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  • Was it the Holy Spirit?

    I went to church on Sunday & as usual the pastors asked if anybody wanted them to pray for them to come up front. I wanted a prayer so I walked up front. The pastor came to me & placed her hand oh my forehead & asked me if I had received Jesus as my Savoir & I said No, she asked me if I wanted to & I answered yes! She said ok repeat after me, I repeated after her & I remember by the last sentence I was already shaking, my body was numb & I could barely speak. After that she began to pray & my body feelt so intense & numb, tears started coming down & my body was trembling, I didn't fall but only cause I was trying so hard not to. My leg was twitching & my back was arching felt like my whole body wanted to twist & my hands got really stiff, I couldn't move them! My fingers were clamped together I couldn't bend them! I was crying so hard. I thought I had something inside of me. They said it was the Holy Spirit but I thought the Holy Spirit felt good. That almost hurt, I was so scared! :(

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