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  • Question about eczema...?

    I've had eczema pretty much my whole life, due to genetics. My doctor, and a dermatologist told me to scrub it when I take a shower and then put aloe vera lotion on it, but when I did my research on the internet everyone was saying that you shouldn't do that.Do you guys know anything I can do to minimize my eczema. (by the way, its on my arms and back)

    8 AnswersSkin Conditions8 years ago
  • Can you have a panic attack even if you don't have anxiety?

    For example lets say you are really scared of heights, and you'r going to go bungee jumping, and you don't have anxiety or any sort of panic disorder. Can you still have a panic attack?

    2 AnswersRespiratory Diseases9 years ago
  • Is getting a snug piercing worth it?

    I'm not a huge fan of piercings and the only piercings ive ever got were just the regular ear lobe piercings. I just wanted to know if the snug piercing is worth it. What's the pain level? Healing process? Ive heard from a lot of people that its not worth it and is one of the most painful ear piercings. I guess i have a good pain tolerance but i havent gotten hurt in a while so im not so sure about my pain tolerance but i know im not a cry baby lol. Is a snug piercing worth it? If not what other ear piercing would you recommend (nothing to crazy like an industrial)

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  • Why is my arm like this? Is it normal?

    Ive broken and sprained my left arm about 3 to 4 times and nothings ever happened to my right arm. My right arm is fine and im able to touch my shoulder with it but my left arm doesnt go as far back. Its been like this ever since the last time i broke my arm about 4 years ago and its pretty much impossible for my to touch my left shoulder with my left hand even though its fully recovered it also doesnt hurt at all. why is it like this?

    1 AnswerInjuries9 years ago
  • Can you be born with a phobia?

    Ever since i was 5 i remember having podophobia (fear of feet) and i dont know why but i cant stand feet. Im ok with my own but if someone elses feet touch me i go crazy and some people think its funny but it really bothers me.I was just wondering are most people born with phobias?

    5 AnswersPsychology9 years ago
  • What is the meaning of the lion on Iran's old flag?

    I was just wondering because i cant seem to find it on the internet.

  • Will not eating breakfast effect my diet?

    I'm doing really well with my diet and exercise so far but during summer i wake up at 1:30am or sometimes even 2:30 so i miss breakfast. maybe a few times a week I'll put an alarm clock because i wanna wake up early but other than that i wake up late. But i dont really get hungry till lunch because i always eat lunch at 3:00 regardless if i wake up early or not.

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness9 years ago
  • Does drinking water help fasten your metabolism?

    I just started drinking 8 cups of water a day for the benefits but i didnt know it fastens your metabolism. I went from drinking 1 cup of water a day to 8. About a year or two ago my mom started drinking 8 cups of water a day for a couple weeks and she lost a lot of weight.

    7 AnswersDiet & Fitness9 years ago
  • Why are american families so boring?

    Im not trying to be offensive i mean obviously there are always exceptions but i have never met a fun crazy american family. Im half Armenian half Iranian and i have a crazy family and lots of relatives. We celebrate thankgiving and by the time im leaving my house to go to whoevers house for thanksgiving i see the american family across the street are already done with there dinner. And last thanksgiving my cousins american boyfriend was there and he was in shock cuz it was 30 people someone was eating on the floor, on the couch, in the kitchen and everyone was histaricaly laughing to the point where u could hear us from outside. And we also have huge weddings with 300 people and everyone goes crazy dancing on the dancefloor

    2 AnswersSociology9 years ago
  • How do i convince my mom to adopt another dog?

    I already have a golden retrieve who is 3 and a half and i saw another golden at a shelter that was 3 and has been there quit a while. We love my dog he goes for walks everyday, swims in the pool everyday, get combed daily, and gets to sleep on the couch. My mom absolutely adores my dog and when i told her we should adopt the golden as a joke she said no way Gingi (my dog) is the only dog in my world. I feel like she thinks that if she gets another dog he'll be jelouse and she wont be able to give my dog a lot of attention. We also have a huge yard and have the money to take care of another dog but how should i convince her?

    2 AnswersDogs9 years ago
  • Will going for walks help you lose weight?

    I'm trying to lose weight and i dont want it to be like a crash diet i want it to be permanent so i starting to do things like workout at least for half an hour, go for half hour to 45 min walks everyday and i was wondering will going for these walks everyday actually do something?

    12 AnswersDiet & Fitness9 years ago
  • How do i get over my fear of going to the doctor?

    Ever since i was a little kid ive been terrified of the doctor. Even if i just have to go for a checkup not even a shot im terrified. And the funny thing is im not scared of the dentist at all even if i have to go get a cavity filled which they have to give u a shot in the mouth im not scared. When i go to the doctor and i find out my doctor is a female i calm down a little bit but once its a male it makes me freak out even more.Its like i have this thing embedded in my head that male doctors are gonna hurt or molest me. My fear is getting annoying though because every time i have to go to the doctor even for minor reasons my heart stops.

    3 AnswersPsychology9 years ago
  • I dont drink enough water?

    I've tried to drink more water but by 2 days i just forget about it. Maybe during the whole day all i drink is one snapple, one coffee, and 2 cups of water. I feel like i would prefer to drink juices rather than water. Any tips on what i should do to drink more water?

    7 AnswersDiet & Fitness9 years ago
  • Any good piano websites or stores near LA?

    I want a Kawai or Schafer and sons baby grand piano and would like it to be anywhere from 4'9 to 5'2 in length. I would also prefer it to be red but i wouldn't mind brown or black but not white. And my price range is 6000- 8000 maybe i would go a little higher if needed and i do not care if it is used as long as it doesn't have many scratches and its not to old.

    1 AnswerClassical9 years ago
  • Do you know any acne washes that are good for sensitive skin?

    I've always had an oily face and i feel like when i use different acne washes it either makes my skin peel or my face gets really oily again in an hour or so. Do you know any washes i can get from a regular store that will clear up my acne.( and its not just puberty ive had acne for years.)

    8 AnswersSkin Conditions9 years ago
  • can playing piano make your fingers stronger?

    I've been playing for 7 years and i was wondering if it makes ur fingers stronger because there have been many times where ive been practicing a hard, fast song and my fingers get so sore and tired afterward

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness9 years ago
  • Is anyone else annoyed with the Duggars? (18 kids and counting)?

    Every time i watch the show it annoys me because i feel like they are so perfect. I've never seen the mom yell at her kids, or her kids get into fights and slam doors. It's normal for families to fight i mean me and my brother are really close but we do still get into fights and yell at each other its normal to argue but i feel like they never do.

    3 AnswersReality Television9 years ago
  • Does eating Saffron make you laugh?

    One day my mom told me that she use to read a book where every time all the girls would gather around to have fun and hang out they would put a bunch of saffron in their tea because it makes them laugh. Me and my brother said to her wow do u really believe that saffron cant make you laugh. Then she put a bunch of saffron in all our teas and me, my brother, and my mom were laughing for no absolute reason we were dying of laughter over the littlest things. Do you really think saffron makes u laugh?

    4 AnswersCooking & Recipes9 years ago
  • Any good piano brands for a good price?

    I want a new piano because i dont like how my piano sounds. Ive been playing for about 7 years and i asked my parents for a new piano. They were fine with it but the only thing is all the brands that i want are really pricey and i dont want my parents to pay the price of a new bmw for one piano. Do you know any good brands or piano stores in Southern CA? I also wouldnt mind used as long as its not to old.

    2 AnswersClassical10 years ago
  • Why am i so fearful??

    im always afraid of getting hurt badly for example falling off a chair lift, falling off a cliff,falling on a cactus,etc. if im not sure about something i completely freak out im also afraid of hot liquids spilling on me or sharp objects cutting me. It can get annoying because everytime im thinking about facing my fears and sitting on a rollercoaster i think what if the one time i sit on it, it crashes and everyone dies i also think the same about sitting on airplanes but my fear of airplanes isnt that bad im also scared of getting into car accidents when it comes to long car rides or freeway bridges and im also afraid of being murdered or raped. Most of these dont affect me to bad when it comes to everyday life but i just dont want it to get worse

    2 AnswersMental Health10 years ago