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I am mom to 3 kids. Two boys and one girl (13, 11 and 5). The 13 year old is mine from my 1st marriage, the 11 yo from his 1st and the 5 yo is ours together. The 11 yo is adhd and bipolar. Blended families are hard, add bipolar and just watch the fireworks. I was raised very strictly and beleive that parents are too lenient these days and do not expect enough respect from kids.

  • Question about lovebird changing colors?

    My mom has a lovebird that has started getting yellow spots in his feathers (looks like the feathers are changing colors). He is primarily green with the red/peach face. He has always had some yellow but now is getting yellow spots on his back. He is about 13 years old. Does anyone know if this is serious or just old age?

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  • Has anyone ever stayed at the Wyndham Cozumel Resort and Spa (the Sabor side specifically)?

    How was your experience? I know the beach is rocky, I mainly want to know about the service, how much tipping is expected, do they allow beach vendors? Also we want to stay on the resort and relax so we are not going on any excursions but is there any local place in town that is a "must see" for tourists? Thanks for any tips you can give.

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  • Word problem for potential energy asap for homework project?

    I need a story problem using a form of potential energy (maybe chemical potential energy or gravitational potential energy). I am in 8th grade so nothing too tough but I am not that great at this area of science and can't think of any myself since I don't really understand this one. It is for a project that is worth 200 points of my grade though. Thanks for any help.

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  • Son needs help on a science project - acceleration?

    My 8th grader needs 2 story problems (with answers) that use the acceleration formula. Can anyone help?

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  • My new dog stinks even after bath and brushing?

    We just got a dog from the shelter. WE took her straight to the vet and he said other then her teeth, fleas and hookworm she was in good health. The teeth part is from only eating soft foods, we are taking care of that by gradually switching her to hard. She was dewormed and they gave her a pill that kills fleas within an hour and also the frontline stuff was put on her after a bath. She has no fleas now at all. She still scratches herself a lot and when she scratches a lot it seems to release an odor like yucky dog smell. Over the weekend she would not eat hardly anything, but would drink and she slept alot (we thought maybe that had to do with leaving the shelter and coming to a new home). She is eating now but still seems a little tired but she does run outside and go for walks. Does anyone know what might be causing her to stink so bad or what we can do to make her smell better?

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  • I keep having these recurring dreams, what do they symbolize?

    I keep having these same 2 dreams. In one I am somewhere in public and all of a sudden I realize that I have no pants on (naked from waist down) and have to walk in front of people. In the other one I have to get away from something and I can't run fast enough so I get on all fours and use my hands to help me run faster like a wild animal or something. What do these things symbolize? Thanks for input.

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  • Disturbed by daughters dreams?

    My 4yo daughter had a rough night last night. She had two dreams that she told me about. The first she ran into my bedroom crying that her older brother had a hole in his head and white water and blood were coming out. She crawled in bed with me and fell back to sleep. About 20 minutes later or so she woke us both up screaming that there was a robot snake in her bed. I don't let her watch scary shows on tv or anything like that. My mom thinks she is just worried because the brother (12) was away this weekend with his bio dad and next week will be away on a mission trip with the church. What else could it mean? Does anyone know?

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  • Rice pudding recipies?

    Does anyone have a good rice pudding recipie that does NOT call for eggs? Thanks!

    2 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • Question to teenage boys or their parents about clothes?

    I have a 13 year old boy who will be in the 8th grade. He does not pay too close of attention to what other kids are wearing but I want to get him a couple of items that are "in/cool". What brands or items are hot right now? Thanks!

    7 AnswersAdolescent1 decade ago
  • For parents of boys... is this normal?

    My 10 yo stepson is very clingy with my husband. He does have adhd and is bipolar. It worries me because to me it seems like this is very babyish behavior. He will follow my husband around from room to room (even the bathroom). He sits in his lap and will even try to push our 4yo daughter away so he can have full access to his "daddy" (that is what he calls him). Sometimes he will even cling so close that he is holding on to his pant leg or pocket. When we are out at restaurants he has to sit next to him all the time and eventually will end up so that he is sitting in his lap in public. My husband sees nothing wrong with it but it embarrasses me especially in public. My 12yo son from my first marriage never acted like this at this age. Does anyone think this is wierd or cause for alarm like I do or is this normal for an almost 11yo boy going into middle school? Trust me - he gets plenty of attention in both homes.

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