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  • Car dealership mixed up vin numbers and sold me the car I wanted for the price of a less expensive car.?

    Last week I purchased a Ford C-Max SEL. I made the deal agreeing on the purchase price of the car. We put a large down payment and then had the bank finance the balance. Now the dealership is calling to say they made a mistake and mixed up the vin numbers on two similar cars. The car I brought home (the one I wanted) was about $4k more than the one with the vin on all the paperwork. Now they want me to pay another $3.5k because of their mistake and because my car should have cost at least 31k. Do they have the right to make us pay the difference when it has been a week and they are the ones that messed up? I didn't want to pay more than 30k and with taxes and warranty we paid a bit more than that. It was not our fault and we had no idea until they called us today owning up to their mistake. What are our rights in this situation?

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