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I've been having trouble with someone impersonating me on Y!A but thanks to all your help and support I've been able to prove my thanks to all my contacts who help me spread my video proving my identity across Y!A and thanks to everyone who took the time to watch my video I posted in the additional details of my answers and the questions I asked about my clone copying me. I blocked my clone so she can't see my Q&A and try copy the Video. She even copied what I have written here in the about me section on my page. The difference between me and her is that she is ghetto and I am not. I have class. So if you ever see my beautiful face(She looks like a man. That's why she stole my picture) speaking unclassy things, it's probably my clone. If the attitude doesn't match up to what she has written in her bio(that she copied from me) obviously it's my clone :* Also, look at the date of which my page was made.

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