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  • Is it wrong to tell my kids why their mother left?

    My wife had an afir 4 and a half years ago, I found out and she ended it and we changed our life's for the better, now 4 and a half years later she has had an affair with the same man and left us. She sees the kids twice a week at the moment.

    My kids ask why she has gone and I just say "We decided we might be happy apart" and all the usual stuff to make a kid know it's not their fault and everything is OK. But should I be doing that? I'm struggling with knowing if I should say she met another man and left to be with him. And I don't want to do it to make them resent her, I just don't see why I should lie to my children. I feel I will tell them the truth when they're much older as all 3 of my kids are under 11.

    I don't want them to hate their mother in anyway but I also don't want to lie anymore when I have done anything wrong.

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