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  • any good forums/websites for homemade porn?

    so i have a huge fetish for amateur porn. not looking for pornstars or models. i’m searching for a good quality legit homemade/hidden cam forum or website. like from girls that you would just see walking at the mall etc. a website that is like

  • wondering if i can get on non reporting probation??

    okay so i've been on probation for a year now, i just turned 19 and i would've been done with it but it was revoked in December so they added 1 more year. anyways i've done the 40 hours of community service i was required to do. & i'm going to be done with the court ordered classes this week. so all i have to do now is pay the rest of my fine. i'm wondering if i could possibly qualify for early release for probation or non-reporting in the state of GA. i was charged with a DUI. also do they drug test you on non reporting?

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