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  • BreastMilk Drying Up?

    I'm A lilttle worried and scared. I usually pump every 3-4 hours and in the middle of the night today I picked up my pump to start pumping only to find out that it's broke. My daughter has latch on issues and I haven't been able to pump and won't be able to pump again until my husband gets home this afternoon around 4. I have tried hand expressing and my breast still are very full. I am very scared my milk will dry up. Will that happen?

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  • Is my breastmilk supply sufficient?

    I am a new mother and my daughter is 5 days old. I am breastfeeding and I am wondering whether or not my milk supply is coming in like it should. I just pumped 3 ounces in the past hours( this is my first time attempting to pump usually she is strictly on breast). I am wondering does it look like I am on the right track or should I should be pumping more than that. Thank you all for the help :)

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  • am i pregnant?

    Ok, I have irregular periods, and June the 20th I had sex, and he **** in me. Like 6 days after that I started having what I think was my period. I understand that you can't get you're period while you're pregnant. Ok i'm still having pregnancy symptoms. I sleep alot, eat alot, faintness,i'm craving ice and pickles all the time, I feel like i'm going to throw up after I eat certain foods. Like I love steak, and now I can't stand it anymore. My mom was cooking porkchops, and it's like the smell made me sick. Could I be pregnant or what?

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