about the 32GB ipod touch?

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  • Which ipod should I buy?

    I'm torn between the 32GB ipod touch and 160GB ipod classic.

    I don't intend to use my ipod for the internet although if I had an ipod touch I would probably use the internet more frequently to get some use out of it. I don't really watch films on the go. My main requirements are storage (I probably have an average-sized music collection but I don't want my ipod storage filled so I have to keep moving songs around), cost (as cheap as possible), durability (I just want to be able to toss it in a bag without worrying about whether it will crack or break), and control (I'm used to the old-fashioned click wheel- just want to be able to flick through and select songs without fiddling about).

    I think that the ipod touch looks really pretty and nifty but it's thirty odd quid more than the classic, and I'm not sure that I really need the Internet.


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  • What's your favourite Disney...?

    What's your favourite Disney..:






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  • Ten greatest film directors of all time?

    What do you think? Give their most famous film and your own personal recommendation.

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  • Critique this poem please?

    For what I've done, I'm sorry

    And I know I must repent.

    But before you cast me out

    You must know what I meant.

    I stabbed her. Yes I stabbed her!

    And I know it's not okay

    But I have this one defense

    A concept that's so foreign

    You can only say in French:

    Je t'aimais! Je t'aimais!

    But I'll echo this until I die:

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  • If a person you loved/respected held a belief you firmly disagreed with, what would you do?

    This ia hypothetical. Would you still love/respect them, even if you vehemently disagreed with them?

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  • If a person you loved/respected held a belief you firmly disagreed with, what would you do?

    This ia hypothetical. Would you still love/respect them, even if you vehemently disagreed with them?

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  • Topics that aren't too controversial for uni?

    Unfortunately this great play I've been working on is set in a university and wouldn't be appropriate for school. Yet I want to do something interesting.

    Any ideas for a subject?

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  • Is this a good topic? What books could I use?

    We have to choose two books to compare with The Handmaid's Tale. I thought of a statement like 'Systems of power work by suppressing individuality' and would probably compare it with Oleanna and The Crucible, as American literature is all about trying to make yourself an individual in a society where you're expected to comply and be a sheep.

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  • Do you like this poem?

    Looking for words

    In the darkness,

    Clock reading 2:49.

    Trying to turn night

    Into a rhyme.

    Clock reads 2:50-

    Dragged-out time.

    Tangling verses

    In the void of my mind.

    Wait for the morning...

    3 hours in insomniac's limbo

    Clock stops.

    Time of my death: 5:49.

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  • Can you recommend any books narrated by a character other than the protagonist?

    Like The Great Gatsby or Wuthering Heights. A first-person narrative from a character that isn't the main character.

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  • What do you think of this poem?

    I surrendered myself to the change

    Because everything I knew

    Everything I loved...

    Was fading. Slowly dying.

    I gave in to the technology:

    Bought an iPod,

    Burnt the books

    Played on Playstation 3

    Until they told me it was uncool.

    Became a teenager

    Joined in their chats

    Of things that never concerned me

    Things I was distant from

    About people I did not know.

    I let myself go

    Surrendered to it all

    So I wouldn't fade away.

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  • Ah! Can you help me with drama problems?

    I'm taking A-Level Theatre Studies because I want to go into theatre as a director or playwright. I soon quickly learnt that I understood acting techniques but that I was a lousy actress.

    However we are being marked on acting for a large part. I was offered to do directing by teacher but we're doing a devised piece and I don't want the students to turn on me considering the nature of a devised piece.

    Can anyone offer help?

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  • How do you pronounce 'Machinal'?

    As in the play.

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  • Writing- which should I persue, and how do I know which format a story should be in?

    I find short stories the easiest:

    Part of a novel:;_ylt=An...

    Or poetry:;_ylt=Ah...

    I love writing plays but can never find a good enough conceit to carry one.

    Here's a clip:

    If anyone can offer critiques on those and help me choose which medium is worth sticking with, I'd be grateful.

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  • Italian unification- Outside influence?

    The only country I can think of, who played a major part in unification, is France. Is it acceptable to do an essay arguing France's influence, and then Italy's own endeavours/French interference?

    2 AnswersHistory1 decade ago
  • An extract of writing for criticism?

    She was damned by fair praise- as a girl she had had far too much, and the mannerism and quirks of her youth described as charming were now mere affectations.

    Her English was passable. It was slow and considered, spoken beautifully in her childish French accent, but she had the problem that stops most foreigners speaking other languages fluently- her lack of conviction. Often she would apologise, even if her pronunciation was correct, and her faltering English gave the impression that she was a young girl not a young woman.

    She insisted on dropping her accent: 'I cannot speak your language in my tongue', she told me.

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  • Quiz: Where did these books get their titles from?

    All these books got their titles from another book, most being from poems. You get one point for the poem and poet and an added bonus if you can explain the context.

    Tender is The Night

    For Whom the Bell Tolls

    A Handful of Dust

    Of Mice and Men

    The Violet Hour

    No Country for Old Men

    Catcher in The Rye

    Where Angels Fear To Tread

    Things Fall Apart

    The Sound and The Fury

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