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  • 1885-1895 addresses in England?

    For a biography, I'm looking at a May 23 1885 birth record from King's Lynn, Norfolk. The chilld's name is Ethel and the mother's name is Anne Newton.

    There are two addresses shown: 118 London Rd. W.S.D. (mother), and 2 Providence Street (Mary Wilson, "in charge of the child").

    I looked through every page of the 1891 census for King's Lynn and could not find either address (this census did list house and street numbers).

    I'm wondering if anyone knows how I can find out who occupied these two properties, anytime from 1885-1895. I don't have any access to land records or Norfolk directories.


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  • 1870-1880's Hong Kong census?

    For a research project, I'm wondering if anyone here might have online or other access to the census taken in Hong Kong, I think in 1881 but that might not be right. I just need one name searched - Wodehouse. If you can help, thanks


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  • Problem of addition in pounds sterling?

    I'm wondering if some kind soul can add these two figures together for me and come up with the total? "£215-18-1 + £171-15-6 = ? Thanks!

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  • Question About 1901 British census?

    Can anyone tell me what month the 1901 census was conducted in Stableford in Shropshire? Thank you!

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  • Help with error code VE_PD_NOTFOUND?

    I'm getting this when trying to view a live online stream that I know is online and have watched many times. Problem just started a few days ago, Had an MS update a few days ago, I don't know if that's coincidental or not. It gives me this: "error code VE_PD_NOTFOUND." Can one offer advice about how I can fix this? Thanks!

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  • Late 1870's ships passenger lists question?

    For a biographical project, I'm wondering if anyone might have access to some kind of searchable database that would capture ships passengers in the years 1875 or so to 1881, specifically, ships from England (probably Liverpool) bound for Shanghai/Hong Kong. The passenger I'm searching for is Eleanor Deane, or anyone of that last name. If a record for Eleanor is discovered, I would love to have a list of all the passengers on that ship as well. If anyone can help me, I'd be very appreciative! Thank you

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  • 1901 English census help?

    For a biography, I'm trying to find out something about two addresses in Chelsea. The first I only know as "Markham Square" but I'm looking for a boarding house, perhaps with a resident "P.G. Wodehouse" The second address is 22 Walpole Street, also in Chelsea. Looking for "P.G. Wodehouse" and a "Mrs. Mason" and all the residents at that address. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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  • 1891 England census question?

    I'm looking for some specific information for a biography and hope someone might be able to help in reference to The 1891 census for Civil parish: Croydon, Ecclesiastical parish: St Peter, County/Island: Surrey Street Address: 20 St. Peter's Road; Head of household: Clara Prince.

    The entry reflects that of a small boys school with seven "scholars" What I need to find out is what the entries for the scholars indicate were those seven boys birthplaces, I think usually shown on census forms over to the right of the names. The boys are Alexander Atkinson 14,Hugh Atkinson 9

    Charles Bailey 10 Henry Cullimore 12 Fletcher Cruickshank 8 Arthur Cruickshank 7 George Harrison 11 . Do the census entries give these boys places of birth, and if so what were they?

    Thanks for helping, so much appreciated.

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  • British census info 1891-1901 request?

    Seeking information for a book project on Augustus Hill Burgess Bradshaw and his wife Edith Harriett Deane Bradshaw (married 1874). I believe they lived in Dover. Looking for census entries showing their ages and household. Any help is highly appreciated.

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  • Problem with calculating pound sterling?

    I have four sets of numbers to work with, they are expressed in pounds sterling and date from 1902:

    Dec: 18-5-1

    Nov: 11-4

    Oct: 19-13-6

    Sep: 16-4/

    I need to know how to express the total amount in pounds sterling but don't know how to compute in pounds sterling...and I'm trying to establish what the dollar values are in relation to today's money, UK and US, the purchasing power of the pound/dollar then compared to now. Can anyone help me?

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  • Does anyone know this limerick?

    There was a young man of Manitoba,

    who ground down a seven foot crowbar…”

    It dates from at least 1900 but I can't identify the rest of it., that's all I have. Thanks!

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  • What are the odds of this?

    If a magazine receives 4,000 submissions per year and only prints 180 of them, what are the odds to get at submission accepted?

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  • Hong Kong census 1891?

    I know there was a census taken here, but the only source I've found wants to charge a lot for the info. Does anyone know if Ancestry or some other site has this available? I'm looking for the surname H.E. or Ernest Wodehouse - spouse Eleanor and 3 children. Looking for all in household including servants. Thank you!!!

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  • 1891 Britain census request for information?

    I'm wondering if some kind Top Contributor (or anyone!) can help me for a book project. I need to see the complete 1891 census entry for Elizabeth College, in St. Peter-Port, Guernsey. I need a list of all the students (scholars) staff etc. - in short, all persons enumerated at Elizabeth College. My thanks and gratitude in advance for your kind assistance. Thank you!

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  • Need help with British census 1880's?

    I'm looking for information on a small school that operated in Croydon around 1886, give or take a few, that was supposedly located at either 20 or 43 St. Peters Road. It was operated by two sisters, Florence and Clarissa Prince. It may have been called The Chalet. I'm wondering if someone with access to census or other information can locate any facts on this place, including owners and names of pupils who were at the school at this time. Thanks for any help anyone can provide!

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  • ship passenger info - England to Hong Kong ca 1876-77?

    I know this is a long shot but I'm wondering if anyone has the ability to search passenger lists for departures from England (sorry don't know where) to Hong Kong in 1876 or 1877 thereabouts. The passenger I am searching for is named "Eleanor Deane" I really have no other info. Thank you if you can help.

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  • Map of only Europe and America?

    I'm trying to find an online map that shows only America and Europe, for the purpose of mapping my ancestor's emigration. I need a map I can copy or export and "draw" on to show the towns etc. Any ideas? Ideally the map would be circa 1800 or so. Thanks!

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  • Alumni Dublinenses check?

    I'm searching for information on three brothers, Patrick, John and Philip Shannon who attended Trinity College in Dublin circa 1838 - 1850. The were from Drumlane Parish, County Cavan. Their father's name may have been Felix Shannon. If anyone has the Alumni Dublinenses directory I'd very much appreciate any information. Thank you!

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  • Union draft registrations 1862 help?

    I'm wondering if someone with access to Ancestry can look up something for me. The 1862 Union Draft registration records for the name Patrick Shannon (1824-1871). From Kansas City. I'm interested in whatever information the page shows. Also whether there was a John or Philip Shannon listed. Any help someone could give me is much appreciated!!!

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  • Facebook question re: comments on posts?

    All of a sudden my comments on a public Facebook page aren't taking. Have had no problem all day, but now when I comment on a post, I ENTER and my comment appears as it normally would - but when I refresh and go back, my comment isn't there. Normally when I'm commenting, there is an X to the right that allows me to delete my comment, but now the X isn't there. Does this mean FB is lagging in posting comments or is there something else wrong? Thanks

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