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Avid Golfer. So i answer mostly about golf. Also like to ride Motorcycles so i answer on those sometimes too.

  • Do I have a good chance to be accepted to Southern Methodist University and Texas Christian University?

    I have a 3.7 unweighted GPA, a 4.16 Weighted GPA, and a 29 on my ACT (could get to a 30 possibly) Also, my class schedule is very rigorous, and I attend a private school that has tough academics.

  • What types of Astronauts will NASA need in the future?

    I know NASA selects its Astronauts based on what they are currently working on. So in 15-20 years, what types of fields will they pick from? And what type of engineers will be needed?

    4 AnswersAstronomy & Space5 years ago
  • What colleges should I look at with my GPA and test scores?

    I have a 3.60 unweighted, and a 4.2 weighted GPA. I have a 30 on my ACT. I ve taken a lot of AP Classes and gotten a few b s each year. I m also a team captain in football, state golf qualifier, member of NHS, and I was a member of STUCO.

    I m not interested in schools like Harvard or anything, but I m hoping for something like Texas Christian. Are these grades around what they looks at?

  • What colleges should I look into for an undergraduate buisness/finance degree?

    I have a 3.9 unweighted, 4.5 weighted, and a 31 on my ACT? And I would like to work on Wall Street.

  • What's wrong with my toe?

    One week ago I hit my toe on someone else's heel and stubbed it pretty hard. I really thouht the pain would subside, but after 10 minutes it was still there, so I took my sock off and my middle toe was slightly crooked. Ever since then it has hurt when I walk, but not when I apply pressure. (It really only hurts when I bend it). It has not swollen or gotten black and blue or anything. It just hurts and is slightly crooked. It even seems to be straightening a little bit, but the pain has continued. I can't really stay off of it because of football and basketball. What do you think is wrong and how do I fix it?

    1 AnswerInjuries6 years ago
  • Will my grades be good enough to play football at an Ivy League school?

    If I have a 3.8 unweighted, 4.5 weighted, and a 30 on my ACT + enough football talent and ability. Throw in some extra curriculars like NHS and tutoring plus honor roll. Will these credentials be enough to be able to play at an Ivy League school?

    1 AnswerFootball (American)6 years ago
  • Will these grades be enough to play football at MIT or an IVY League school?

    If I finish high school with a 3.95 unweighted and we'll over 4 weighted at a College Preparatory school, that is known as one of the best schools in the state. I am aiming for over a 30 on my ACT. I'm in a lot of pre-ap and ap courses but I do have a couple of B's

    2 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education6 years ago
  • How do you email a College Football Coach?

    I've been researching some schools, but most of the schools don't have an email address for the head coach. I was wondering if anybody has emailed a head coach before and knows what I should do. Also, is email even the best way to begin being recruited? I want to start receiving mail from college programs, and I heard the best way to do that is email

    5 AnswersFootball (American)6 years ago
  • Are my football stats for this season good for a sophomore?

    I just finished my sophomore season as an outside linebacker. I have dreams to play college football I wanted an opinion on if my stats are good for a sophomore who eventually might play college football. I had around 75 tackles, an interception, 4 sacks, and around 15 tackles for loss as a sophomore starting varsity in the toughest district in my state.

    3 AnswersFootball (American)6 years ago
  • Will a college basketball coach overlook height if a player is physical?

    Can a basketball player being tough and physical help a college coach overlook their lack of height?

    2 AnswersBasketball6 years ago
  • What should I do to be recruited for College Football?

    I am a sophomore linebacker for my high schools'a football team, I have a dream of playing D-1 college football. I think I have the abilities, work ethic, and grades to do so. I need some advice on what to do right now as a sophomore who just started the season to begin getting recruited ASAP. Does anybody have any experience with this or what they did to be recruited?

    2 AnswersFootball (American)6 years ago
  • Should I begin filling out recruiting questionnaires?

    I'm currently a sophomore starting linebacker for my schools football team. I really want to go play division 1 college football. I saw recruiting questionnaires online and I was wondering if I should fill them out now or wait until I have really made a name for myself. We've only played one game so far this year I had 5 tackles (only played the first half because we were winning 50-0 at halftime) so I don't really have a ton of stats to my name yet, so should I wait until I've played quite a few games and have some stats or should I just get my name out there? I have a hudl with some highlights of scrimmages and stuff. Or is recruiting questionnaires even the way to go? I just want to know what I should do know about my recruitment.

    2 AnswersFootball (American)6 years ago
  • How can I convince a teacher to raise my grade up to a 90%?

    I just found out that I reieved an 88% in a SPEECH class. This will be the only B of my freshman year. I had a 91% , but then got a 75% on the final and ended with a B. What should I do to get an A, because my parents are PISSED!!!!! My dad said it has to be an A or else.. IDEK what that means, but I really don't want to find out. My Dad said he can't believe I got a B in f u c k i n Speech class...

    I already sent her an Email asking if there was any test that I could retake or any extra credit I could. What else should I do to convince her to raise my grade up? It would ruin my whole GPA and my parents don't accept B's...

    5 AnswersTeaching7 years ago
  • Are these grades good enough for a Division 1 college golf coach?

    So let's say I wanted to go play at Oklahoma State or Alabama for golf, and I was being recruited by them. If I had over a 3.0 GPA at a tough Private High School and over a 25 ACT score + a good enough Golf game would I be good to join the team?

    Also can any former College Golfers let me know about their grades in high school?

    3 AnswersGolf7 years ago
  • Are PGA Tour players considered famous?

    Like obviously Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are famous, but I'm talking about the guys on tour that havn't won as many majors as them like Zac Johnson, Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, and Matt Kuchar. So guys that have won, but not as much as Tiger. Are these guys considered famous?

    2 AnswersGolf7 years ago
  • What is Prep School Basketball?

    I saw that Russ Smith from Louisville went to a school called South Kent after high school. What is this? What is a prep school? Do you go to one after you have graduated high school or during high school? And how do you go to one?

  • How can I convince my Football coach to let me play quarterback?

    My coach wants me to play fullback/running back and linebacker, but I really want to play qb. My coach thinks I will help the team the most there but to be honest are qb threw more interceptions than completions. I probably need to get faster and drop a couple pounds to get faster, but I know I can be a better qb than the current one

    What can I do?

    8 AnswersFootball (American)7 years ago
  • What can I do to get faster for football?

    Ok so I'm currently 5-9 and 180lbs and a freshman. My problem is I'm not going to get much taller because my mom is 5-4 and dad 5-11. The coach of my football team wants me to play offesnive line and defensive end mainly because I'm not fast enough for running back or line backer

    So what can I do to get faster because I need to play rb or linebacker

    6 AnswersFootball (American)7 years ago