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  • My dragon deck? what can help ?

    My main deck which is alright not great

    i find myself haveing 50/50 chance winning and loseing

    and the deck itself look like it needs inproveing

    and replacements

    useually theres money on the line so winning is nice


    Luster Dragon x2(1900ATK1600DEF)

    masked dragonx3

    armed dragon lv3+5

    mirage dragon-(faceup=no trap cards can b activated drueing battle face for opponite)

    snipe hunter

    the dragon dwelling in the cave

    exiled force

    darkblaze dragon

    goblin attack force

    white horned dragon

    twin headed behemoth

    spear dragon

    lord of d

    felgrand dragon

    twin shield defender

    tyrant dragon

    tiger dragon


    swords of revealing light

    the flute of summoning dragon

    brain control

    stamping destruction(dun know if 2 more is good or not)

    lightning vortex

    mystical space typhoon

    mage power

    nobleman of crossout


    soul exchange

    black pendant

    malevolent nuzzler

    premature buriel



    trap holex2


    sakuretsu armorx2

    negate attack

    draining shield

    rageki break

    magic jammer

    7 tools of the bandit

    interdimensional matter transporter


    call of the haunted

    magic cylinder

    (alot of waboku like traps,might change it)

    my cash flow is iffy

    cant buy off ebay of sorts but i guess i can trade

    can buy boosters or structures starts and maby tins.

    and recomendations would help


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  • Path to Vetinarian?

    I'm in 8th grade at the moment, and searching for some help on what i should study in, and what college i should go to.Well first high school after i'm done with 8th grade but still.People keep saying im too young to think about this at this age ,but im curious.So please if you have any recommendations tell me.

    Ok this is my first time using this question thing so please bare with me

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