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  • How do I get a press pass for the American Idol tour?

    I work for a country music blog and we are looking to get press passes for one of the AI shows. How does one go about doing this? I emailed the only email i could find for 19 management - but never got a response. It was a UK email. help?

    2 AnswersReality Television9 years ago
  • How can I get my hair like this?

    I want my hair to look like this:

    I asked one of my friends and they said extensions, but I cant afford that. Is there any way to style it like that? My hair is just a little shorter than that, but it's flat and when i style it, it goes back to being flat fast. Any ideas what I can do to get my hair to keep volume and look kinda like that? thanks!

    2 AnswersHair1 decade ago
  • got paid for design work, how do i claim it?

    i did some design work for a musician this past year, and the person i was working with requested a W2 to pay me. i got paid $150 but didn't get a form or anything back from them, so how do i claim the check since they have my tax info? or is it one of those things i don't need to claim because its under $600? help!

    4 AnswersUnited States1 decade ago
  • is it illegal to reproduce a logo for a design project?

    i have a client who wants me to make a one sheet for a musician. he wants me to add in logos for all the tv shows the musician has been on, and also logos of other artists the musician has toured with. It is illegal for me to take all these logos into illustrator and trace them for this project? i am tracing them because i want them to be vector and so i can make them all gray. I won't be mutilating the fonts or anything...just basically copying them. thanks for anyone who can help!

    oh and incase it matters, i am getting paid for this.

    3 AnswersDrawing & Illustration1 decade ago
  • ripping videos - can people tell?

    when you rip a video off a site can the people who posted the video tell? i have a firefox add on that gives me a download link for embedded videos and was just curious since i am logged on on this site if they can tell. i know some people don't like their videos taken off their sites so i was just wondering. thanks!

    1 AnswerMusic & Music Players1 decade ago
  • is it bad if you don't format a compact flash card before use?

    i didn't realize you were supposed to format them. i just got a canon rebel xti and was so excited to use it that i just stuck the CF card in and went to town! will that hurt my card or camera, or should i back up the images that i have on the card so far and format it? i've only taken about 15 pics so far on it...thanks!

    1 AnswerCameras1 decade ago