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  • Does Dudley Zoo have Rides?

    For my coursework

    thank you

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  • How to start a rant?

    I'm having to write a rant for English in school. I'm going to write about Pop Music as a whole but I don't know how to start. Any tips on how I can begin my rant

    Thank you

    2 AnswersHomework Help6 years ago
  • Do you have to wear uniform to do a ChildCare course?

    The college haven't answered my question. Do you have to wear uniform to study childcare in college. They have decided to put me in Level 3 and I want to know if uniform has to be worn? Thank you :)

    1 AnswerOther - Education6 years ago
  • Please recommend me some bands?

    Any genre except Pop Punk


    15 AnswersRock and Pop6 years ago
  • Please recommend me similar bands to...?

    We Are The Ocean

    Neck Deep


    Thank you

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  • Help with Standard Form - Maths/?

    I need help with my maths homework, how do you work out Standard Form?

    What is 0.00042 as a standard form?

    7.8× 10(6) as a normal number ?

    4.71 × 10 - (5) as a normal number?


    did I answer this question right?

    Write 2340000 in standard from.

    2.34 ×10(6)

    Thank you x

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  • How to "girl up" a band tee?

    and appropriate abd inappropriate clothing for a concert?

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  • Question about Amazon help?

    On a Monday I ordered a parcel and the estimated delivery was supposed to come today Wednesday 2nd July anyway, I chose the first class delivery but the problem is that I got an email from Amazon saying that my package delivery has been delayed and that they will send it the next delivery day.

    Has anyone faced a similar problem and is my parcel more likely to come?

    1 AnswerCorporations6 years ago
  • What is -200 + 6000 - 10900?

    Thanks x

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  • Should I listen to her or not?

    Me and sister had a huge fight recently, the problem is that I keep on bringing up the past when I know I shouldn't have. So this fight went on for a very long time and she told me not to come home tomorrow or I should just kill myself right now in front of her.

    Today I had a pretty bad day so the reason why I started arguing with her is due to the bad day I had. She also confirmed that what my gran said was right that im in the way of my sister and that I should just leave . Basically my sister also said me that im in the way of her and the relationship she has with our brothers (they get on with me more) she also said that if I leave then probably our brothers will get on with her better because im out the picture.

    Im feeling really bad about arguing and bringing up the past. Do you think I should just listen to her and go or what do you think I should do?

    1 AnswerFamily6 years ago
  • My gran keeps on calling me fat!?

    Everytime she sees me she keeps on saying that im getting big (fat) and that I need to eat less. There is not one day where she won't put me down!

    My family say that my weight is healthy and plus im going through puberty (growing up)

    Because of her putting me down all the time, i've realised that whenever I eat food I end up feeling sick after!

    Why do you think she does/says these things? She makes my self esteem go down and I feel even bad about myself already. Its really annoying me, I get the picture but she keeps on repeating it! People tell me not to listen to what she says, but if its constantly in my ear how am I supposed to not listen and block it out!

    Please try and give me advice, thank you x

    4 AnswersFamily6 years ago
  • My sister is starting to hate music!?

    Whenever she hears any type of music she feels sick and gets a headache. She says that she is bored of listening to music What is wrong with her, any ideas? Please help!

    1 AnswerPsychology6 years ago
  • What genre would you say 5 Seconds Of Summer are?

    Just confused on what they are now and what they are supposed to be! What genre are they?

    Thanks x

    4 AnswersRock and Pop6 years ago
  • What does Green Tea taste like?

    I have never tried Green Tea, im curious about what it taste like. Like Cardomen tea is gonna taste like cardomen so what taste has Green tea got?

    3 AnswersOther - Food & Drink6 years ago
  • How do I fix my Sleep Body Clock?

    In the two weeks holiday, I have been staying up really late and falling asleep at 5:30am or 6:00am. During these two weeks off I have been waking up late in the afternoon around 2:00pm. Tomorrow school starts again and I want to know how to fix my Body Clock again so I get enough sleep at night ready to wake up early for school!

    Sorry if this never made any sense, but help would appreciated :)

    3 AnswersOther - General Health Care6 years ago
  • Why is my teacher scary or why do I find him scary?

    Ok so he is my Head Of College at school, and tomorrow Im supposed to hand him a letter to sign me out of school at 12:35pm after period 4. The problem is that Im kinda scared to hand him the letter or even speak to him, Idk why. He is a weird teacher and sometimes you cannot understand what he is thinking anyway he is weird and some people agree with me on that. Anyway back to the question, I need help on what to say to him when i hand him the letter, like how do I tell him that the note has the reason why i need to be signed out from school early?

    Why do I find him scary or weird?

    Pls try and answer my two questions, the first one is a bit more important!

    Sorry if this doesnt make sense, its 2:30am

    1 AnswerTeaching6 years ago