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  • Anti-fog for swimming goggles?

    I use prescription swimming goggles, and I swim competitively. I usually swim 5000+ yards a day. I need a good anti-fog, one where I don't have to reapply frequently. Any suggestions?

    Swimming & Diving3 months ago
  • Anyone know any good mirror prescription goggles?

    I'm on an elite level of swimming and I don't like to wear clear goggles like the Vanquisher. Anyone know any good mirrored prescription goggles?

    Swimming & Diving8 months ago
  • Why do my teeth hurt after sleeping on a plane/train ride?

    Recently I ve been traveling, and I ve gone on planes and trains. After sleeping on these vehicles, I wake up with pain in my teeth when I bite down/touch my teeth. (I slept in a sitting position, and my head was against the headrest, so I wasn t leaning forwards. Occasionally I might ve slept with my head resting on my hand, leaning sideways.)

    3 AnswersDental1 year ago