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  • Does anyone know this korean song?

    On WGM [We got married] episode 165 there is a song that the JungJung couple sing. I really like the song and the lyrics but can't find the name of it. Does anyone know what it is? It starts at 46 seconds. Here's a link:

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  • I just want to dissapear. Help?

    I just feel really tired. Everday feels like I used up my energy but I hardly do anything. I don't want to go to school because I don't want to be around anyone at all. Not even my family. I just want everything to be quiet and for me to dissapear. I'm not good at anything and I feel like a waste of space and I hate the feeling when I dissapoint someone. I try and smile and laugh but I'm getting very tired of being nice. I want to die but then I'm slightly afraid to do it myself&what people will think. Please help me..

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  • Ear ache and stomach pain help!?

    My ears have been hurting for about a week. In the mornings it usually hurts the most and late afternoons. And also my stomach hurts a lot that it makes me feel like I need to vomit. Im not sure what to do to relieve the pain.

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  • How many homeless people are there?

    How many homeless people or people in poverty are there in America for 2011? I have tried researching but they always have different numbers to the one before. If anyone knows I would appreciate the answer.

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  • what song is this from full metal panic!?

    In episode 18 near the ending kaname and terra are singing a song.I could only hear the ending "but if your there then i dont care where we go together". Does anyone know this song? I would really like to know. Thanks!

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  • why is the manga from sand of destruction still going...?

    but the animes over?

    Or is the manga over already? I searched for it but they didn't complete saying its still ongoing soo yeah does anyone know? And i was wondering if the manga is still going then did they make the anime first and completed it before the manga ended?


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  • does anyone have a vampirefreaks account?

    i don't need your **** talking ok.I just want to know how many people on yahoo here actually have an account. I do and if you guys want to add me feel free^^

    and i most likely put this in the wrong catogoty here and i noe this maybe a stupid question but i dont really care so just dont give me any crap for this ok guys.thankies

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  • ok again who do you find more attractive?

    ok so if you saw my other post you must of saw are pics right? well ok those photos are a bit old so my friend said to post newer ones:

    new pic for girl A:

    new pic for girl B:

    no new pics for girl c sorry.

    and to those who picked girl a in the other she really is a nice person! And me and my other friend are kinda quiet though..we may not look like it but we are^^

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  • How do scientists know that the universe is expanding?

    is it because they noticed the the galaxies are moving away from each other, and the temperatures are increasing or because the galaxies are moving away from each other, and the temperatures are decreasing. i know they noted that the planets were moving away from each other but what about the temperatures?

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  • solve 2x2 + x - 1 = 9?

    what is the answer for this? i tried to slove it myself but i didnt understand how to do it..i suck in math sadly.

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  • Computer Literacy Questions!!?

    Dont tell me to do my own work, because i already did. I need help to make sure i at least did it correct. I tried to ask my family but they were no help.

    1. You find an image on the Internet that you would like put on your Web site. What is the best way to make sure you don’t break copyright law?

    A)Get permission to use the image from its creator.

    B)Get permission to use the image from the U.S. Copyright Office.

    C)Register the image at the U.S. Copyright Office.

    Make sure your Web site is educational.

    You use one page of a 227-page book in a project for school. Which of the following might help a court decide that this is a case of fair use?

    A)You only used one page of a much longer book.

    B)The book wasn’t very popular.

    C)The project was entertaining.

    D)The project was educational.

    E)The project was not likely to decrease the value of the book.

    5. You want to use a Clip Art image in a Word document. Which of the following should you do to make sure you aren’t breaking copyright law?

    A)Make your Word document educational.

    B)Nothing. Clip Art images are free to use in any project.

    C)Get permission from the creator of the Clip Art.

    D)Pay a royalty to the creator of the Clip Art.

    5.What are the file name extentions for

    1: video files

    2: image files

    3: sound files






    5. video files= wmv, .avi, .mov, .swf

    2: image files= jpg, .gif, .bmp, .tif

    3: sound files= mp3, .wav, .wma, .aiff

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  • Anime shows similar to KOBATO?!?

    ok so i just finished the last 2 episodes of kobato and im soo sad its over but im really happy with how they ended it.i cried cause i was happy she remembered and that he also did and was searching for her.

    ok so i know there's not a lot of anime like kobato but are there anything similar?

    like the following:

    -really great animations

    -excellent story line

    -good,cute,funny characters

    -the guys mean to her and she falls in love w/ him,and later he finds out he's also in love her

    -they HAVE to have ROMANCE!!

    -happy ending

    can you name some with at least some of these qualities and give a short description if you can.thankies!!

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  • What do you think of this so far?

    Hey everyone! Im currently writing a story and i was just wondering what you guys think of this so far. Is it interesting? Does it make you wan to read more? How can i improve it? Well here it is. I hope its ok^^

    this is like a prolauge:

    Dear diary,

    Don’t you ever wonder why you were born into this world?

    Sometime’s I wonder why anyone would want to live in this world where people are consumed with greed, and hatred. This world which is burning with everyone’s greed’s and sin’s. Everyone want’s to succeed but at what cost? Will they do anything to achieve that dream even if it means leaving behind something? There are people in this world where they have reached their goal and have become happy. And then there are those who have succeeded many people and have become well know but aren’t happy. Why is that? Is it because when they tried to succeed they left their happiness behind? In this world of eternal darkness which is known by mankind as “sin”, there is a light called “hope”, which many have grasped.

    In all of mankind the most beautiful thing is the light and one’s fear is never being able to reach it and being left behind in darkness until they are surrounded by demons who cause chaos.


    “I’m afraid. Save me. Why won’t the screaming stop. Save me! BLOOD, BLOOD, BLOOD, BLOOD!!! Stop it! I’m afraid! Afraid… Afraid. I’m afraid."

    “Ahhhhh!” gasping for breath I woke up in a panic, clutching my chest. How many times do I have this dream? How many times do I have to hear the screaming before it finally stops?

    “Young mistress are you okay?!” my maid came running to me holding a wet cloth.

    “I’m fine”. I watched Mizuki as she rang the bell that lead to the kitchen signaling the butler to bring tea to my room. I have known Mizuki since I was little. She first came into my home as my personal maid and playmate ten years ago. She came from the Yamashita family which serve’s under my family the Fukushima. She was eight back then and I was six. Since we had been together for so long I had no longer considered her my maid but my older sister yet she still serve’s me saying “It is my duty as the daughter of the Yamashita family and that if she left me for a minute I would be clueless as of what to do”.

    “Mizuki will my new bodyguard be coming tomorrow?”

    “Yes young mistress. He should be arriving tomorrow at noon.”

    “Hey Mizuki? What’s he like? I’ve never actually had a personal bodyguard before.”

    “Well…He’s the quite type. I don’t think he like’s to talk a lot but that doesn’t matter since he’s experienced in all the fields that we required. Young mistress you should go back to sleep. You’ll be very busy tomorrow with all the meeting that will be held”

    I didn’t want to go back to sleep because once I close my eyes the screams come once again. The blood soaked carpet becomes clearer then day and the heat of the fire burns my skin as if I was once again in the fire. The blood lust looks in his eyes and there cackling laughter’s but in all of that chaos there was a figure standing there. He saved me. The boy with the glowing red eyes and pale white skin.

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  • the whole angelique series?

    Ok so does anyone know all the series to angelique? I heard angelique is actually the first but is a ove and then

    Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique ~ Kokoro no Mezameru Toki ~,

    Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique ~ Kokoro no Mezameru Toki ~,

    Angelique: Shiroi Tsubasa no Memoire,

    Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique ~ Kagayaki no Ashita ~,

    Angelique: Seichi yori Ai o Komete,

    Angelique: Twin Collection,

    Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique ~ Chibi Character Adventure 1&2 ~

    but im not really sure then i just tried watching them but i got all confused as of what shows is suppose to be first..pPLZZZ PLZZZZ PLZZZ!!! CAN SOMEONE NEAME THE OREDER FOR ME!! I REALLY WANT TO WATCH THIS BUT I DONT KNOW WHAT GOES FIRST AND I TRIES GOOGLING BUT THAT DIDNT HELP!! PLEASE!! I'LL GIVE YOU 10***'S IF YOU DO AND THERE RIGHT!! THANKIES^^

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  • can you turn my pic into an anime looking one?

    my question say's it all. i would do it myself if i knew but sadly i dont. just please dont make it creepy looking! i just think it looks cool and i wanted to see one of my pics like that..can you do it like this or close to it at least?

    when i saw these i was like "wow thats cool i wanna do that"

    here's some of my pics

    you can chose whichever's the easiest for you. when your done can you email it to me?

    1 AnswerDrawing & Illustration1 decade ago
  • Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka ENDING?!?

    Ok so i was just wandering what everyone else thought of Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka ending. Did you guys like how it ended? Do you think it was a waste of time after watching how it ended? Me personally i didn't like the ending..I mean the show was great but when i saw the ending it was like "SWOOSH'! It kinda went down sadly :[

    1 AnswerComics & Animation1 decade ago
  • Some dark japanese names?

    Does anyone know any names that are associated with darkness in japanese? Something like "child of darkness" or "dark angel" or anything like that. It has to be something that can be used for a girl's name.

    Thanks in advance! ^^

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  • What are some funny anime's?

    Can any of you name some funny animes? It can be about romantic comedy,drama comedy,or action comedy. It has to have at least a really good storyline and art.

    Here's some that i've watched:

    Lovely Complex

    Ouran High School Host Club

    Skip Beat

    Sumomomo momomo

    Air Gear


    Girls High

    Best Student Council

    Kirarin Revolution


    Fruit Basket


    well thats all i can remember right now. If any of you know any animes like these or good like these can you list them please. I'll the stars to someone you at least names more than 4 and gives a short description. THANKIES!!! ^^

    4 AnswersComics & Animation1 decade ago
  • Some dark romantic anime?!?

    Something like where a girl likes this guy whos mystrious and never talks to any one but slowly opens up to her or something like that?



    Vampire knight

    Vampire knight guilty

    Guken alice


    thats pretty much i can think of right now. if you can name some and give little description of some that would be great^^ Thank's!

    2 AnswersComics & Animation1 decade ago