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  • What is the purchasing department cost charged to each division if Ajax allocates purchasing department costs?

    Ajax Manufacturing repairs aircraft engines. The company’s purchasing department supports its two departments, Defense and Commercial. The Defense division has contracts with the Department of Defense and the Commercial division works primarily with domestic airlines and air freight companies. The cost of the purchasing department is $1,010,000 annually.

    Information on the activity of the purchasing department for the last year follows:

    Number of

    Purchase Orders Dollar Amount

    of Purchases

    Defense 4,900 $ 100,000,000

    Commercial 19,800 150,000,000

    What is the purchasing department cost charged to each division if Ajax allocates purchasing department costs based on the number of purchase orders?

    What is the purchasing department cost charged to each division if Ajax allocates purchasing department costs based on the dollar amount of the purchases?

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  • Accounting Help-Reciprocal Method?

    I am having problems understanding the reciprocal method in cost allocation. Can someone please explain this problem to me and HOW you came up with the answer, thanks!

    University Printers has two service departments (Maintenance and Personnel) and two operating departments (Printing and Developing). Management has decided to allocate maintenance costs on the basis of machine-hours in each department and personnel costs on the basis of labor-hours worked by the employees in each.

    The following data appear in the company records for the current period:

    Maintenance Personnel Printing Developing

    Machine-hours ------ 616 528 3,256

    Labor-hours 324 -------- 288 1188

    Department direct costs: $12,000 $ 25,000 $ 26,000 $23,000


    Allocate the service department costs using the reciprocal method. (Matrix algebra is not required because there are only two service departments.) (Note: Due to rounding, the costs allocated to the various departments may not add up to the total service department costs being allocated.)

    Cost Allocation To:

    From: Maintenance Personnel Printing Developing

    Service Dpt. $12,000 $25,000



    That's all I have figured out.

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  • Whats wrong with me, time to see a doctor?

    This scenario started a little over a week ago: Headache at night, the next morning woke up nauseated and threw up once. The whole rest of the day I felt so tired, weak and took a phenogrin and went to sleep all day. The next day, felt roughly the same way, wasn't as sick to my stomach, but had diarrhea all day, actually for the next two days. I tried to stay hydrated with gatorade and water. Then progressively the diarrhea went away. My appetite slowly came back, now over a week later, my body still doesn't feel right. I have slight left lower abdominal pain, my stool is light in color,( I'm eating good healthy foods). Everything I eat seems to give me heartburn now, and I'm quite tired all the time. Also, the corners of my eyes on the outer side are always red and itch slightly and dark circles under my eyes. I know my body and something isn't right. I think it may be time to see a doctor. 21 years old, thin, tall, never any health problems. Thanks to all professional and non professional input.

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  • Hey all, have a fitness question for the experts. I'm having trouble building my pecs, abs, and shoulders.?

    I'm 5'10'' and around 140 lbs. Skinny build. I don't have much problems building my biceps and triceps. They stayed pretty toned. But my question is why is it that i can't build my pecs and shoulders and abs. I'm trying to bulk up slightly. Any advise? Any vitamins, or natural supplements that might help. No roids!

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  • Hello all music lovers. I keep hearing this song on a classic rock station and can't find out the name. Help!!?

    I think some of the lyrics are " Can you feel the resistance, can you the feel the aaahhhh" Sounds like a scream. And maybe "Can you feel our first kiss". Also has some weird sirens at the end of the song. Thanks guys and gals.

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  • For about the past year I've developed a strange problem with my left ear.?

    Certain noises and actions; such as running water, certain electrical devices, when I'm straining, etc. My ear will swoosh, pop, crack, make like a flushing sound and "boing" sound. My mother also said she had this when she was growing up, I'm 20 now. We also share the trait that we can both blow air out of the hole in our eyelids. I'm not sure if this matters. I can also hear my heartbeat in it sometime. It's driving me insane. Thanks.

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