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i placed at state in wrestling. i did martial arts for a long time when i was younger. now i have gotten into boxing and judo. i will be on the judo team at UW next year. i like mma, but i like boxing more. i don't think that i know everything. i just think i know what i know.

  • cutting down to lightweight...?

    ok, so i am going to be fighting at lightweight for mma. i was wondering what is the typical weight people cut down from. I am 5'9" and weight about 175 right now with 10-12% BF. I was thinking that I would bulk up to 180ish, then cut down to 171 leaving me with 6-8% BF. is 170ish about what most LW cut down to 155? or should i bulk up more and make a harder cut. and yes i know how to cut, i was a wrestler and cut 15 pounds before.

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  • What do you think of my bodybuilding stack?

    Ok, so I am 18 year old college student who is looking to bulk up more in order to fill out my MMA weight. Plus, I will get the benefit of the wonderful beach body. I weight 169 pounds with roughly 15% body fat. I am 5'9". My goal is to put on 16 more pounds of muscle (be 185), then cut down to a lean 175 with about 9-10% BF.

    I am going to take:

    -Optimum 100% Whey (Protein)

    -BSN Cellmass (Post-workout)

    -Gaspri Nutrition Superpump 250 (Pre-workout)

    -AST Multi Pro 32X (Multivitamin)

    -Universal Animal Stak (Natural Testosterone Booster)

    -Optimum BCAA tablets (for, well, BCAA's)

    -Nutrex Lipo 6x (Fat loss)

    I also have some Optimum ZMA's, and Omega 3's left over from my last stack that I will also be taking.

    I will not be taking the Lipo 6x until the cutting stage. I will be taking the Animal Stak during the bulking stage (as it is only 3 weeks). I know I will get lots of heat for the Animal Stak i.e. "you are only 18, you don't need to use that", but I just want to see how the product works.

    I have a very solid workout program, and I know that diet is 80% of physique and progress.

    Tell me what you think. Any advice or thoughts? I am all ears!

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  • Thoughts on human rights?

    So i had to write a paper in philosophy. I was given the situation of a celebrity who needed to go to rehab. This star refused. Should the celebrity be forced to go to rehab? I was asked to evaluate Kant and Mill's reactions. I said that Kant would be against such force because of his nonconsequentialist views (ends do not justify the means). I was torn a little more by Mills. I said he would be for the forcible action due to the Utilitarian view of "greatest" happiness. This would be because the gain of the music. However, Mills also has his book "On Liberty". Do you think the musician's abuse violates the harm principle, and thus is worthy of action? I said yes, what are your thoughts?

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  • Question about NROTC?

    I am enrolled in NROTC. My question is: would the NROTC allow me to go through boot camp during the summer and still come back to NROTC? Would I be able to go to boot camp and become a Marine and then resume my college education? I really want to go through boot camp, rather than just do NROTC and be commissioned as an officer. Has anyone heard or know anything about this?

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  • Why do people hate Karl Marx?

    I am a college student and I am currently studying Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto. As far as I can tell, Marx was just a man who wanted the best for his society. He was happy that society had progressed to capitalism, but longed for the freedom of the proletarian (working class). That freedom would come through a communist government. Marx never called for economic equality for society, but freedom from oppressors. I challenge you to find a passage in which Marx calls for equality. Also, why do people blame Marx for the mistakes of the USSR? Marx did not create the USSR, he died long before it was ever created. Can he be blamed for someone else perverting his ideas and theories? I think people give Marx a worse wrap than he deserves based only on fallacies placed upon us by others. I think few people who would proudly state an opinion about Marx has ever read his text. Your turn, what do you think. 10 points to the best argument/most entertaining.

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  • help with supplement stack...?

    Ok, so this is my first time ever buying supplements. I am very athletic. I was a state wrestler. I weigh 170ish pounds. My goal is to be 185. I was just wondering how long this will probably take and what you think of my stack. I will be taking:

    -Optimum 100% Whey Protein

    -BSN NO-Xplode

    -BSN Cellmass

    -Optimum ZMA

    -Pride Nutrition Premium EFA

    any tips would be great. Thanks.

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  • mma gym in seattle, WA???

    i am interested in mma. i'm 17, i was a very successful state wrestler in highschool. next year i am going to the university of washington and i am doing judo there. i am wondering if there are any good mma gyms near by the seattle area. or even if there is just a muay thai gym would do. i have heard there is a very good jujitsu trainer based in seattle? is his gym just jujitsu? and any tips for me and getting started??? thanks for the time and answers.

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  • free nights and weekends???

    so i have a cell phone that my dad pays for. he is on the east coast, and i am on the west coast. it was activated and he pays the bills from the east coast. so my question is, does my free night minutes start from where i am at the west coast (at here at 9) or from their time, so at 6 in west coast time??? does the payment area affect the time zone used to determine free minutes?

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  • In a fight is it better to have small hands or large hands?

    Everyone always say that it is good to have big hands for boxing or fighting. People at my school always say that about this one kid, but I was thinking, is it better to have small hands and thus deliver your force of impact over a smaller area and create more pressure per square inch, or is it better to have large hands which would hit more surface area? Would small hands=more knockouts since there would be a "tighter" impact?

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