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  • help on my boyfriend please?

    okay me and my boyfriend will be going out for a year and our date is nov 29 and its really fustrating because i want to get him something or do something for him but he keeps telling me not to do anything, because he is not doing aythng for me( but in the past he has tricked me on saying he get me it but then he does to surprise me) but if not that gets me really sad because this is really important to me but im thinking about whether or not he will do something for me, please help with ideas.

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  • Please help! Valentines day ideas!?

    ok my boyfriend's friend pretty much blurted out out that my bf was doing something relle special for me and it was relle expensive. and i have no clus what to do for him. He leeps telling to not do anything that he already has me to enjoy it with, but i still think i should do something. please give me advice and ideas. i would appreciate it so much. Thanks.

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