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  • Why am I so dumb? ? ?

    I always make the wrong decisions despite the fact that I know what the right decision is. Then I sit around alone bored as $!&@ feeling like an idiot. I recently got out of a 9 year relationship...I'm 25 and act like I'm still a boy crazy 14year old. This is more of a pity party rant I guess. Sorry.

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  • Why can't sulfide [S(2-)] and sulfite [SO(3)[2-]] be present in the same solution? What is this equation?

    I need to know why sulfide and sulfate cannot both be present in the same solution. I also need the equation for this reaction/reason why they can't. This is a question for qualitative analysis. I am unsure of the answer. Thank you in advance to anyone who helps.

    1 AnswerChemistry1 decade ago