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  • How to deal with unbearable back pain until i can get to the Dr. on August 5th....?

    I have been having on a scale of one to 10.....pain that rates 8 all the time and 10 when the pain shoots.

    The pain I have is in my lower back, into my hips and shoots down into my legs. I can bearly sit, it hurts to lay, I'm getting little sleep and it's a little better when I stand. Nothing over the counter helps. I've taken some Vicodin that was left over from a sugery a few months ago (not related to my back) the Vicodin dulls the pain a bit. I've also use some Soma, but they don't really do much bu t make me sleep. I don't want to eat pills all the time....

    The question is, how do i make it through work for the next week or so until I can get my MRI and other testing done. Any tips for anything I can do at home? It's either a nerve issue or a disc issue and I only mention that it may be a disc thing is because Degentative Disk Disorder runs in the family. Any suggestions to keep me sane with this PAIN?

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  • Can I claim my boyfriends children on my taxes?

    My boyfriend lives with me and had no income for 2007. He has 3 little girls that live with us. The mother is out of the picture, she also had no income for 2007 and will not be claiming them. Can I? We have no state support and I am the one who takes care of the fiances. I do have my taxes done professionaly. I was just wondering if anyone had any expirence with this?

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  • What's your opinion on using Nicorette to stop smoking?

    I just stood at the counter at the drug store and went back and forth between smokes or Nicorette, smokes or Nicorette, etc. I bought the Nicorette. Here I sit, chomping on a piece of it......I don't know how I feel about it yet. Any personal expirences or opinions?

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  • I am currently oral BC. I am planning in TTC this summer I need to know if?

    Starting to chart my cycle online, checking Cervical Mucus and taking my BBT is benefical or will my entire cycle change once I stop taking the pill?

    Thank you for your help. I have just started reading about all of this in preperation for TTC.

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  • An owl flew into my bay window today, do you think he was in a Windex commercial?

    So, my babysitter was standing in the kitchen today and he heard what sounded like a rock hit our bay window. I come home from work and see this bird lying on the ground with huge, for lack of better description, chicken feet. Is it common for owls to be hanging out in the suberbs of Detroit?

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  • Bipolar and wanting to get pregnant?

    I am type 2 bipolar. I am on 100mg of Lamictal, 10mg of Lexapro, 1mg of Xanax as needed and I'm not sure how many mg's of Remeron at bedtime. I recently went off my meds for about 2-3 weeks due to loss of job, insurance, etc. I felt like I was loosing my mind when I was off these meds, I came to work everyday but I just was not myself. I went to my shrink to get scripts adn he actually said "I think u should go to hospital" due to the mania I was expirencing....On meds, I'm just fine as can be.

    What is your opinion on me having a baby? Do you think I I'll make it through a pregancy? I am aware that I can not take my scripts. I am also aware that I may pass this onto my child, my mom passed it to me, I still want a child. I am a 29 y/o professional with a long term bf. Throw me you 2 cents, please.

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  • I feel like I'm going to snap, I'm outta meds, got no insurance...I'm bipolar, HELP?

    I lost my job and I'm waiting for my Cobra to kick in, my Dr's office is closed until tomorrow and I don't even know if he'll give me samples. I'm bipolar, I take lamactal, laxapro, remeron and xanax. I feel like I'm going to snap at any moment (I've been out for a week) Any suggestions to keep me calm and this manic outburt under wraps for a few days??? I need to chill out - HELP!!!

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  • Newish Bipolar diagnosis and mood questions?

    I was diagnosed as being bipolar aprox 6 months ago. The doc put me on 100mg Lamictal, 10mg Loxapro 10mg Remeron (at night) and 1mg Xanax as needed. This combo has been working for the most part except for deminishing the really LOW lows. The doc will not up the Lexapro. I feel I need more help with the depression. Any suggestions as far as a different antidepressent goes? Also, I'm like an emotionless drone, is this because my "mania" is under control? I just feel dull and emotionless and not myself? What do you think?

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