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  • Am I ready to date again?

    So my girlfriend of two years dumped me almost three months ago..and I've begun seeing someone else. Things are slowly progressing, and I do like the girl very much..but I just don't know if ive taken enough time to heal from my recent break up, especially because my ex was my first girlfriend and two years is a relatively long time to be with someone..Could I really be ready to date again after just three months? I want to give this girl a quality of love as pure and true as I gave my ex, but to be perfectly honest, I think im just trying to create a relationship with this girl so Im not alone.. but I do feel like some serious feelings are beginning to form for her. Basically what im trying to say is that I know this girl wants something serious, and so do I, but only for selfish reasons.Could a relationship started on such circumstances become a healthy relationship? Or is it likely to fail because my feelings for my ex aren't completely dealt with? Should I be trying to pursue this relationship?

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