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  • Is it possible to reverse collection judgement for being late on a traffic ticket?

    I recieved a traffic ticket and was given a due date in march to pay. I went online to extend and the new date given was June. I didn t think too much of it and saved for the ticket until june came. When I went to go pay I saw the ticket went up 300 more dollars and was sent to collections. Im assuming to 90 day extension didn t go through. Because my ticket is already in collections, is it possible to see a judge to explain my situation to hopefully get the late fee waived? I never used the 90 day extension and hoping this would help my defense.

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  • Hit A Bicyclist and his Insurance says I owe them?

    Hello, about 6 or 7 months ago I was heading up to an Observatory in Souther California and I saw an open parking spot and decided to do a U-Turn. I saw a bicyclist heading down the hill but I thought I would have time so I decided to turn and do the u-turn (Double Yellow Lines). As I was going the bicyclist hit the back of my car (passenger side, right by the tailight). Long story short, cops and ambulance came, got my information and details, and we went our separate ways.

    A few days later I find out that I didn't have insurance. I was 19 and my older sister handled the monthly payments for our insurance and she did not pay for 2 months so we were dropped without our knowledge. Because of this, the bicyclists said he wanted to either have me pay cash or take me to court. He asked for 3000 and being a student I didn't have the money at the time so I asked if he can wait a few months and he said yeah. After a month of not hearing back and me trying to contact him I put the accident to the back of my mind. Fast foward to now and I have a letter from an attorney stating that I owe 5335 dollars to farmers insurance (his insurance company). I have insurance now but I doubt that matters. Being a student, a 5000 dollar debt would kill me. Is there maybe a way to get this reduced? or a way to fight it? I never went to court and was never contacted by his insurance company or lawyer. I still have pictures from the accident, and his bike was not damaged but he claimed it was.

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  • Help! Engineering costs/calculating present net value?

    I keep getting the wrong numbers for this question. Please help!

    What is the present worth of all disbursements and receipts during the life time of the project, evaluated at the beginning of the first year, if the project has the following costs:

    Phase 1 labor $2550000 (per year paid at the end of each year)

    Phase 1 Material $810000 (paid at the end of the first year only

    Phase 2 -years 4 to 10, all costs are paid at the end of each year and include:

    Launch $6600000

    Insurance $680000

    Labor $2000000

    Material $620000

    The project makes an annual income of $11000000 as a result of sales in phase 2.

    Hint: The present value of the net cash flow of phase 2, evaluated at the beginning of first year, must be greater than the sum of the present worth of labor and material costs of phase 1, also evaluated at the beginning of first year. The difference would be the answer to this problem. Make sure to include the sign (-) if the answer is negative.

    Remember, if the present worth of all disbursements and receipts is positive, the company will make at least 25% annual return on this investment.

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  • Question of billing with recent Urgent Care?

    I broke my clavicle one month ago and had to go to the urgent care for treatment. I was uninsured and went to a urgent care center nearby my home called The Lakewood Regional Center. In short, I only was seen by a nurse practitioner for 5 minutes, then taken for x-rays, and finally given a sling while being told that's all they could do. I felt the visit to the urgent care was a completely waste of time.

    Anyway, I am a student and living alone so I told the hospital if they can bill it. However, I had money saved for a good chunk of my tuition for when I transfer to a university next year and decided that I can pay off the bill with that so I do not need to worry about a bill and it hurting my credit score.

    I called the hospitals billing department and asked what I owed since I had yet to receive the bill one month later. The person over the phone told me I owed approximately $600. Having knowledge of AB774 and Californias Fair Pricing Act, I asked if I can have my bill discounted, also adding that I will be paying it infull, cash. The person over the phone STATED that my bill has been slashed from $2,000 already, and that $600 is the lowest they can go. Hearing this, I was content with what I had to pay and decided to go pay in full. When I go to the billing department I talk to the "billing curator". He tells me I owe a balance of $600, and that's it. He comments saying I will getting billed separately for the physician and x-ray bill. I was confused by this because I was told by the person over the phone that all I owed for the visit was $600 down from $2000. Also, that means I was paying 600 dollars for just the facility? It didn't make sense so that curator tells me that if I pay the 600, my outstanding balance with the hospital will be paid in full. I pay and he writes on the receipt that the visit was paid in full.

    The problem is when I came home, I had a letter in the mail for $1000 from the physician group. I do not know if I have to pay this or not, since I believed the $600 I paid for was more than enough for the services I received. If I do have to pay, do I have a case for me not to? I really can not afford the extra $1000, and I feel the hospital tricked me into forcing me to pay the facility fee with the knowledge that I am paying the whole visit in full.

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  • How long to see good results when working out?

    Hey, I'm 17, 6'0, and weigh 136 pounds. I've always been really skinny, and have a fast metabolism

    I started working out a month ago, working out 5 days a week. A work out last anywhere from an hour to an hour-thirty.

    We always start with a a mile jog or some jump roping, then we start are main workout

    We do Chest, Bi, and Tri on M, W, F and Legs and Back on T,Th. I also drink a shake after every workout.

    I eat moderatly well, not at a set time, but I do eat alot.

    I already see and feel results, but I'm just wondering how long until I notice a "dramatic" change?

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  • How much are loitering tickets?

    I live in Bellflower,CA and I got a infraction for loitering at a public school at about 8PM

    This is my first ticket, I am under 18 so I need to take a parent/guardian to court.

    I have to go to court in Norwalk and I'm just wondering what might be the price of the ticket? I'm having trouble finding rough estimates.

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  • need piplup and turtwig?

    Looking for someone to give me a piplup and turtwig for free, I really don't have anything to offer.

    Thank you

    My FC is 0903 4082 0030

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  • Need Piplup + Turtwig?

    Looking for a turtwig and piplup. I'm just looking for someone generouse to give me those 2 pokemon

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