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    Hello, I got a tattoo on my foot about a day ago and when the artist was done, the tattoo looked perfect. All of the lines were fine and it looked just as I wanted it to look. Now I have done everything that the artist asked me to do to take care of it but it seems that some of the letters have blurred out a little bit. My tattoo says "fearless" and the letters have become a little thicker than they origially were and its hard to read it unless I look really close. My tattoo is located on my foot near my toe area. I just wanted to know if how the tattoo is supposed to look is the way that it did at the shop and if this is just excess ink that will come off when it begins to peel.

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    is there such thing as a tumblr convention at balboa park ? a friend told me about it but i googled it and cant find information on it , anybody know about it ? like where it is and what days and stuff ? thanks in advance...:)

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  • ******2 guys , one girl ?! halloween costume*****?

    hello i am looking for costume ideas for two guys and one girl

    we want to be something unique

    so help me out

    its much appreciated

    thanks in advance :D

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  • ******2 guys , one girl ?! halloween costume*****?

    hello i am looking for costume ideas for two guys and one girl

    we want to be something unique

    so help me out

    its much appreciated

    thanks in advance :D

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  • **!!!He wants me , and she wan'ts him ...!!!**?

    Okay so one of my , i guess i can say friends ex is flirting with me a lot. Hes cute and i must admit im definitely attracted. But i don't know if flirting back or even getting with him would be the right thing to do. As much as i want to , i don't want drama. And she's the type that makes big deal out of little things. So imagine this. I think he might be worth it but you tell me, should i take the risk ? or just not pay attention to it? what do you think?

    i really need your help. My friends give me advice but for some reason i listen more to people i don't know. haha.

    so help is much appreciated, thanks in advance :)

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  • Guy with no experience?

    Hey im a high school junior and ive been talking to this guy over text phone and we meet up a couple times. Yesterday he told me he has never had a girl friend or first kiss or anything. How should i deal with this? Is it a good idea to get more involved with him? Will it be me who takes control of our relationship? Is it bad to be with a guy who has never had a girlfriend before? Im a girl that doesnt show much affection, im not exactly loveable but i do want someone i can have fun and be with. what do you think?

    thanks in advance :D

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  • Making out ideas? anybody! :D?

    okay, so making out might get borning and old sometimes. anybody have ideas to make it different and more fun sometimes?


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  • hes giving me mixed signals!?

    Okay so my best guy friend and i have always had some type of chemistry between us. I don't know what it is but we are definitely attracted to eachother. He will tell me he loves me and ill tell him the same but we say it in a friendly way. you know? Hes beentalking about getting back with his ex, and i dont know how to react to this? What is going on? Is he afraid to tell me how he feels cause it might ruin our friendship? Or is he just not interested?


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  • is dating a guy with no experience a good idea?

    I am a high school junior and i am talking to this guy who is a senior. Is it weird if the guy tells me hes never kissed, been or held hands and stuff with a girl before? I mean, is it a good idea to get involved with him ? will it be me who has to make all the first moves and stuff?

    what do you think?

    thanks in advance:D

    thanks in advance.

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  • Make my day? Boyfriend issues,?

    I feel like **** for a problem i had with my ex boyfriend, Girls, i know most of you have gone through this, why not share your stories?

    Tell me your story. :D

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  • What to wear with black leather boots?

    So my mom bought me a pair of black leather boots yesterday and i was wondering if any of you had any good ideas for outfits i could wear them with? Get creative! Thanks!

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  • Unique Halloween Costume Ideas?

    Okay so I wnt to dress up this halloween. But every costume I see is so typical. All the girls dress the same these days. With the short slutty dresses. :] So i was wondering if anybody had good ideas for any unique costumes! Thank you in advance :D

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  • Does anybody know the chords for Try by Asher Book on the Fame movie soundtrack?

    I want to make a cover of it but i cannot find the chords anywhere. Help is much appreciated. And thank you in advance :D

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  • Where can i get a tatto so my mom wont see it?!?

    Me and my friends want tattos but idk where to get it so my mom can't see it!

    I dont care if nobody sees it aslong as i know i have it


    and what would be a good design!?

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