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  • Did you go to grad school? Would you do it again?

    The one requirement my mother had of us kids was that we get a doctorate. We could do anything we wanted, but we must be educated. So I always assumed that I would go to grad school.

    Well, now I've got a B.S. in Biology now, and I'm not sure that I want to go to grad school. In fact, I think I don't want to go. I love biology, but I don't want to work in a lab, and I don't want to be a professor and spend all my time doing research and grading papers. I don't like the biotech field at all, I'm not interested in genetic modification or microbes. I don't want to work behind a desk or in a lab. I love ecology, I like big-picture stuff, seeing how it all fits together, and I want to work outside for a good share of the time.

    I know what I want to do, but I don't know what steps I need to take to get there. I want to help guide civilization to agricultural methods that are actually sustainable and don't degrade human health or the environment. I just don't know how to do that. I think maybe writing a book (like Silent Spring)? Maybe getting a job in the government somewhere? Any suggestions?

    If it weren't for that ambition, I would truly enjoy being a small organic farmer and having my hands in the earth every day.

    So, I want to know what people who did go to grad school think. Was it worth the time/money? Would you do it again? Are you happy that you did?

    And those who didn't, are you glad you didn't? What are you doing now? Would you go to grad school if you had your life to live over again?

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  • My computer won't upload from my camera anymore?

    I have a mac (but I didn't grow up with them, so I'm not as skilled as with a pc), and I usually connect my camera to the computer via a usb cable, and usually the camera pops up as a icon on the desktop.

    It stopped doing this, and now I can't download any pictures. It worked one minute, then I tried it again, and it wouldn't. I didn't change anything. I can't find the camera on the system anywhere, and while usually the screen goes blank while plugged in, the camera now acts like it's not connected at all.

    I tried using a different usb port, as well as a different camera. It didn't work. I just can't figure out why this is happening. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • What happens if you fail a required class in your last semester?

    So, what happens if you fail a required class in your last semester of senior year at college? Are you just screwed, or do you simply take another semester?

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  • Anyone have Stewart Calculus 6e solution manual?

    So, I'm in a calculus class, and I made the mistake of not buying the solutions manual at the begging of the semester. I really need the solutions for chapter 11. Does anyone have a link to a website that has it? Or would be willing to give it to me?

    Help me, please.

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  • Mozilla having a lot of problems on a mac, please help?

    So, I downloaded mozilla 3 a few months back. If worked fine for the first 2 months, but it has started developing issues.

    First, I couldn't make new bookmarks. I'd make a bookmark, and then when I tried to use it, all that would show up would be an ad from the site I had tried to bookmark.

    Then, the history started getting wacky. It wouldn't show all the sites I had been to (I know this because I was trying to find somethings that it had failed to bookmark).

    And you know how you can type a few letters into the address bar, and then it will fill it in for you? It stopped doing that.

    Now, I can't open other tabs. I'll use apple + t, and a tab will open, and have the address, but it won't load, it won't refresh. It's missing the message and option to refresh it usually has win it fails to load a page. The address is in the address bar, but it won't load.

    And links are starting not to work either- it does the same thing as with the tabs.

    So, any one know what's going on? Is there anything I can do? I'm using safari now, but I really like mozilla (and all my bookmarks and saved passwords). Help?

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  • Getting into grad school (biology)?


    Did running start (last 2 years of high school in college) college classes full time, ended with GPA of 3.8 ish.

    Transferred to a 'competitive' 4 year college to get my B.S. in Biology, GPA 3.0.

    Now I'm planning on taking a year off, take some extra classes (like statistics, physics), and get an internship to boost my GPA attractiveness as a grad student.

    Does it sound like I'm going to have trouble getting in to a graduate program for ecology?

  • How should a 20 year old behave?

    I admit I'm a little lost, and I'm not sure where I should ask this, but I just can't find any information anywhere.

    What I want to know is what a 20 year old should act like, maturity-wise. I mean, what is expected? I ask this both for myself and for my same-age SO.

    I'm wondering because every once in a while my mom talks about how my SO isn't mature enough, and she says "he's looking for another mother" and I'll "end up in a parent-child relationship". I have no perspective, so I can't tell if she's right, or if she's being silly.


    C. (my SO) is 20. He doesn't have a job, but everyone I know between 17 and 25 is looking for a job, and no one has one (the economy around here isn't too good). Also, His grandfather died a long time ago, so he's had a trust fund since he was born, so it's not like he needs one.

    He was going to college, but he stopped when he discovered he really didn't know where he was going with his life. He took 2 quarters off, and now is registered for classes in the fall.

    Additionally, his mom just died about a month ago, after discovering pancreatic and liver cancer in April.

    He does spend a lot of time playing computer games (something which I dislike), and I consider that immature, but he has had a lot of stress lately, so maybe that's ok?

    I'm going to college 6 hours away, but during the last two summers and winter break, we've lived together in apartments, and he just inherited his mom's house (his parents divorced when he was 2). The only time when I worry about his maturity is after my mom has brought it up.

    As for me, I'll be graduating with a B.S. in biology this spring, and Fall is my last semester of classes. I couldn't find a job this summer (did last, and I was employed during the school year...I'm not rich), so I did yard work for people. I'm going to take 2 years off before I head off to grad school, for 2 reasons. One, I'm pretty sick of school, and apartments, and not-real-life, and two, so C. can get his welding degree and then fallow me to my grad school.

    So, people, do we/I/he sound immature? What advise to you have?

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  • Favorite gardening resource for the North West?

    I've just inherited 1/3 acre of garden in Lacey, Wa. I'd like to know what people's favorite gardening information resources are for Western Washington?


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  • I need to find a raspberry farm near Olympia, Wa?

    This is a really odd question, but still. For my senior research, I need to find a non-organic raspberry farm. I need it to be fairly close to Olympia, Wa, because I will be driving out once a week to take soil samples. Hopefully within 30 miles?

    If you want to know why: for my research, I'm going to be comparing the soil biota (bacteria, fungi, protists, etc) density and diversity between an organic raspberry farm (My mom's) and a non-organic raspberry farm.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! And yes, I have heard about Spooner's, but I was hoping for something closer.

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  • How do you make money on World of Warcraft?

    How hard is it? Where could I find more information on it? Any suggestions?

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