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  • How to use ATI Hybrid Graphics Technology?

    My gigabyte motherboard has "integrated ATI Radeon HD 4250 (DX10.1) graphics engine" and "ATI Hybrid Graphics Technology" support. Per, "With combination of onboard GPU and a single VGA card’s GPU*, ATI Hybrid CrossFireX™ can bring remarkable display performance on AMD platform..." It also states as a note: "* Please use ATI Hybrid CrossFireX certified DX11/DX10.1 VGA card (i.e., ATI Radeon HD 5450/3400-series, etc.)."

    I am using Windows 7, an AMD Phenom™ II quad-core processor, with 4gb of DDR3 memory and would like to take advantage of this technology to improve video editing.

    1) After I install the card is the monitor plugged into the motherboard or the card? It is currently plugged into the motherboard.

    2) Also, the bios is currently set to use the onboard graphics adapter but after installing the card, which should the bios be set to?

    (I asked these questions previously but don't think I gave enough information. The answer was that this could not be done with AMD and ATI but clearly states that this is possible but not "how" to do this.)

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  • How to pair on-board graphics with additional video card?

    I am trying to get the best use of my new Gigabyte motherboard with an onboard ati hd 4250 graphics adapter. I purchased it to help with video editing. In order to take advantage of the 3D and optimal graphics, I see that it should be paired with an additional video card (ATI HD 5450) to take advantage of Crossfire.

    1) When I do this, is the monitor is attached to the card or the motherboard?

    2) The bios is set to use the onboard graphics...when the new card is installed what should the bios be set to?

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  • where can I find financial reports?

    I need to get financial reports of two different mortgage companies.

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  • My central air conditioning unit has started making a whirring sound (whir, whir). Is something wrong?

    New thermostat was installed about a month ago and it cools fine....just noticed the unit outside is noisier.

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