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  • Is it me or has cat answers changed recently?

    I used to enjoy cat answers and helping people on cat questions and I was learning too from some very good answers given.

    But now it seems there are several people that are answering questions and just taking the P...

    Some of the answers I have just read are negative, cruel and people who clearly have no interest in cats whatsoever. Why do they insist on giving negative answers to people who are genuinly suffering from bereavement and worrying issues regarding their cats.

    I am so fed up with this now that I am going to give answers a miss for a couple of months and when I return perhaps these people will have got bored and moved on and cat answers will be like it used to be.

    I hope I have helped a few people with my answers over the past months. I will return again at some time in the future.

    Take care all you cat lovers and your cats.

    Magina & Cat.

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  • Is it normal for glass catfish to lose their whisker/antenna ?

    I noticed one of my glass catfish's whisker was bent and curled backwards then part of it broke off. A few days later I noticed the other whisker had broken off to the same length. Is this normal or some kind of bacteria/fungal problem, will they grow back to normal lenght again. I'm at a loss I've had them for a long time now and cannot see how it could have been damaged. It seems o.k in every other respect and all the others whiskers are fine.

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  • Has anyone heard of a Guppy decease that has wiped out my whole tank except for 3 baby's?

    The first I noticed was they went torpedo shaped and they turned a greyish colour. The there tail fins started to deteriorate at first I thought they were attacking each other but all of them seemed to get this. I tried myxazin by waterlife, as advised by my aquarium shop, but I lost them all. I went back to tell them this and they said Oh yes this is just something that Guppys get there is nothing you can do once they get this. However they could'nt tell me the name of the desease they'd had. Its put me right off having any more Guppy's as I feel it was my fault but I dont know why. The strange this is they were orignally in a communual tank with my other tropical freshwater fish and although I put them in a seperate tank at the first sign of illness, non of my other fish became ill. I have had this large communual tank for several years and never encountered this.

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