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I like to go by the name "Leish" and I've had 24 years of life so far. I love music and guitars. I also have a great de facto boyfriend of five years that I will spend the rest of my life with. *smiles* Some people describe me as crazy, insane, weird, freaky, odd, strange, creepy, different, special, cool and funny... I think that's about right. Honestly, there isn't much about me to say. I love the usual things like, partying, drinking, chilling with mates and having fun. I like the odd and strange side to life and some times have strange ideas, theory's and perspectives. I like to be different in some way, as I don't like to blend and 'be normal'. I love art but creating it is so much better. I also love all other things creative such as writing and music... As you can tell, I am a creative person.. This is where my passion lies. I am proud to say I am an Aussie living in a small town in NSW, Australia.

  • Would you ?

    Would you pay a 'good' amount for me to shave my head for charity?

    I don't have money to give but I (believe to at least) have some looks that I can leave behind to help those that need the money right now.

    This is me

    I'm giving a speech, by the way.

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  • Is it bad for a man to hit a woman?

    I've been strangled many times before and "over-ruled" and I know I drink so much now, but I feel so alone. Is this how I am supposed to feel?

    Please.... He's here now. I don't want to die.. Or at least hurt anymore..

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  • Higher abilities and 'special powers'?

    Hi there,

    Ever since I was VERY young, I have 'seen' things and my dreams come true all the time (I am just about 22 now). I don't know how to control these 'powers' or even understand a lot of them, but I do believe in them and these powers. I really would like it if there is someone that can understand or who can help with this, I don't what someone to judge me because they're an idiot. It's hard for me to explainthis all, but if there is someone that can help me, please answer..

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  • How can I talk some sense into my mother?

    My mother has got herself an internet boyfriend from America (We're from Australia). This has been going on for some months now. Mum is constantly on the net at home, stays up all night and gets up at 4am to talk to him. It's really starting to interfer with her work now too. She also plans on selling the house and leaving Dad and my younger sisters with nowhere to go, so she can go to America to be with him. She doesn't believe that she is doing anything wrong and believes she is being mature about it all. She believes she is in love with this man and that it's the happiest she has been in a long time, even though she will snap at anything. The whole situation is quite frustrating.

    Any advice on how I can talk some sense into her? Thanks in advance.

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  • Did I miscarriage or am I pregnant?

    I started to have pregnancy symptoms around the beginning of October, along with 'that weird feeling' in my stomach. About a week or more afterwards I thought I must have miscarriaged as I had bad cramping and bleeding and the symptoms stopped.. I felt rather scared about it and didn't know how to talk to anyone about it so I tried not to think about it. However, I've noticed over the last few weeks that my breasts are getting bigger. I was wondering if this means I didn't miscarriage or if it has to do with something else. I've had the birthcontrol implant for over a year now, which is why I'm a little confused about this..


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